Roger Goodell: Chicago, Los Angeles in “very aggressive” pursuit of draft hosting duties


Los Angeles doesn’t have an NFL team, but they’d like to be the place that the NFL’s future stars go to find out their teams.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told Rich Eisen of NFL Network that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a “very aggressive” pursuit of draft hosting duties for their respective cities. Emanuel said he wanted Chicago to host the draft in Chicago while also talking about bringing a Super Bowl to the Windy City.

Goodell has said in the past that the league would look into other host cities and said it again to Eisen.

“We’re looking at the potential of moving out of New York,” Goodell said. “Radio City’s been a great place for us, but there are a lot of cities that are interested in having us in the future, and we’re going to look at that.”

It’s one of several things the league is looking at regarding the draft, including when to hold it and whether to expand it to a four nights in the future. All of which is likely a lot more than Pete Rozelle ever thought possible when he was first approached by ESPN about selling the rights to televise it.

25 responses to “Roger Goodell: Chicago, Los Angeles in “very aggressive” pursuit of draft hosting duties

  1. Goodell is a moron. Tell me, do you think players are gonna wanna play for a London franchise? Just move the Rams back to LA where they belong and call it a day

  2. It sounds more to me like he’s trying to leverage Radio City into a better deal. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  3. You couldn’t do it for the team with the first pick every year. You might end up getting the same cities over and over……. It should be a different NFL city every year… All the fans deserve the things Giant, Jet ,New England and Philly fans have been enjoying for the last 6 or 7 decades .

  4. The location of the draft will go to the highest bidder. And no one will be surprised when it happens.

  5. Who cares? Make it Earlier and stop this soap opera charade. Fire this fool

  6. One thing about Roger Goodell: pick a topic, any topic at all, and if you take that topic and ascertain how more money can possibly be extracted from any given source — and then, further deduce what public position or posture could advance that interest, you will know with 100% certainty what is soon going to come out of Goodell’s piehole.

  7. I dont know why people cynically and angrily note the fact that Roger Goodell seems to constantly be managing the NFL to maximize profit. I think thats really a big part of what he’s supposed to be doing. I think most of us would prefer however that just a little more consideration be given to what enhances the fan experience; unfortunately, until and unless fan disappointment actually turns into lost revenue – it will remain all about the money.

  8. I got an idea, lets have it on Mother’s Day weekend, and we’ll have it at that restaurant your wife likes to go to so she can’t get a seat.

  9. I really hate this draft starting on Thursday. Ruined a great draft party I used to have. What’s wrong with Friday night, Saturday, Sunday? Dear Lord NFL, you’ll still make a ton of money starting it on Friday and those people with big boy jobs get a chance to enjoy it again…you know…the people you need to buy your expensive product.

  10. Dont delay the draft again next year like this year and go back to sat & sunday goodell stop making so many changes rocket scientist

  11. The draft used to be a fun allday event on Saturday with some leftovers on Sunday. It made for great conversation.

    Now on Thursday, there is no strategy or intrigue. The early picking fans of teams like the Browns and Bills lose interest early, and late picking teams’ fans like the Patriots and Packers don’t turn it on for the first 4 hours. Additionally, they start early, screwing West Coast fans.

    You don’t invite people over or have a party just seeing a first round pick.

    Friday night wastes more time and you only get a small portion of the draft. Nobody has a party for that.

    By Saturday everyone wants it to be over. People sure don’t want to hear the same stupid 1st round pick interviews repeated over and over again when the draft is still going on.

    The draft is no longer fun, interesting, or watchable the way it is broken up.

    I just get the result on the internet and review them.

  12. Let cities that can’t host the SB host the draft (G.B., Chicago, Buffalo, New England, Seattle, etc). Don’t give it to Dallas, NY, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, etc. Those cities already get rotational hosting of SB. Spread it around.


    and…….DO NOT MAKE IT 4 DAYS!!!

  13. Kid:
    Dad, why is there a little star next to Seattle’s name for their Super Bowl?

    Son, they believe that if your not cheating your not if you want to get paid think peds…

  14. I’m thinking Las Vegas. Makes for a nice weekend. Los angeles also. Neutral setting. Invite the players and family to Lawry’s Steak house.

  15. Absolutely. There is no reason the draft has to be in NYC every friggen year.

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