Vance Bedford: Manziel played backyard football, has a lot to learn


With three days to go before the NFL draft gets underway, opinions on former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel are all over the map: Some say he’ll go first or second overall, while others don’t think he’ll go in the first round at all.

And then there’s Vance Bedford, the defensive coordinator at Texas, who didn’t offer a prediction about Manziel’s draft prospects but did take to Twitter to say that the way Manziel played in college won’t hold up at the next level.

“Manziel is a top 10 pick by the scouts. I wish him the best. He played backyard ball for 3 years. Now he will have to learn how to be a Qb,” Bedford wrote.

When Bedford got pushback on Twitter, he denied that he was trying to take a shot at Manziel but added, “Spread qbs have struggled in the NFL.”

Why is Bedford offering that opinion right now? Maybe it was just an observation. Maybe as a Texas guy he wanted to take a shot at a Texas A&M guy. Maybe Bedford, who previously coached at Louisville, was trying to take a little shot at Manziel on behalf of former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who appears to have slipped behind Manziel on NFL draft boards. But it’s worth noting that Bedford never actually coached against Manziel, and so it may be that it’s Bedford who has a lot to learn about what kind of player Manziel is.

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  1. So much BS going around… Just get the damn thing started already. And don’t ever delay the draft again NFL!

  2. When a qbs ability to throw is not the first 2 or 3 things said about what he brings to a franchise, you’ve gotta be cautious

  3. Bedford must be knew. Doesn’t he know that he can’t say that about Johnny Runziel? You’re supposed to ignore the facts.

    Not to worry, it will all be attributed to the UT Texas A&M rivalry.

    Truth hurts.

  4. It’s simple really. He gets hate because he is a white kid who plays like a black kid (traditionally) but better. So you have your black coach, black analysts and such hating. Same thing happened to Tebow. Difference is Manziel is a more polished passer.

  5. How much time is Bedford spending on scouting players for the draft and why is he not using that time to scout players for his own team?

    George Whitfield says Manziel can play QB and I have a hunch he knows more about QBs than Bedford does.

  6. This statement really does not have much to do with the NFL, it is all about sending signals to the QBs being recruited by the schools now, that in the future A&M is not gonna prepare them to be pro-style QBs.

  7. Watch all the Manziel fellaters deny their love for him when he’s out of the league in 3 years!

  8. Manziel can do anything Keparnick or Wilson can do. Put a really good team behind him. The DC of Texas? Who has no experience playing against him? Give us all a break. And you think this is independent of the rivalry. Not only has A&M left for a better conference, but they were the best team in Texas the past two years. All Texas has is some dream Saban will come coach there.

  9. Kind of makes ya wonder what agent of the other potential 1st round QB busts offered him and the wife a week in Hawaii or something to put this tweet out…

  10. This kid will either be a game changer or team destroyer and I don’t really know which way to believe.

    I do know that if he does his “show me the money” taunt that someone on these pro defenses is going to rock his world.

  11. Manziel only played 2 years in college.

    Seems Vance didn’t do much homework on Manzile before heading to his twitter.

  12. Aren’t college coaches supposed to help these young men further their carreers? Why on earth would he put this out there? It’s embarrassing, doesn’t matter where he played in college… Why is he acting like a girl who didn’t get invited to the prom.

  13. That Texas A&M; didn’t they play the Little Sisters of the Poor last year? They only put up 42 points on then #1 Alabama. The kid hasn’t had any competition against good defenses like Auburn. Oh wait, he put up 41 on them. They must have been “backyard” JV games.After all, Bedford got to see a lot of Jonny when he was coaching at Louisville.

  14. Manziel will not be a Bust as so many of you have proclaimed, but he will not be too successful either. The reason is simple: he will most likely go to a crappy Team that needs saving. He will try too hard to make a name for himself solo with a lack of cast around him. This is the problem with new QBs. The only exception would be Andrew Luck (but I and most are of the opinion it was a weak AFC South more than him). If Russell Wilson went to the Jaguars, no one would even know his name. Manziel might be good, but we will never know unless he is groomed on a decent Team.

  15. RG3’s rookie season should be a perfect example of how not to play too lose and to get down or get rid of the ball to avoid contact.

  16. Exciting player. Question that nobody really knows is how that translates to the NFL where guys are bigger and faster and the defensive schemes far more complex than he saw in college. I can see him making amazing plays or throwing a ton of picks. And at his size it’s also easy to imagine him getting hurt. Just don’t know.

  17. The odds of Manziel becoming a really good NFL QB seem pretty low: VERY few guys with his style of play become good in the NFL. Thanks to Wilson, who played on the NFL’s best team, Manziel will get drafted pretty high, but he won’t be on a great team–and that’s going to be a problem.

  18. I don’t think it’s much of a question at all. The odds are stacked against a guy of his size and (lack of) skill set at the pro level. He could become an exception but he’s far from a safe pick and when you’re picking high you’d like a fairly safe pick.

    At least with the ‘new’ (it’s still new to us old guys) rookie pay structure you don’t have to break the bank and create a cap risk on him. Still, if it were my team, I wouldn’t take any of this year’s QBs in the first round. There’s better value at other positions.

  19. His circus needs to have a smaller audience for a while, like Jacksonville. We already have too many young QBs who haven’t done much and are all over the place.

  20. Just testing this system. Three different comments have appeared – then disappeared. According to the tally above, this should be Comment #25. Let us see.

