Taking a look at the draft needs of the Seattle Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl last year thanks in large part to a roster that was loaded with depth at nearly every position. But with contract extensions for Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas, and upcoming extensions for Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ depth has taken a hit this offseason.

Seattle will have to replace key pieces such as Golden Tate and Breno Giacomini on offense, and Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Clinton McDonald, Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond on defense. The Seahawks have some options already on the roster to potentially step into bigger roles, but more depth is needed across the roster.

However, the Seahawks only have six draft picks to work with entering the draft after dealing away picks in trades for Percy Harvin and Terrelle Pryor. Seattle has never made fewer than nine picks in the draft under head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. The team covets draft picks and will likely try to trade down to pick up extra selections at some point over the three days of the draft.

You can read our full breakdown of the Seahawks’ draft needs here. Cast your ballot below for what you think would be Seattle’s best option with the 32nd overall selection.

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  1. They’ll trade w/ a team wanting a QB in the 1st. Snag a 2nd & 4th or 5th for dropping 5-7 spots & keep on winning.

  2. I don’t care who they draft as long as he keeps his mouth shut once and a while.

  3. The problem with Seattle trying to get more draft picks now is they can’t stash these late round guys on practice squad anymore. Once they trimmed down to 53 those rookies they were hoping to re-sign were being picked up like hot cakes.

    Best case scenario is they trade out 1st and get an early 2nd and get 3rd round pick which we don’t have in this draft. Are those draft value charts still relevant?

  4. This year’s QB class seems to beg for someone to trade up from the early part of the second round in order to get “their guy” without spending a high #1 to do it.

    Conversely, if there’s an earlier run on QBs, that means it’s more likely that someone unexpected may drop to them at 32.

    My official prediction is a trade down with Jacksonville. Which will go all to hell if they select Bortles in the first, but for now, I’ll stick with it.

  5. “They already replaced Browner last season with Thurmond who did the job better”

    Umm … Neither guy is on the team anymore?

    Browner > Pats
    Thurmond > Giants

  6. More than half the players in this Poll won’t be there at 32. I doubt they Trade-Up and Trading back does not have much value either. I am sure the Front Office will take the BPA.

  7. They replaced Browner with Maxwell, who played at a Pro Bowl level. They didnt want Bryant, Clemmons, Thrumond or Browner back. All declining or unreliable players they were happy to move on from.

  8. 1. Somebody with clean urine

    2. A ref who gives them touchdowns even when it’s intercepted by the other team

  9. Luxury pick all the way. Bitonio would be nice or even Moncrief who will be a better WR than FSU’s Benjamin who is a project. Or why not ASJ? Red zone threat!

  10. They are going to trade their number 1 pick for 2 seventh round picks, and their first round pick in 2015 for a 3rd round pick in 2014

  11. Priority #1 is to keep Russell Wilson upright. He was sacked entirely too many times last season. Thankfully he was not seriously injured, but how many times do you want to roll the dice on that? Get some big, mean, fast dudes up front to protect the qb.

  12. Seahawks will definitely address the O line and WR’s are bountiful in this years draft so they’ll be grabbing a pass catcher as well. Other than that,..who knows.

    One thing is for certain,…Nobody is working the draft better than Pete Carroll and John Schneider. They have a serious knack for identifying players unique abilities and implementing those talents within their scheme. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. They aren’t perfect as was evidenced by there acquiring of Matt Flynn for an exorbitant amount of money but hey, they drafted a pretty good QB in the third round and allowed him to compete for the starting spot regardless of what Flynn was getting paid. These guys know that they have to come in and compete every day to keep there spot. It’s a big reason why Seattle ranks in the top 5 youngest teams.

    There are always head-shaking surprises on draft day. A handful of teams will fail miserably. Some lucky front office will get tagged with the “Worst Pick of 2014” label. It’s a gamble. Rest assured, that title will not be place on the Seahawks. Draft day can’t come quick enough.

    Go Hawks!!!

  13. When the Sea Squawks pick, they will offer to swap their 1st round pick for Houston’s second round pick at no cost. The reason? It is cheaper to sign a second round pick than the last player taken in the first round. When your cap space is tight, you have to be creative.

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