Bruce Allen: Most teams didn’t want the draft moved back


Washington General Manager Bruce Allen says the NFL’s decision to move the draft into May was not what the majority of teams wanted.

“I think as an organization, most of the organizations in the NFL, I don’t think, wanted the draft moved back,” Allen told the Washington Post.

The NFL’s official reason for moving the draft back was that there was a conflict with Radio City Music Hall, although there’s a lot of talk that the league office likes the later date and will consider keeping it in May going forward. Allen said that as it turned out, however, there were advantages to getting more work done before the draft.

“But when you have a new head coach and can have that extra [pre-draft] minicamp, I think [it’s] very valuable for us. . . . I don’t know if it’s gonna change our draft board at all. But it’ll be a good, eye-opening experience for everyone,” Allen said.

Whether NFL teams see moving the draft as a good thing or a bad thing, NFL fans seem to be overwhelmingly opposed to having the draft in May. Yet the league might keep the draft in May anyway.

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  1. Goodell: “The 2015 draft will be held again in May as there is once again a scheduling conflict. Snooki will be unveiling a new line of perfume, “Trash”, at Radio City Music Hall.”

  2. The arrogance to which Roger Goodell carries himself is just awful.

    He’s the worst, most arrogant commissioner in the history of sports.

  3. The draft needs to be at the end of April. The Space-time
    Continuum has been disrupted.
    If Radio City can’t handle it, someone else can bring the crisis to and end.
    Please though, not Jerry Jones….

  4. Like Radio City would book anyone that week of the draft without NFL approval. I feel it was moved back intentionally.

    Another awful move by Goodell…

  5. Who cares what most teams want. Commissioner Goodell has perfect knowledge (never made a mistake). He made $44M last year, he’s paid to get it right. Besides, everyone knows that you can’t get enough Mel Kiper Jr mock drafts.

  6. I’m sure Jurry was one of the ones who wanted it to be moved. If he had his way the NFL would look like a circus by now.

  7. The Commissioner feels that he’ll have more viewers watching him give players those creepy hugs in May versus April.

  8. Goodell screwed the pooch on this one. NFL draft drew good ratings when it didn’t go up against any competition in early April. Now? Boston ratings will be close to zero – Bruins v Canadiens. Heat v Nets will take away viewers as well.

    Goodell really needs to go. When will the NFL brass see it?

  9. But we are always told that this is a “democracy” which means whatever the majority wants, they get.

    Why is it that the whims of a small minority take precedence over the whims of the majority?

    Come on Goodell, smite the minority (New York) and send the draft to every NFL city.

  10. I call B.S. The N.F.L. has been in N.Y.C. for the draft for years and they would have us believe that they don’t re-up every year for the next year? Righhhht…

  11. FYI, radio city DID have a spring show scheduled for the rockettes. Irony here is the show was cancelled just prior to the firs performance

    By Dolan

    So, I don’t think Dolan would care if he inconvenienced the NFL, seeing how there is no love lost there

  12. The NFL doesn’t care what the fans think, if there’s a way to make money or generate buzz they will do it. This ranks as one of the worst moves the NFL has made in the past decade and the draft needs to be moved back to April.

  13. Why does everyone blame Goodell? Bruce Allen just said most owners. Goodell only does what his employer, the owners, tells him todo.

  14. The best way to assure that the draft is moved back to April, would be for the viewership ratings to plummet by virtue of most people tuning it out and not watching it. Then we’d likely see the draft moved back very quickly to where it belongs. However, most people are going to watch it anyway, and the NFL knows it…

  15. What do the owners want? its them the commish answers to as they ARE the NFL and without them there would be no need for a commish.if the owners like the draft to be in April then by God it will be in April once those owners remind Goodell who is really in charge.

  16. The best way to voice your opinion is to not watch the draft. The message will be sent loud and clear. Read about it the next day.

  17. This is one of the first years that I have no interest in the draft. Beyond Manzeil, there are no compelling players in this draft, and the NHL playoffs are far more compelling.

