Report: Seantrel Henderson tested positive for marijuana

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Once upon a time, Seantrel Henderson was one of the most sought-after high school prospects in the country.

Now when it’s time for him to make the next step, he’s doing everything he can to damage his own stock, again.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, NFL teams were notified that Henderson tested positive for marijuana at the Scouting Combine.

Now, setting aside the legality or wisdom of smoking marijuana, as many of our readers live in Colorado, it was still horrible timing for Henderson.

Put simply, you know you’re going to be tested at the Combine, well in advance. So doing something that puts you in jeopardy of failing that test means either you don’t care or you don’t think you’ll get caught, neither of which is a good impression to make on prospective employers.

Henderson also didn’t finish his pro day workout, though his agent said he was sick.

But with three suspension at Miami, including one for marijuana use, a lot of teams are going to be very wary of Henderson, even more than they were before.

43 responses to “Report: Seantrel Henderson tested positive for marijuana

  1. Team runners don’t care about the Marijuana, they will be ready to draft him on Saturday as a high risk high reward player.

  2. His size is remarkable, his play is forgettable. Unless you want him to guard the locker room, he needs a lot of work.

  3. I dont get it. He is messing up his own money. in 20 years the blame game will get old and the only person left will be looking at him in the mirror. GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER!!!!!!!

  4. It amazes me just how stupid people really are in America. You dont have the self control to skip the drugs, and alcohol for a few months leading up to the most important day of your life???

    In todays NFL, I dont think teams get all that upset when a player uses that kind of thing, as long as it isnt affecting them negatively. BUT, this isnt a case of using it, this is a case of a player being so stupid, so immature, and so selfish that he cant be relied on. If you cant do something as simple as avoid pot for a few months, how can you be trusted to work hard in the off season when you are on your own?

    Especially for a player that isnt that good to begin with…

  5. it is way past time for the NFL to adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards drugs.
    1st offense–Lifetime Ban.

    If they NFLPA tries to fight it, just go on TV and say that the union supports drugs. If the players strike, say the strike is because they want to be able to do drugs.

    Time for professional sports to stop rewarding drug users.

  6. People can say that “teams don’t care if you smoke pot” all they want. What teams do care about are the extreme lack of self-discipline it takes to a) not be able to stay clean long enough to pass a test you knew about months in advance, and b) show up at your pro day in good enough shape to make it through your work out (which actually might be worse than A).

  7. Our senses must be dulled by this needlessly drawn out draft process. No one has yet joked about the obvious “fit” of him playing for the Broncos in Mile High stadium. Is it Thursday yet?

  8. He’ll get drafted, but he’ll be completely off many boards and dropped dramatically on all others.

    That joint cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even Cheech would shake his head at that…

  9. What an idiot ! Another proof that even if you go to college, it will never teach you common sense.

    How the hell could this moron not know that he was going to get tested? It boggles the mind to realize The U wasted a scolarship on this lump.

    Congratulations kid! You just went from a Day 3 pick to an afterthought. On the upside, you might have a future as a bouncer in a Miami nightclub.

  10. It would make all the sense in the world that if these players fail a drug test prior to the draft they would be ineligible for this years draft and any supplemental draft for that year. Maybe some of the guys would finally get the message if you hurt them financially.

  11. Regardless of your views on weed (it should be legal), it is still against the law in most states and against the rules of the NCAA and the NFL. If you can’t follow simple rules and knowing the suspensions for violating said rules, then you’re too stupid to be drafted and are pretty much useless.

  12. I hope we are getting to a point in this country where smoking weed is really not seen as any different from drinking alcohol. I wouldn’t draft this kid because he simply doesn’t have the heart. Reminds me of mckinnie: phenom talent but no effort at all, but mckinnie atleast had a very productive career in college.

  13. He’s got an NFL body.. Hopefully for him he figures out the pot-testing schedule. Like it even matters anymore, its going to be completely legal in a few years anyway.

  14. Highly (no pun intended) recruited out of CDH but made a poor choice in opting to go to school in Florida. Questionable work ethic and obviously not very bright. Reminds me a lot of Bryant McKinnie

  15. Hay AMP, how the hell does he remind you of Bryant McKinnie?!! BK was a stud for a UM championsip team and got a SB ring as the starting LT for the Baltimore Ravens, No comparison.

  16. Is our system unfair? In the future, the arcane laws for classifying pot as a narcotic and it’s subsequent prosecution filling our prisons with mostly African Americans for possession, sale and use will be a thing of the past. THC stays in your system for months and that’s why kids get caught. Colleges don’t suspend players for having a beer, do they? It’s also unlawful. Pot or no pot, any pro team should consider acquiring the talented Seantrel before the NFL is litigated out of existence for negligence and fraudulent concealment related to head trauma, a much larger and grievous issue.

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