Rams remain committed to Bradford


Yes, the Rams have been doing plenty of homework regarding quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Yes, rumors have circulated regarding a possible trade of Sam Bradford.

Yes, the Rams privately insist they nevertheless remain committed to quarterback Sam Bradford.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Rams are doing extensive homework on numerous players, including Manziel.  For multiple players, that work includes talking to coaches who worked with those players, even if those coaches at some point left for another job.

For instance, the reported conversations with former Texas A&M assistant coach Kliff Kingsbury encompassed not only Manziel but also Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans and Texas A&M tackle Jake Matthews.

Also, Rams G.M. Les Snead told NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk at the Scouting Combine that the team would fully scout the top quarterbacks in this year’s pool, in order to properly value them if another team decides to trade up to get that player.

The Rams, we’re told, intend to draft a quarterback at some point this year; ultimately, the decision depends on whether the player they want is on the board at the spot where they believe the player merits selection.  But Bradford nevertheless remains the starter.

That said, rumors definitely have been circulating that Bradford is available.  Jason La Canfora of CBS has said the Rams and Vikings have had conversations about Bradford.  Last month, we caught wind of rumors of talks between the Rams and Browns.

Still, the Rams privately insist that there have been no talks regarding a possible trade of Bradford.  Even if there were, who would commit $14 million in 2014 base salary to an up-and-down passer who is rehabbing a torn ACL?

That’s reason enough to assume there would be no little or no trade market for Bradford.

62 responses to “Rams remain committed to Bradford

  1. dumb da dumb dumb

    dumb da dumb dumb duuuuuuuuumb!!

    dumb da dumb dumb

    dumb da dumb dumb duuuuuuuuumb!!

    They should draft Watkins and Evans .
    Instantly the sickest 3 WRs in the league.
    All all the other picks should be spent on OL and DBs

  2. Can anybody explain to me what anybody sees in him?

    The BEST thing you can say about him is that on the rare occasion that he is healthy he is mediocre.

  3. why? he’s like a poor mans Matt Schaub, and thats not really saying much
    the only QB i can think of in recent memory who gets a pass for so many excuses.

  4. If the Rams are smart, they will draft a QB, but not spend a first or second round pick on one.

  5. he’s not tough.

    if a QB can’t take a sack without leaving the game each time,, you’re not going to have too much success.

    Manziel would be an upgrade, and you can package him with Evans with the other #1.

  6. Bradford is one of the reasons for the rookie salaries are now capped. Can’t play, but paid like a star. He’s nothing but a decent backup. I can’t believe the Rams can’t see that.

  7. committed to bradford… why? what has he done that justifies that?

  8. Translation: nobody wants a chuck-n-ducker at that price so guess we’re stuck with him.

    For life of me I don’t see what people see in him.
    I think its guys who only watch higlights. I go to most Rams games and watch him closely. Receivers get open but he gives up so quickly to throw these incessant 5 yard passes.

    Based on what he’s shown in first 4 years he’s a shell-shocked chuck-n-ducker with terrible mechanics who is incapable of trusting his receivers and they’ve been through god knows how many.

    And coming off a knee injury? I think he’s going to have a horrific season.

    Better coach than Schottenheimer may be able to make him into a servicable starter but kid doesn’t have it. Sorry Bradford lovers.

  9. 14 mil to play a sport you suck at. wow. bradford. is living the good life thanks to the crazy 1st rd contracts before the rookie wage scale took over.

  10. now, chiefs needing a QB makes sense, 1 year deal w/ Smith. but this? cmon Rams. this is the same situation but with a worse QB. no one is buying this. Rams could very well quietly sit there and while everyone expects another position, they take a QB.

  11. People seem to forget/ignore the fact that he was having his best season until he got injured last year. As a Rams fan, i’m growing impatient but I don’t think i’m ready to give up just yet.

