The Redskins finally get their draft preview

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If not for the terms of the trade that brought them quarterback Robert Griffin III, the Redskins would have been the second team up in our series of draft previews.

That honor (and the second overall pick) went to the Rams, though, and now we kick off the final day of previews with a look at the Redskins. Their first pick is the second pick of the second round, No. 34 overall, and the Redskins have no shortage of areas that could use an infusion of talent.

Most of those areas are on the defensive side of the ball, which should come as no surprise to those who watched the Redskins fail to put up much resistance to any opposing offense in 2013. You can pretty much pick any spot other than outside linebacker and hope to find an upgrade over what’s already on hand, although the same is true at right tackle as well. Going there could help keep Griffin healthy and keep the Redskins from landing in the top few picks of the draft again next year.

Check out our preview of the Redskins’ needs right here and then let us know what you think the Redskins should do right here.

11 responses to “The Redskins finally get their draft preview

  1. They should draft the most over-rated player since they’re the most over-rated team.

  2. How about the racistskins draft a new QB. Their current one is a burnout. Whatever they do is going to be head-scratching laughable. Your 2014 NFC East cellar-dwellers

  3. BPA

    there are 4 OTs worthy of pick 34… unfortunately all will most likely be gone….. with many needs it would be foolish to take the 5th OT at 34, so unless Redskins trade back, defense makes much more sense

    I think most likely is Hageman…. but I go BPA

    Here are my BPA’s if available (most will not be, but one-two will)…

    any of the 4 top OTs
    Dee Ford

    then go Center or OT in 3rd if worthy one is available… if not, again go BPA with some adjustment for position…. and continue on for balance of draft

  4. Here’s the thing people don’t understand about the Michael Vick’s and the RGIIIs of the world, the OLine has no idea where to form a pocket nor how long to hold it.

    Both RG and MV want to move out of the pocket constantly which makes the OLine look bad because they are trying to protect spot A where the QB is supposed to be and the QB is 20 feet away.

    The other thing is they hold the ball forever in trying to make the “home-run play” relying on their legs to buy them time. That means the line needs to hold their blocks for 5-7 seconds instead of 3-4 on every pass play and that’s assuming the QB is where they think he is.

    Scrambling is great when it’s a fall back if the pocket collapses. It’s not a replacement for being able to read defenses and having a quick release.

  5. One guy…..three user names….all to hate on the REDSKINS in this thread. Pathetic. #HAIL #HTTR #3SUPERBOWLS #2014NFCEASTCHAMPS

  6. The pocket has nothing to do with where the QB is the QB conforms his drop to where the pocket is supposed to be. The problem in Washington since the Hogs retired is that there has been no consistent pocket formation for any QB and all have been made to run for their lives at the snap of the ball.

    Nobody has to hold a block for 5 to 7 seconds, but not to consistently hold a block for 2 to 3 seconds is ridiculous. He was sacked almost 30 times last year and it had nothing to do with them not knowing where he was. The ball had just been snapped and the defender was on him as soon as the ball was in his hands.

    How can any QB read any defense looking up at the sky or running for his life? The problem is the first read here has to do with OL that can’t simply block the guy right in front of him or the running back that can’t pick up the blitz.

    Nobody knows if RGIII can read defenses because he never has time to follow his progressions in the pocket that has yet to form, especially from the center and right side of the line.

    We have some decent receivers and running backs, so let’s see what the year will bring if we get some linemen that will give him 3 seconds before he has to run for his life.

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