Report: Johnny Manziel won’t fall past Browns at No. 4

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Now things are starting to heat up.

With the NFL Draft three days away, the quarterback intrigue that any draft needs is kicking in.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN just reported that he expects the Browns to pick Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel at No. 4, if he’s still there.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that he won’t be, which is perhaps why the Browns are looking at tackles.

While taking a blocker fourth and a quarterback at No. 26 (or moving up to get one), it isn’t the flashy play.

The interest in Manziel seems obvious for the Browns, who need some spark as much as they need a quarterback. Frankly, it’s the kind of splash move we’ve been waiting for owner Jimmy Haslam to make.

The fact he wasn’t able to land Chip Kelly or Jim Harbaugh to coach his team only makes the need for a premier quarterback more acute.

117 responses to “Report: Johnny Manziel won’t fall past Browns at No. 4

  1. This is starting get … well, it’s beyond comical at this point.

  2. Sorry jerry, the cowboys now have to select a kicker in the first round.

  3. OR… Someone is just trying to plant this to get someone to bite and make a trade. Don’t believe ANYTHING over the next couple days.

  4. I thought the circus left town when Haslam fired Bummer and Dumbturdi!

  5. I think I’m actually already more sick of hearing about Johnny Manziel than I was Tim Tebow. I didn’t think that was possible. Anyone Skip Bayless fawns all over annoys me – not their fault but just the way it is.

  6. As a Brown’s fan I’ve been trying to sell myself the idea of Manzel coming to Cleveland way back when Banner and Lombardi were rumored to trade up to get him. I like the swagger he brings, but I just worry about him holding up in the NFL. Plus, look at his highlights and see how many of those plays are even possible to pull of in the NFL.

  7. I don’t hate this guy as much as most, I think he’ll be above average, even good perhaps. Still, they have about 8 major holes to fill, and Hoyer was doing fine until he got injured. When you consider what Hoyer had to work with that becomes even more impressive. I’d fill other areas of need first.

  8. If the Browns take Manzeil, his career is doomed.

    Cleveland: The place where quarterbacks go to die.

  9. its all smoke, but it may have truth to it.

    just move the draft back where it belongs. I don’t care what venue. it can be at a convention center, I really don’t care. lets just stop this insanity, please

  10. Of course Manziel won’t fall past 4. He’s the best offensive player in the draft and the best QB to hit since Andrew Luck.

    Hmm. Highest pocket passing QB rating in a decade meets super athletic scrambler meets guaranteed sellouts home and on the road…

    Oh but he’s 6 foot and likes to party so sure he’ll slip out of the 1st round. Silliness.

    When the best offensive player is also a QB you don’t slip out of the top 5 ever. Why would this draft be different? And don’t give me that “there isn’t a consensus on the #1 QB” BS either. Most teams see Manziel as a clear and obvious #1.

  11. This is what the franchise needs. However, what they have to do is engage in a game of “Chicken”, stand fast and hpe the Jags pass on him at Number 3… Heis not worth moving up to get though…

  12. Smoke coming from the Rams to grab a trade partner. The Rams SHOULD want to draft Manziel, but they’re just so addicted to getting more picks.

  13. I see the Alouettes trading with Rams and selecting Manziel. They might as will get him sooner rather than later.

  14. And with their 2nd pick the Browns select…that guy in the third row of the balcony.
    Hey…my story is just as believeable as this one.

  15. That expression on Johnny’s face is him saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! not Cleveland.

  16. Lets see many people say he is a 3rd round NFL guy.

    Browns take him with 4th overall pick.

    Ahhh…. everything is right in the world.

  17. Johnny Football is the most popular athlete in Texas. Jones has no choice but to proclaim the Cowboys want him (and then pray to the football gods that someone takes him first)

  18. Kyle Shanahan was a terrible fit with RG3 because RG3 freelanced too much for K. Shan’s “do exactly what the play says” mentality.

    Manziel/Shanahan would be a meltdown just waiting to happen.

  19. Report: Johnny Manziel won’t fall past Texans at No. 1

    Source: Me.

    It means as much as any other “report” you’ll see until Thursday night.

  20. This just in…. Everyone in the top 5 is drafting Johnny Manziel. Owners will arm wrestle for his rights.

  21. Cleveland Browns football, no matter how bad or who’s playing, is always exciting. Not many teams can make that claim.

