Vick Ballard hoping to reclaim starting role


Discussion about the Colts running backs usually focuses on Trent Richardson and the question of whether he’ll be able to perform at a level high enough to start justifying the price the Colts paid for him in a trade with the Browns last year.

Richardson isn’t the only back on the Colts’ roster, though, nor is he the only back with questions about his status. Vick Ballard and Ahmad Bradshaw both had their seasons cut short by injuries in 2013, raising concern about how well stocked the Colts are at the position if Richardson’s increased knowledge of the offense doesn’t translate to better results.

Bradshaw believes the team will get better offensive line play that will help everyone produce at a higher level last season. For his part, Ballard says that he’s almost 100 percent after tearing his ACL last September and that he’s aiming to reclaim the starting job that went to Richardson after Ballard was hurt.

“I understand the situation, but I was the starter before I got hurt,” Ballard said, via “I would have done the same thing if I was the GM. It’s a business and at the end of the day, I understand what they did, but I want to be the H-back.”

The Colts turned from Richardson to Donald Brown down the stretch last season, so there’s every reason to believe that the coaches will give Ballard and Bradshaw the opportunity to take the job. It won’t say much about the wisdom of the trade for Richardson if one of them takes it, but it may wind up being the best thing for the Colts in the long run.