PFT: The end of the Bradford era?

With rumors surfacing that the Rams might be looking for a trade partner for Sam Bradford, the PFT guys discuss who that other team might be and gauge St. Louis’ interest in Johnny Manziel.

8 responses to “PFT: The end of the Bradford era?

  1. Middling talent, injured, and at an inflated price?

    And the Vikings are going to send (what will have to be) a decent draft pick to the Rams to get him?? That’s just stupid! Spielman should be fired on the spot if he actually does it.

    Of course, as a Packer fan, I’d be fine with it …

  2. I meant fine with Bradford going to the Vikes.

    Not as fine with Spielman getting fired. He has consistently GM’ed the Vikings into the lower end of the NFC/North …

  3. I honestly would be fine with Bradford being traded.. What has he done since he got drafted? Yes, say the Rams didn’t have WR’s, but he had Amendola.. and still didn’t get it done. It’s whatever. But if they trade Bradford for a draft pick then they could easily go with Manziel and then Evans or another WR.. Then in the 2nd round take a OL or if they get a first round pick for him then take an OL, but they don’t need Robinson or any other top OL, I believe they are fine on the OL right now and can get a 2nd round OL pick.. I personally think that the Rams have always needed a running QB to help compensate for the O-Line weaknesses..

  4. I dont want spielman fired hes done a great job of running team into the ground if he had any since hed try and trade adrian peterson for as many 1st and 2nd round picks possible i mean they could draft carlos hyde and tre mason

  5. I am loath to say this because living in New Orleans I know the story of Drew Brees all too well. This situation is kind of similar but Drew gave you flashes and he was accurate in San Diego. Bradfort just hasn’t really been healthy and he is just a little up over 50% completion %. His QBR regressed.

    He is a good character guy but he just can’t get it all together

    Maybe like with Drew they draft a player that pushes him to the edge so he can excel or on a trade maybe another team can get something out of him

    Good kid sucks that good things don’t automatically happen to good people.

  6. What a load of absolute garbage.

    These guy talk and talk….and say absolutely nothing!

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