  12. I am confused, are these comments about Sam Bradford or Alex Smith before Harbaugh? Seem eerily similar.

  13. Let’s check these “excuses”: @ 25 O-lineman in front of him during his short career-most of which no longer play in the NFL. hard to complete a pass when you’re always on your back! AND let’s not forget these HoF receivers he’s had to throw to: Laurent Robinson, Marty Gilyard, Greg Salas, Brandon Gibson, Mike Sims-Walker, Mark Clayton, Donnie Avery, the wrong Steve Smith, etc.. Amendola was the only credible WR, and he couldn’t stay healthy! Excuses??? Give the guy an NFL caliber lineup and see what you really have. This is a big year for Bradford-time to play for the next contract. At least he finally has a team around him-we’ll see…

  14. I’m sure the Rams would love to deal the immensely overpaid, injury riddled Bradford.

    But as PFT so ably pointed out, with a $14m price-tag and rehabbing an ACL, there is no market for Mr. Bradford.

  15. He just doesn’t have a very high ceiling. Not a guy who can carry an average team to the playoffs, otherwise the Rams would have made the playoffs by now.

  16. “Remaining commited” to your under achieving brutally expensive QB 3 days before the draft is about as ________as a _________. Ready go.

  17. Should read, “Rams remain committed to Bradford for upcoming season.” If he goes down or continues not to make plays they will have a new QB in town in 2015.

  18. I’m a Ram’s fan and agree Bradford hasn’t even come close to living up to the hype he came into the league with. With that being said he was on pace for 30+ td’s and 4,000 yards last year before he got hurt which is more than respectable. The problem here is that the Ram’s have had 2 decent drafts in a row to put themselves into “win NOW” mode. Say what you want about Bradford but if your in win now mode you want a qb with experience in the toughest division in football over a talented but unproven rookie qb.

  19. Tough spot for the Rams. So many great pieces in place, so much potential, coming to the end of a rare run of draft luck with a pile of selections in a deep draft year…

    And a big question mark at QB. The one thing that will either take all those special pieces somewhere special, or crash the whole thing and waste all the potential.

    It has to be tough to be a bad team trying to find that x-factor, and to be a great team that’s trying to hold the pieces together as they seek better deals elsewhere. But I think no one has it tougher in this draft, as far as pressure to get it REALLY right with their top picks, than the Rams (though Minnesota’s probably close).

    More than for anyone else, this has to suck for Bradford. I hope it all ends well.

  20. myronjax

    He’s hardly “always on his back”. He was on a 30 sack pace which is average… on the low side of top 10 QBs, Brady got sacked 40 times, Wilson 44, Brees 37.

    It aint the sacks. These other guys offset a bad play with big plays. Sam almost NEVER makes big plays so yea if you’re always throwing 5 yards an 8 yard sack is a killer.

    At some point, after 4 years maybe?, the QB has to be held accountable for the total inability to develop WRs. Amendola was “credible” because he ran the 5 yard routes Sam prefers.

  21. Honest question. If the Rams traded Bradford and his bum knee and $14 million contract to another team, would the Rams have to throw in draft picks or the other team?

    In all honesty I think if Bradford was a free agent that he could not command $14 million on the open market. So why would a team “pay” with picks for the priveledge of overpaying Bradford.

    I’m not saying Bradford is bad. He’s solid. But with the bum knee and his on field history I don’t see how he’s worth $14 million a year.

  22. 1. The Rams are horrible at drafting receivers.
    2. The Rams have and have had the shadiest offensive line in the league.
    3. Finally found a running back last year after a few years without one. (poor drafting again)
    4. Your offensive coordinator’s name is Shottenheimer. (the worst offensive coordinator in the league hands down)
    5. Other than the above points, not sure why he has struggled…
    6. Didn’t know the draft was over???…

  23. Quick name the last Sooner QB that was a successful NFL QB? And Aikman doesn’t count because he didn’t even play a full season for OU.

  24. I hope the Manziel stories. Are just a smoke screen. The 2nd pick should be spent on Robinson, or Matthews. Bradford’s play before the injury last year.Was very good considering the RAMS had no running game.While he was healthy. with a healthy Bradford, and Stacy ,Austin,Cook the RAMS offense will be a force. The RAMS defense already 1of the best. Will be even stronger with Williams as d.c. , and Gibson, Dix,or Pryor in the secondary. Looking forwards to RAMS SUPERBOWL PARADE ( everyone stay healthy and well be there). GO RAMS

  25. The Rams have their franchise quarterback in Bradford. If you look at the stats before he went down with an acl tear, he was second under Peyton Manning with passing yards. All the the Rams need is an o-line to keep him upright and a defense to back him up. Sam is a quarterback who can take them in the playoffs and have a shot at the Super bowl.