  22. remember how the NFL was pissed that all of the news was leaked before the draft the past few years?

  23. Good, because all Vikings media has reported the team doesn’t need em’.

  24. Browns could conceivable take Watkins at #4

    Trade the #26 and #35 and move to #10 and catch a falling star.

    Trade the #71 and 83 to move back into the top of the 2nd

    Trade the #106 and #127 and move into the bottom of the 2nd.

    And grab 2- Top 10 first rounders and 2 second rounders. As you move into the 3rd it’s all a crap shoot anyway …

    All according to the officially unoffcial NFL draft value chart.

  25. Manziel to the Browns just doesn’t seem like a good personality fit. Manziel just seems too Hollywood for the city of Cleveland and not stick around past his rookie deal. Plus the AFC north has some tough, hard hitting teams. I think it clashes with his style of play. I think more of a blue collar type of QB would do better there, and likely stay long-term. I think Manziel will be a good QB in the NFL, but he needs the right team to get there…the Browns are not that team.

  26. For all you Manziel haters…just remember that you probably don’t hate him as much as you hate people talking about him. Unlike Tebow, he’s not pushing his religion and his “immaturity” issues all came as a freshman who suddenly found himself winning more fame (through no effort on his own) than he did wins.

  27. Is it just me, or in just the past 3 or 4 years, have Vikings fans and 49ers fans come out of nowhere to become the NFL’s most annoying?

    (I lived in San Francisco back in the days of Montana and Young and their fans were great in those days. And Vikings fans? Never thought much about ’em until recently.)

  28. If he does get picked by them hope Shan has a better plan for him than he did for RG3. Stop trying to make these playmaking QBs into some old style QB.

  29. With the 3rd pick(just before the Brown 4the pick) in the 2014 NFL Draft….Theee Jacksonville Jaguars select……. JOHNNY JAGUAR MANZIEL .The Cleveland Browns are now on the clock….and pouting. I could see this happening and the Browns saying they didnt want him anyway. They should take OT Matthews at 4 and Carr with the other first round pick if hes there. I’m not a Browns fan but I think they deserve a winning team for once. They hold tradition and I like tradition. Ugly Unis but they have tradition. AAhhhhh. I feel better now.

  30. Manziel and his wealthy family strike me as the kind who will dictate where he ends up. In other words: If he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland, he won’t. Manziel and his “people” will have the final say.

  31. I want him!

    Look… if the pick works, then we have a level of excitement with the Browns that Cleveland hasn’t had since 1989. Yes… you read that right. 1989. It’s the kind of pick that can turn the franchise around. We get an exciting “I will not fail” kind of guy leading the way. Bundle that with a solid D and another 1st round receiver and we’re on our way. Sure… he might get hurt. But he might not, too.

    And if the pick fails… oh well. It’s just another failed first round pick. We’ve had dozens of those and I haven’t jumped off a bridge yet. So I can survive another.

    Do it!!!!!!

  32. Report: Geno Smith will not drop past the top 10 in the 2013 draft if he is not taken by the Kansas City Chiefs…..oops

  33. I think the Browns shouldn’t draft Manziel with the 4th pick. I think Manziel is going to be a good QB in the NFL, but there are other pieces the Browns need. This years draft has a lot of good QBs and the Browns could wait until their 20 something pick or use their second rd pick to draft a QB.

  34. No question they take Manziel at 4. What remains to be seen is what QB the Browns will draft in the first round of 2016 draft.

  35. I wouldn’t mind if Watkins falls to the Raiders because of this.

  36. The look on his face in that picture is the same look Johnny will get when he is NOT picked no. 1.

  37. I feel sorry for him if he goes to that gutter of a team with the suckiest management in football. QB’s don’t go there to die, all football players do. That’s why they’ve drafted in the top 5 for the last 20 years.

  38. The NFL Draft shouldn’t take long this year. I think Clowney and Manziel are the only two draft eligible players. At least that’s the impression I get.

