Stalled talks for Alex Smith lead to report of Chiefs QB interest


Talks between the Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith on a new contract aren’t proceeding very rapidly.

So the Chiefs appear to be inclined to use a little leverage.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said that the Chiefs “will consider” taking a first-round quarterback, since they need to “keep long-term options open.”

Do you hear that Alex? I think the kids call that a “subtweet” or something.

There’s nothing to put the cattle prod to a stubborn negotiation quite like rumors of interest in another, so why not.

With a mixed bag of quarterbacks in this draft anyway, the Chiefs ought to feel more comfortable with Smith, but if the money’s not right as he enters the final year of his contract, they need to get one before they don’t have an option.

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  1. He is a decent qb to have until you can find the qb you want long term! Probable holdup is kc wants smith as a decent qb and Smiths agent wants close to Cutler Stafford money! Kc clearly doesn’t wanna give Smith that kind of money and its the right move! 11 million should be his max

  2. smokescreen, if they are going to take a QB it’ll be 2nd or later.

  3. 9ers fan here, Alex Smith has been the consumate professional his entire career in the NFL. Sure, he’s no elite QB but I’m sure he’s not demanding elite money either. He may not win you games on his own, but he won’t lose them for you on his own either. KC, go ahead and draft a QB (don’t waste your first round pick on one though) and let him learn for a year, and pay Alex

  4. You don’t overpay for Alex Smith. He’s solid enough, but it’s not that hard to win the games he has when had the talent level of the 49ers and the awful opposition KC faced.

    Anyone whose watched many games of his over the last few years knows they are hardly winning because of him.

  5. All smoke and mirrors. They play hardball with good, decent, professional qb who is a class act, but give chokers and less talent qbs 20 million a year. Stupid.

  6. Too bad so sad….


  7. I hope KC don’t make the same mistake 49ers made. If the 49ers would have kept him they would have another ring. He’s not flashy but he plays sound mistake free football. KC can contend with this guy. Starting over could be a big mistake.

  8. So two teams in a row have gotten the best results they’ve had in ages with Smith as QB, and both are ungrateful about it?

    Anyone who thinks Smith is only a “game manager” needs to go back and watch the 49ers playoff victory against the Saints a few years back. That is the definition of clutch.

    What’s “elite”, anyway? Getting everyone’s hopes up only to have the most embarrassing SB performance I’ve ever seen, like Peyton Manning? Hitting the same wall year in and year out like Brady? “Elite” is like college football rankings – people just “know” they’re better, even if they don’t win it all.

  9. The Chiefs have only six picks, so they just don’t have the luxury to take a flyer on a could-be-a-franchise-guy-in-two-years QB. Alex Smith has been under-valued for the last four years and should get a deal somewhere between 12-15 mil. a year for four years. In his last two years with the ‘Niners and then last year with KC, he has shown he can win. GM Jon Dorsey and HC Andy Reid only have a year together, so it is hard to read their minds, but keeping Smith on the job long term is a priority.

  10. KC, Alex is the best thing that’s happened to you in a long time. He’s made you look like an actual NFL football team. Pay him what he’s worth.

    -Niners fan

  11. Trade him for Cam Newton. Smith would be great managing a Panthers offense behind our powerful defense. And I don’t use the word “managing” in a negative way. Smith has the brains and emotional maturity to really take the Panthers where they need to go.

  12. for everyone saying the 49ers made a mistake and alex should have 1 ring.
    alex had his shot in the nfc title game. he went 1-13 on 3rd down.

    as for kc drafting a qb in the 1st rd, thats a smart move. plan for the future because alex is not the qb to take you to a superbowl.

    aint no bluffing on kc. they’ll pick a qb in 1st or 2nd rd . play alex this year then cut him next year.

  13. Poor Smith

    This guy can’t win. He puts up arguably the best QB performance of the playoffs last year, and his “elite” defense puts up maybe the worst defensive performance of those very same playoffs.

    Listen, hes no game manager. Game managers are not capable of throwing for 300 yards 4tds while running in for another with 50 yards on the ground.

    Smith IS capable of that. Not every week but in clutch moments -cough Saints playoffs cough-. What more can you ask for?

  14. He’s an average QB but for the Chiefs, he’s the best they’ve had in decades.

    They had Rich Gannon on the roster but didn’t know what they had.

  15. 1st they grabbed Montana when the Whiners didn’t want him. Then it was Elvis Grbac. Then Alex Smith. Doesn’t Kaepercraps deal end soon? Looks like hes the next Chiefs QB.

  16. people will say its BS.

    its not.

    if you want to pay Smith like Jay Cutler. then OK. but I find it very easy to believe that KC isn’t so keen on paying a guy who relies on his running ability who is hitting 30 to get paid so much.

    why wouldn’t you draft a QB, even in rd 3, what if you draft the next foles? you think sitting him behind smith for a year is a bad idea?

    KC isn’t a player or two away, so if you are them, do you really pretend that you are and pay smith all that money? I would use the year you have with smith to help get the youngster going. Smith is the perfect QB to learn how to prepare from

  17. alex made them look like a football team?

    did you miss the first 9 games when he was pretty much a non factor outside his running and the D was on a record setting sack pace, turnover pace and TD pace at one point?

    when smith started to play “well” the chiefs went 0-6 against AFC playoff teams.

    “settling” is what gets KC where they have been for the longest time. they got on the winning track, now they need to develop a long term option at QB.

  18. This is all draft smokescreen/negotiating tactics, the Chiefs love Alex Smith, If they were drafting QB first round, all of us wouldn’t be hearing about it- they aren’t drafting QB first round.

  19. +, they want someone to THINK they are drafting QB so someone will jump in front of them at 23 and grab a QB. THEN , that gives Chiefs greater chance of getting player THEY want , which isnt QB 1st round

  20. aint no bluffing on kc. they’ll pick a qb in 1st or 2nd rd . play alex this year then cut him next year.

    no QB in round 1 .. the 2nd round pick we gave you for Alex getting us above 8-8 ?? we will see what is there in the 3rd.

  21. Ok, so the Chiefs are going to waste a 1st round pick on a position that in this draft is widely considered the weakest in years? Go for it.

    Let those other playoff teams stock up on the talent you’ll pass on by taking a subpar QB in Round 1.

  22. Anyone think that the 49ers wouldn’t take him back? They’d have been in the Super Bowl with Alex Smith last year.

  23. If KC is wanting a possible future starter they gotta take a an in the 1st seeing as the Niners have their 2nd

  24. No the niners decision makers dont regret trading Smith ! Kap gets a lot of hate but nobody who gets paid to have an opinion with take smith over kaepernick! Not even andy Reid or John Dorsey! Don’t act like the chiefs had their pick of Smith or kap or they would have went well

  25. Let’s be real the chiefs gave up 2 second round picks for him. Do you really think they would draft a qb? Smith is going to be the future like it or not

  26. There’s this kid down in Alabama named McCarron that played on some pretty good teams down there.
    He got slammed for being a game manager, but I’d much rather have a game manager than a game mis-manager. He’ll likely be available in the third round, maybe even the fourth. Might be a pretty good guy to have sitting behind Smith for a year or so and learning the nuances of the pro game. If you remember, Aaron Rodgers sat for three years (and he was a first rounder). At worst I think he could be a competent back-up. Never hurts to have one of those. But the Chiefs have to sign Smith for a few years.

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