  26. I love how these Browns and Vikings fans thumb their noses and take shots at Bradford and the Rams. Seriously guys, have you actually just LOOKED at your own teams lately? The rams won almost twice as many games as either of them and in a division twice as tough. Get serious.

  27. The guys imo is a good qb. Considering he’s the toughest defensive division, and his best WR in his career has been…? I’ll get back to you guys on that. He CANT stay healthy for the life of him, but last year before he got hurt , he looked sharp and looked like he was on pace to a great season.

  28. I am not even a Rams fan and can tell most people posting here haven’t watched Bradford play. The only line is “Bradford sucks”.

    After a solid rookie season, he had a offensive line that was one of the worst in NFL, and Steven Jackson on the major decline and Danny Amendola as his top target. He was having his best season before going down and that was with minor offensive improvements. If they draft Watkins and offensive line help like Lewan or Martin I think its between them and Seattle for the NFC West crown.

  29. I dont understand the concept of studying a QB to gauge is value in a trade with another team…
    so if the rams don’t think Manziel is very good they give him up for less??? Or if they think he is great they only accept the moon & the stars for him even if they dont intend to select the player….this is B.S.
    A trade is based on how much another team offers you and weather or not your willing to take it!!!!!!!!

  30. When are the Rams going use these accumulated draft picks to choose a few All Pro players. What good is getting all these draft picks and then picking marginal players at best. Looking at their drafts, they should be the laughing stock of the football world.

  31. why why why why why….. nothing sticks out more to me than when I went to the vikings rams game in st.louis two years ago when peterson ran for 300 yards.. And in the game the rams came back and were down 6 i believe and it was 4th down and Bradford threw it away with 6 seconds left.. FORCE THE BALL BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE EITHER WAY whether it’s an INT or throwing it away but he NEVER gave the team a chance by throwing it away. I was so excited when they drafted him but HE HASN’T proven anything. WR’s or not… BUT if he gets Sammy this year or Mike Evans and he doesn’t produce, the RAMS HAVE to look for a QB to take his place next year without a doubt… BUT it is what it is, I think they may be masking what they intend to do so it doesn’t hurt ole Sammy B’s feelings..

  32. Not altogether clear why, given the content within, the story headline wasn’t ‘Rams wavering on Bradford?’ Let me know if I can help.

  33. Anyone who says Bradford is a bad qb doesn’t know much. Tell me who he has to throw to or what kind of offensive line he has. Not only does he not have time in the pocket to make plays he doesn’t have a receiver who can get open fast enough to let him get a fast release. I would welcome Bradford to Minnesota and give him a fresh start. He is a pocket passer with a big arm and has already been through the nfl system. I think he would work great in norv Turners offense.

  34. As someone who has watched 100% of his NFL career I can confirm several things: he will always throw to the check down Reciever (@ 1 time Amendola), true he has never been surrounded by talent, on his best day he is an average QB, he will always suffer an injury that ends the season or severely hampers his mobility.

  35. Dangeruss on the 2014 Rams would put this team in the NFC Championship game. Their pass rush is awesome. I am do glad they have a bum at QB. Go Hawks!

  36. Teams that would love to have Bradford as their starting QB (listed in 2 categories )
    Absolutely- Minnesota/Tampa Bay/ Jacksonville/Tennessee/Houston/Oakland/Kansas City/New York Jets/Buffalo/Miami/Cleveland
    Probably- Washington/Cincinnati/Arizona

    You all can say what you want about my list, but if you take Bradford’s outrageous contract out of it (which for some reason he continues to take heat for like he is at fault for the old rookie wage scale) this is the way NFL brass feel about Bradford.

  37. If he came to Minny, 28 could hook him up with some HGH, and he’d be right as rain. He’d still be mediocre, but that’s literally better than every single person on the Vikings squad.

    Yes, including the running back, who is regressing day after day.

  38. Why on earth would the Vikings do this? I mean, I know Bradford is twice the QB that Ponder is (what starting NFL QB isn’t?), but I’m not sure I follow the logic on the Viking’s side. Which is probably why this is all a smokescreen..

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