  39. Hoyer is the Browns man. Love the quick release. Pick up a tackle or Mack…

  40. Too bad he’s not smart enough to pro day his way to the bottom of the first, like my man Teddy “Moriarty” Bridgewater. Where would you rather be:

    1. Houston Texans
    2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars
    4. Cleveland Browns
    5. Oakland Raiders


    28. Carolina Panthers
    29. New England Patriots
    30. San Francisco 49ers
    31. Denver Broncos
    32. Seattle Seahawks

  41. Why not? IF you think he can be a franchise QB late in the first or early in the 2nd & he’s your guy… Why not? Kyle Shanahan will simplify the game for him until he gets experience… He did great with RG3, just RG3 was injured all of last season & wasn’t himself.

  42. Everyone is afraid to draft Manziel because of his unconventional style of play, yet everyone is afraid NOT to draft him too.

  43. When Hoyer played last year, it was like a night and day difference for the better over scrubs like Weeden and Campbell. Hoyer was very mobile, threw accurately, and made smart decisions. he’s also young. What else do you want in a QB? The guy’s one downfall was a poorly executed slide to avoid a tackle.

    Seems to me like the QB position could be set the next few years with Hoyer and a veteran back-up like VY. We don’t need Johnny freakin’ Football. Plus, as a Browns fan who has enjoyed *not* having a lot of loudmouthed, ego-driven players, it would suck to have a bigmouthed “look at me!” guy come to the team. No one likes those people.

    Browns- prove that Haslam/Farmer is not going to be yet another mindbogglingly-stupid-decision-making regime in Cleveland by wasting a high first round pick on yet another QB who will almost certainly bust in the NFL. Definition of insanity much?

    We need pass blockers and Sammy Watkins.

  44. How many QB’s careers are the Browns going to kill? Let’s see, Couch, McCoy, Weeden, and now they want to do the same to Johnny Pigskin. I’m sure I left a few out.

  45. I would love to see Cleveland grab Sammy Watkins. While Manziel would be the sexy pick I think whoever the starting QB is week 1 would have a hell of a good chance to succeed with Watkins and Gordon on each side. Throw Cameron Jordan in the mix with another offseason of preparation and that can actually be a scary group for the first time in 30 years.

  46. Haslam’s background is with the Steelers. He want to build a base for the long term through the draft. Manziel is a gimmick, the flavor of the day. The alley oop passes he through in college are intercepted in the NFL.

  47. Haslam wants Manziel. I agree he doesn’t get past #4. Houston could also take him. Business aspect of this is why one of these teams will reach for Manziel.

    Bortles also an important business decision for Jacksonville vs. Tampa. Both teams compete for Orlando market, where Bortles and UCF popular.
    Would not be surprised to see Jacksonville reach for Bortles for that reason. Tampa less likely if Jacksonville passes.

  48. Mike Glennon is the best QB available at the moment and if the Bucs draft a QB before he’s traded he can be had for a 5th or 6th round pick. Talk about value.

  49. I don’t think he’s going to be there. The Jags are going to capitalize on Johnny’s statement that if the Texans don’t take him, they will deeply regret it. The Jags will take him and try to ride that bitterness to at least 2 division wins a year.

    If they can keep him from getting killed by Clowney, Watt and Cushing, that is……

  50. Please I beg Farmer & Pettine ………. do NOT take Manziel at #4. Build the team…… take the best tackle and then at #26 take anyone …….. Mettenburger.. Murray ……… Carr …….. please I beg you.

  51. Manziel is becoming the Tebow of the NFL before he’s even in the league. I guess I shouldn’t be sick of hearing his this early, but I am.

  52. The pic of Johnny will be the same you will see thursday night when he drops out of the top ten. We’ll see what team buys into the media hype machine. Espn is the biggest shock value reporting agency out there. Everyone looking to be the next to make the big “scoop”. All a big attention grab. Only the teams front offices know what will go down in 3 days. Until the cards are read anything and everything can and will happen. Should be one of the most entertaining drafts in recent history. get your wings and beer ready NFL fans. and GO BROWNS! PICK WATKINS PLEASE!

  53. I think Manziel is going to be just fine in the NFL. The kid has such a chip in his shoulder. Everyone doubting him, and for those saying he had Mike Evans to make him look good, well, he’ll have Josh Gordon if this is true. Cleveland has plenty of picks to fill in some holes. Nobody knows how many of these guys will pan out. It’s just the chance you have to take. Look at Blackmon in JAX!

