Report: Timmy Jernigan had a diluted sample at the Scouting Combine


Timmy Jernigan of Florida State, one of the top defensive tackles in this year’s NFL draft, tested positive for a diluted urine sample when submitting to drug testing at the Scouting Combine, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Jernigan is coming off a very good 2013 season in which he was one of Florida State’s top defensive players during their march to the national championship. He has first-round talent.

But this news could affect Jernigan’s draft stock. Jernigan was initially slated to attend the draft, but last week the NFL announced that Jernigan would not attend.

Glazer reports that other players who were on a list given to NFL teams as having failed Combine drug tests in February were LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, University of Miami tackle Seantrel Henderson and Florida State linebackers Telvin Smith and Christian Jones. As we previously reported, LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger submitted a diluted urine sample, which he attributes to drinking a lot of water to combat dehydration while rehabbing a torn ACL.

UPDATE 8:11 p.m. ET: FOX Sports initially reported that Jernigan had a failed test but later updated that report to say that Jernigan had a diluted sample.

67 responses to “Report: Timmy Jernigan had a diluted sample at the Scouting Combine

  1. Big hit. Could see him dropping from mid to late first to conceivably the fourth round.


  2. Is this the Warren Sapp tag that will make Jernigan fall just like Sapp did ?

  3. Timmy Jernigan be slidin’ to the 7th round where the Pats will draft him!

  4. All you’ve got to do is lay off the hippie lettuce for just a little while and the world is your oyster. You can’t fix stupid.

  5. His limited NT skillset with 3-Technique body is what has made him fall. He was a borderline first-rounder before the failed drug test. Now? Still a second round pick.

  6. Big difference if he failed because of a performance enhancing drug or because he smoked a joint.
    Either way it shows poor judgement, but his integrity is questioned.
    Some GMs are probably rubbing their hands hoping to get a Draft steal.
    Interesting that this only comes out just a few days before Draft Day.

  7. All I can say is look at Winston getting a joke suspension for four days for stealing crab legs, the slaps on the wrist Hernandez kept getting for his indiscretions at Florida, the Maryland player, Wes Brown with no penalty for having a loaded handgun in his dorm and you can see how college players have a skewed perception of reality. No doubt Jernigan figures that with his talent that it doesn’t matter he will get picked anyway. And face it, Aldon Smith has done far worse and the 49ers picked up his fifth year option with little pause. No wonder athletes feel as though they are above the legal system and the laws of common sense because if they play well enough, they are. If Jernigan plays well enough and ends up in San Fran or Denver those teams will probably buy the weed for him.

  8. Patriots with the 29th pick???????

    must be the patriot way taking shape, adding MORE CRIMINALS to the criminal organization.

  9. Sounds like a Vikings pick. There are already so many upstanding citizens on that team. (Hint: That was sarcasm, in case any of you Minnesota public school graduates didn’t pick up on it).

  10. Timmah! Timmah!
    NFL Exec – You failed your drug test, your first round potential is out the window.

  11. All the players from FSU tested positive? They should have stuck to just stealing crab legs. That doesn’t show up on a drug test.

  12. Good job, jerry.
    The ol’failed drug test experiments seem to work

    I mean, who wants to play for a last place team? Especially, a team with zero spotlight

    Owners do not care about drug reports
    If the player can produce on the field then everything
    Will be forgotten

    Dez Bryant

  13. It’s all about timing, DOLT. Could have waited to get high until after the draft.

  14. Its 2014, and these guys come from middle class to poor families. Yet they are willing to blow millions of dollars for a few hits. I and all the working stiffs just don’t get it.

  15. That’s just stupid. Obviously another dumb idiot coming out of FSU. Maybe he’s a buddy of the “Crab” thief.

  16. I hope he’s available in the middle of the 2nd. Tons of things change when you make an NFL team, and, if it was pot, who cares.

  17. Obviously, these guys aren’t very bright; however, I am concerned about the HIPPA violations that continue to happen. I thought Goodell was going to do something about this type of unauthorized disclosure.

  18. I love cannabis as much as anyone but if I had a job interview that could result in my becoming a multimillionaire and all I had to do was put down the vaporizer for a few days, it would be a no brainer for me. But I’m not a coddled, entitled college football star so I guess I can’t relate.

  19. Seeing him in and out gasping for air on the sidelines all throughout the pivotal 4th quarter in the title game last year is all I needed to see, frankly.

  20. Dude was probably still dehydrated from that championship game. Did you see how long he was on the sidelines? Seeing him made ME thirsty! I don’t blame him! But hey, they won though!

  21. All of them should be declared ineligible for this years draft and supplemental draft should there be one. Let them reapply next year.

  22. nobody cares it was pot he was busted for only that he was STUPID enough to fail a test he knew was coming. he will still make millions just less than if he had waited until after he took the test. it matters in that he showed a complete lack of judgement and common sense that he would risk anything that could impact his future.

  23. Mettenberger already had a crappy record – kicked off the Georgia Bulldogs for a sexual assault arrest along with other charges, then he had the gall to say God must have had a different plan for his life after he landed at LSU. The guy is really a piece of trash. Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

  24. I get tested for my employment and I’m also a runner. I test too dilute about half the time because I drink so much water . For most guys this means nothing. You can drink a gallon of water the night before and still test too dilute in the morning.

  25. Addiction is a serious matter. Risking that big NFL money just to do drugs is asinine. Good luck in the CFL Zach Mettendruggie.

  26. just means he drank too much water. re-do the test, simple as that. Dumb to let this guy fall for something so insignifcant

  27. Using the common sense he used prior to the combine knowing there would be a drug test, I predict this guy will be broke before he gets out of the NFL. The NFL needs to make players ineligible for this years draft if they bust the drug test.

  28. Don’t vilify this guy too much for a diluted sample.

    I personally have had “diluted samples” on 7 or 8 separate occasions for tests at my work (I get tested at least twice a year).

    The reality is I drink at least 3 gallons of water a day, and have for the last 15 years or so.

    After the first couple of tests, I started just taking the initiative and request a blood test along with the urine test. After some difficult conversations with my employer, they now are on the same page, and offering to submit to the blood tests eliminates any question.

    Not saying everyone that has a diluted sample drinks a ton of water, but I can testify to the fact that it is a real thing.

    The devils advocate would say his agent should have done the same thing and offered up a blood test if there’s any question at all. But who knows.

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