  18. Florio’s comments yesterday made all the sense in the world…dumb move by the NFL.

  19. Does GODell have to change every single little rule or date associated with the NFL? He has to make HIS mark on something that was already overly successful to begin with to pad his ego.

  20. I like the draft in April. By May, most people are doing outdoor activities and more busy….less time to watch. It feels too long since college football season. The process has been too drawn out and I’ve sort of lost interest more than usual. I also liked when the draft was all Sat and Sunday. Hard to get pumped to watch just one pick Thursday and two Friday.

  21. As we giggled at Cuban down in Dallas maybe he was right. Outside of junkies,,,,,,,,,,like us,,,,,,,,,,,,general public have forgotten about the draft. I had a guy ask me last week who so and so got in the draft. This is from a fan who watches his team 14/16 weeks.

    The NFL will swallow itself between ticket prices, arrests, and generally knowing/believing/ thinking we will all follow like rats to a flute.

    They don’t need to worry about degenerates like us that read this crap but the common fan who makes up the % watching for the advertiser dollar.

  22. Most fans didn’t either. When you start hitting double digit mock drafts that’s an indication of over-saturation.

  23. If we wait any longer, might as well wait ’till next year. Might be some QBs worth a top ten pick.

  24. And all the fans want a clean game with no officiating mistakes or blunders gone uncorrected. But you can’t always get what you want. I’ll care about what Bruce Allen’s inconvenience is right after they get around to solving the relevant issues for the more important people; the fans.

  25. I much prefer how the NBA does it. Draft first, and early, and then free agency. Do we really need all the tryouts and combines?

  26. hey here is an idea… Move the Draft to a city with an NFL Team.. each city except Green Bay has convention centers.. Im sure every team would like this… keep it in April

  27. The host for the draft and Thanksgiving day games both need to change…Why not move the host of the draft around the league with host cities just like the Super Bowl, and it’s also time to let other teams host Thanksgiving day games, we understand way back when Dallas and Detroit were the only teams who agreed to it, however, they have to play someone since they don’t play each other so why not rotate it like everything else between teams. I know i’m sick of seeing Dallas and Detroit every Thanksgving.

  28. Come on, the NFL was going to make the change no matter what the teams voted. They are using a scheduling conflict as a scape goat. I am sure Radio City Music Hall would cater to the NFL if they wanted their usual April dates. If I were Radio City Musia Hall’s GM or whomever is in charge, I would bend over backwards to cater to the King Roger because of the $$$$.

    Anyone else miss the Saturday and Sunday set up like me?

  29. So the NFL and Goddell did w/O the majority of the owners approving it?

    BS! Allen is just trying to save face here

  30. You would think that the NFL would book the Hall well in advance. But that may involve some common sense…

  31. “hey here is an idea… Move the Draft to a city with an NFL Team.. each city except Green Bay has convention centers.. Im sure every team would like this… keep it in April”
    Green Bay has a convention center right across the street from Lambeau Field.

    So, a majority of teams don’t want it, but like many arrogant organizations who don’t care what their members/fans think, the NFL wants to keep it in May.
    May sucks. They don’t care, and neither should we when they want more $$$$ from us.

  32. The personnel men didn’t like it. The fans didn’t like it.

    No stuff Sam Huff!

    It was a horrible idea in a long string of bad ideas by Goodell. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved it again next year…but the other way. Goodell is a mess who doesn’t care anything about the fans and makes it obious because he doesn’t care.

  33. So the NFL and Goddell did it w/O the majority of the owners approving it?

    BS! Allen is just trying to save face here

  34. But Goodell makes more $$ off moving it back to May, so throw out the sentiments of the majority.

    That’s Roger’s modus operandi: $$ 25/7/366…..