  54. Im so tired of hearing about this guy – and doubt his long term viability in the NFL – that I think it is poetic that he would land in Cleveland.

    He isn’t a good option for Dallas. McCarron would be much more viable with his maturity and clear leadership skill. Not a Dallas fan though I live in the DFW area and hope McCarron lands in DFW.

  55. Smartest thing the browns have done since moving to Baltimore. They should be able to get a boatload from jerry jones for the 4 pick.

  56. The media, BSPN, HOPES AND PRAYS THAT DALLAS PICKS HIM. But Dallas is NOT going to do that even if he is there At 16.

  57. Seriously? If Johnny Football is the BAP at #4 I will eat my hat! Cleveland has got way more needs than just a QB…don’t reach for a player that isn’t a value at the pick!

  58. 1. Texans – Manziel
    2. Rams – Mattews
    3. Jags – Robinson
    4. Browns – Watkins
    5. Raiders – Clowney
    Book it.

  59. I think some teams are going to draft some guys. Then, come fall, they will play football.

  60. I can totally see Jerry Jones going Al Davis and trading up to get JFF.

  61. If manzeil falls to 16 which is doubtful jerry will gobble him up like a turkey set for thanksgiving. He couldn’t resist the ticket sales jersey sales not to mention the media exposure. One of the best NFL owners when it comes to marketing his team with little football smarts couple that with a 39 room coming off of two back surgeries I’m afraid jerry would make that move in a heart beat his bigger concern is marketing his name not winning. No other losing team in sports can come close

  62. Don’t get me wrong jerry wants to win. But to him filling the seats and having his name and team on ESPN more than any other team is a private victory for him. If butts are in the seat and johnny can put them there jerry won’t think twice. Same ole problem in dallas owner thinks primetime is winning and I suppose in a way it’s a business and dallas is still one of if not the most valuable NFL franchise in spite of one playoff appearance In nearly twenty years. So don’t doubt for a second jerry wouldn’t draft him

  63. God, I hope Haslam isn’t playing Jerry Jones and wants Manziel because he has him some JF love. I hope the Texans or Jags spoil this love fest for an average QB, at best, and the Browns can draft a real player like Watkins or Evans.

  64. him and Clowney are the 2 most overrated players in the draft. Manziel for being Colt McCoy part 2, and Clowney 3 sacks in 12 games in 2013: slacker!

  65. Hope he goes #1 . So when he fails it will sting even more. Save that bonus $ you’ll need it. Sorry forgot momma and dada are rich.

  66. Dear God .know I haven’t always been good but if u could find it in your heart to make sure Johnny media don’t get drafted I promise to go to church every Sunday till I die.yours truly average football fan.

  67. Cleavland should pick other needs than qb this year and try to grab Bryce petty next year since they seem to always pick top five they would have a good chance of landing him. Bryce is the proto type qb and finished his junior year with a 173% qb rating and over 4k yards passing . very smart pocket qb with the stats to back it up. But since he plays for Baylor doesn’t get the attention he deserves. From a pure passer standpoint he’s better than rg3 not a Mobil qb so doesn’t get the media hype rg and tebow got. But the running qb although exciting to watch rarely turns out in the nfl

  68. The Browns would ruin a great off season thus far taking a QB in this spot. What we need is a wide out opposite of Josh Gordon that’s dependable Un like bess or little who could be left uncovered all day and drop the ball. The need for QB this year in the NFL isn’t as high as past years and we could manage a solid pick at 26 or use a few of our later round picks to trade back up into the first round to get our QB I would love to see Watkins or evans at 4 not johnny

  69. In my humble opinion, the team that drafts Manziel will determine whether he succeeds or fails in the NFL. If picked by perennial losers like Cleveland, Jacksonville (or the current cowboys), failure is iminent, even though he will put butts in the seats initially. He cannot however carry a team, that needs so many pieces and parts. All eyes and pressure will be upon him as the franchise saviour and it a’int gonna happen.

  70. Oh yes, and if Cleveland drafts him, he will have to get used to Kyle Shanahan as OC and wearing a uniform that looks like poop.

  71. What grown man, in the year 2014, still calls himself “Johnny”?

    John, ok? Just John.

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