Report: FBI was snooping around Joe Montana


The recent FBI operation that generated indictments of numerous Bay Area professionals including an NFL agent also targeted, at one point, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Philip Matier and Andrew Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle report that the FBI was “snooping around” Montana as part of the investigation that produced charges against California State Senator Leland Yee and Chinatown tong leader Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.

“Nobody has said he did anything wrong,” an unnamed source told the Chronicle regarding Montana.

Montana reportedly was “contacted by an undercover FBI operative about an unspecified business proposition” during the probe.  The report has no further details about the nature of the proposition or Montana’s reaction to it.

Montana rightfully should be upset that word of the investigation leaked.  Despite the absence of any evidence to suggest that Montana broke the law in any way, the mere association of his name with the investigation will cause some to think that his hands are dirty.

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  1. Doesn’t mean he’s dishonest, but he certainly does like to get paid. A few years back they got 37 of 40 Super Bowl MVPs together but Joe was one who declined because he wanted more money.

  2. As a Seahawk fan I can’t stand the current Niners but have nothing but respect for the Walsh/Montana Niners… Plus our coach came from there to a degree.

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaa? Say it ain’t so. He needs an official apology for that leak.

    We have so few heroes. Social media is killing the integrity of everything I know. I don’t read the label of everything I eat for a reason.

  4. typical of this New FBI we have. They talk about people even though they arent guilty of any crimes but drag them through the mud because they can.
    In generations gone by we wouldnt even know of this attempt to drag someone down, who probably wouldnt play ball with them.
    one mans opinion

  5. Down to the bengals with 3 minutes left and joe cool walked to the huddle and pointed to the stands “Hey look its an FBI agent” and the rest is history. He is god theres no way hes found guilty!

  6. On to the topic of Montana. It is a shame that his name was leaked though I have no issues with wanting money for appearances since money is being made by his presence. He is the best QB of alltime in my opinion.

  7. Sounds to me like he was investigated and found to be clean. If there was even a hint of his involvement, the feds would have kept digging until they could charge him. They love to get a high-profile arrest (i.e., the state senator involved), so they fact they didn’t arrest is a pretty good sign he wasn’t involved in anything improper.

  8. Montana didn’t go to the super bowl thing because of his kids. It wasnt the first or last time he put his family before the NFL. Wanted more money my ass. Stop talking out of yours.

  9. Joe Montana didn’t go to the final 49er game at Candlestick either in December. I saw him with his family about an hour before kickoff in Calistoga, near where he has or had a house. People who know Joe say spotlight of such media events like the Super Bowl MVP gathering and the Candlestick send off is not important to him. He tends to shun those types of things. (He is scheduled to play in a flag football game at Candlestick this summer.) He had enough time in the media spotlight during his playing career. Perhaps he did say he wanted more money to go the Super Bowl MVP thing in order to give him an out, or maybe it just wasn’t worth it to him if it meant missing doing something with this family. His family is important to him.

  10. Pot stickers I mean plot thickens in this Chinatown 2 caper. Spreading like a California wildfire. Montana to Brown Rice followed by Steve Egg Fu Young.

  11. Not a 49ers fan but it pisses me of when people who dont know anything about the game get on here and try to bash a legend

  12. Oh, I thought They might have been investigating that Noxema shaving commercial he did in the seventies with his future wife!

  13. Montana should have been arrested…….

    for that appearance on Saturday Night Live.

  14. Sounds like they tried to entrap him and he blew them off.
    Just Feds looking for a headline case….

  15. Won’t go anywhere. A democrat congressman from California that was pro gun control getting caught selling military weapons? Nothing to see hear, move along. Good thing Joe wasn’t dealing with a republican, he’d be fish bait!

  16. No wonder the Mexican cartels and the Jihadis do whatever they want to do. These clowns at the FBI can’t keep anything confidential. If they think that they have something on him, get an indictment. Otherwise, keep your mouths shut and do not impugn honest citizens. I guess they all, think that they are J. Edgar; above the law and common decency.

  17. The real mystery here is what justification there would be for deleting a Twin Peaks joke?

  18. If the FBI were looking into Joe Montana’s business affairs there’s likely something shady going on. Goodell needs to hire a private investigator to look into this matter for violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Montana should be suspended from all NFL activity pending the outcome of Goodell’s investigation. Or, is there a double standard?

  19. ..check the NSA tapes.. I’m sure they can find something to help fulfill whatever vendetta they have against the man.

    As long as Joe doesn’t take advice from Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. on how to grease palms, he’ll be fine.

  20. I saw FBI and Joe Montana and I immediately thought this was going to be about the 1980’s professional athlete cocaine scandal

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