  21. Seahawks success and banding together and becoming one of the hardest working teams in football is due in part of Russell Wilson . RW is the unquestionable leader of the Super Bowl champs . Stop putting him in the same sentence as Manziel or saying he’s only good bc his team . Without a threat at qb the Seahawks would barely make the playoffs . It works both ways the offense doesn’t turn the ball over meaning not giving the opposing team good filed position and vice versa the defense give the ball back and doesn’t allow points . The Seahawks were second in scoring offense until week 16. Just bc they don’t allow RW to pass doesn’t mean he wasn’t more prolific than ANY of these kids coming out bc HE WAS and is Drew Bree’s 2.0 . In time you’ll see that us Seahawks fans were more
    Skeptical than you but have been proven to have been skeptical for no reason . RW work ethic is rediculous and has been compared to Manning . Bc he’s not allowed to pass doesn’t change that . Lastly RW stats are the BEST ever to start a career . Ever except only yards . He’s literally broken or tied almost every statistical category … He’s a legit top 7 qb especially when you factor his efficiency and ceiling and work ethic . Stop acting like he’s just a nobody fill in . He has the best qbr ever to start a career and set records for tds even though he throws it the least in the nfl and re teams always give it to Lynch in easy goal like scenarios .

  22. Watch film of Johnny. He does play backyard ball. It just means he lacks polish. When he runs, he almost always holds the ball with one hand and frequently switches the ball to the wrong hand and generally throws the play book out the window. Couple that with his immaturity and Bedford’s absolutely right; long way to go.

    No doubt, he’s got a freaking ton of talent, but those habits won’t work when facing the best of the best. Barring some major changes, and some serious coaching, his raw talent might not be enough. In fact, his unbelievable amount of talent coupled w/ his immaturity may be his own worst enemy.

    We’ll see….

  23. Dude is going to give Emo Cutler a run for most unlikable looking guy in the NFL.

  24. Texas hasn’t been relevant since Vince. Who’s Vance Bedford? Probably one of the reasons they haven’t been relevant…

  25. This draft has sure been worth waiting for. Fewer and fewer reasons for teams to make mistakes.

  26. Interesting comment from a DC who never coached against Manziel. Also interesting will be how Bedford (and Charlie Strong) like it when the Texas Ex’s and fans are yelling for their heads in about November.

    In addition, this comment thread is terrible, feauturing know-nothing babblers, others who take themselves way too seriously, and a loser who wrote a thousand words on Russell Wilson.

  27. Is Sept 4th here already, i have always maintained all these talking heads on tv/experts or whatever i gave up on them over a decade ago. It is just noise and i truly feel sorry for anyone who bothers to watch them-no wonder people are fatigued and made worse by the draft being pushed back. Save yourself the agony guys/gals.

  28. This is about 1 thing and 1 thing only. Recruiting. Texas A&M has taken the dominant role in recruiting and program prestige in the state of Texas. The Longhorns can no longer play the Aggies on the field to reassert their long held dominance so they are attempting to use social media to convince QB recruits, namely Kyler Murray, that UT will better prepare him for a pro career.

    But the last 4 QBs from A&M all played on Sundays. Some as backups and some in other positions. But the last 2 QBs from A&M will be first round picks (Tannehill, Manziel)

    And ask the guy who has coached the best defense of this era what he thinks of Manziel’s “Backyard style”.

  29. This is nothing but jealousy and in-state rivalry from the “big” Texas school that ends up sounding like nothing but a crybaby who isn’t getting enough attention. Oh boo hoo Texas, A&M didn’t want to be a little fish in your pond and left to join the SEC. Don’t you have bigger things to worry about, like a winning record?

  30. Who cares what an assistant coach at tu thinks? What he really means is “thank God he played in the SEC so he didn’t shred my defense”.

  31. See Roethlisberger as an example, it obviously doesn’t work. He will only win 2 out of 3 Super Bowls.

  32. I wonder how much of this “Johnny Talk” would be going on if the kid had not won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman?

    The kid wins the award … his life gets turned a bit upside down … he takes advantage of some of its perks … people watch – some get jealous … and here we are.

    A twenty year old trying to handle celebrity.

    How would this story be different if it wasn’t for the Heisman?

  33. He did make a good point. Traditionally, running QB’s struggle in the NFL….if they dont get hurt first. Yeah I have heard it….well, what about Russell, or Kapernick….both who are relatively new to the NFL….they will get hurt at a point in their career… happens to all of them. Then we will see how good they are.

  34. Couldn’t sit in the pocket 80% of the time with the best LT prospect in years. I’ll pass. He’s a product of mike Evans and jack mathuews.

  35. Manziel adds excitement to the game. If he struggles, people will quickly forget about him.

  36. manziel will succeed for the most obvious of reasons: He is a great football player, period. He will adjust to the pro game. As a Vikings fan, I have mournfully watched the efforts of his polar opposite, Christian Ponder. A good guy, a good teammate, and a lousy football player.

  37. Johnny is a full 1/2 ft. shorter than Kaepernick, Newton, Luck, Tannehill and Pryor. These QBs have athleticism. Johnny does too. They are also faster runners, than Johnny.

    The NFL is full of former QBs playing other positions. You have to wonder if Johnny can kick. I won’t say he will bust, but right now, he’s in the the Tebow/Clausen category.

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