  35. Doesn’t matter. Whatever makes the most money. Rodger better watch it. The stock market saw some of its biggest profits just before the collapse. Don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to the NFL. Like one reader said before. I like eating ice cream, but I don’t NEED to have it. The same goes for the NFL. Once games go pay per view, I’m finished. I’m really going to enjoy all the loud boos we hear every time Rodger goodell walks up to the podium on Thursday.

  36. I love the idea of moving it from city to city…From NYC to Green Bay, it could probabably be held at the stadium or somewhere around the stadium. It isn’t like the Super Bowl where you have 250k people flocking to the area. There are maybe 5-7 team reps at a draft plus the 20 or so in person draftees. Otherwise all personal is at the team headquarters. I think that would be a huge hit with fans.

    But hey, what do the fans know.

  37. I know the way to punish them is for the fans not to watch the draft, but that won’t happen. So how about this completely exclude the NFL network only watch ESPN draft coverage. Could send a small message.

  38. People complain about Goodell wrecking the game, and I agree that his decisions seem to be setting up the NFL for a decline…but so far it’s not like ratings have taken a hit.

  39. I used to love watching it all weekend but no way I am watching the entire first two rounds Thurs and Fri night. I may watch what is left on Saturday if it starts early enough.

  40. as long as the season and pre season begin on time, it doesn’t matter what else goes on during the off season or the timetable. Doesn’t affect the players on the field. We are all just mad that we have to wait 2 extra weeks but at least there is less time between the draft and camp at this point.

  41. For those that don’t fully understand the multi billion dollar advertising industry, there are 4 so called Sweep months during the year where audience levels are carefully measured to project ad rates for the rest of the months.

    The NFL wants more ad money so they moved the draft into May, a Sweeps month. The higher the ratings, the more money flows to the NFL.

    There is nothing wrong with a business that tries to maximize its revenue, what is not right is to insult the collective intelligence of the fans. (Viking fans are not included in this basically because it is virtually impossible to insult their intelligence, what little they have)

  42. Yeah … and now the draft falls on Mother’s Day Weekend …


  43. Goodell is a liar. Moving the draft back to May this year was never b/c of a scheduling conflict. Although that’s a convenient story about the scheduling conflict at Radio City anyone who lives in NYC knows that there are plenty of other venues they could have held the draft at .

    The reality is that Goodell wants the NFL to dominate the headlines for as long as he can. This is a man who is as greedy as the owners (which is scary) & at the end of the day I believe he’s a danger to watering down the NFL. And it doesn’t take Mark Cuban’s comments to realize this

    If the NFL is truly about the fans like he preaches then why does every fan hate his guts???

  44. Back in April I was disappointed with moving it back, but now I’m looking forward to it this week.

  45. Having the draft on Mother’s Day weekend is an awful idea.

    Roger joined the 1% and now feels the disdain for us peasants.

  46. Let me get this straight…I am to believe that the billionaire owners wanted the draft to stay in April, but Goodell overruled them? Is that right? It’s even more unbelievable that most people here think Goodell is in charge and not the rich old guys that actually own everything. He’s a damn puppet people!

  47. Better stop complaining……..Goodell will push this thing to June if you don’t stop whining.

  48. The next time Christmas falls on a Sunday, Roger is going to move it.

  49. How about having the draft two weeks after the Super Bowl? Would spare us all a lot of wasted time viewing reports and blogs about potential picks, and best of all, would spare us the law firm of Kiper McShay Bayless et al.

    Right before baseball season starts and not during any playoffs.

    Doing it this way would right focus on teams and players and coaches and not on supposed inside knowledge about projected players, upsides, downsides, etc…

  50. I think i’m loosing interest in all these things Goodell claims “fans want”.

    Put the draft back on a weekend, move it back where it was.


    Cuban is right: the NFL has peaked and is now officially jumping every shark it can find.

    Sad. And so unnecessary.

  51. They moved it back so they could have an NFL “event” in every month (April had the schedule release). Its a ridiculous plan to keep football in our minds all year around. Goodell is an idiot.

  52. You guys are complaining now … Just wait until Goodell moves the draft to London.

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