Considering the Broncos’ Draft Day strategy

As you weigh the Broncos’ draft needs, take a moment to play General Manager.

With quarterback Peyton Manning entering his 17th NFL season, and as evidenced by their free agency spending, the Broncos are very much in win-now mode.

So here’s the question: if you ran the Broncos’ draft, would you be willing to trade any of the club’s picks in the first three rounds in 2015 to move up in this draft?

The Broncos have seven draft picks — the 31st selection in every round. All seven selections can be traded. However, the Broncos’ 2014 picks alone might not be enough to make a major move up the board, especially in the first two rounds.

Give us your take in the poll and in the comments.

13 responses to “Considering the Broncos’ Draft Day strategy

  1. GM of Broncos Mr Ed will stand pat and pick at 31 and then go to the news conference and tell everyone this is the player we wanted and i am smarter than everyone else

  2. Plan for a future after a title run? They aren’t making a title run with a fossil at QB. They should be rebuilding right now because any team with Manning at the QB spot is not going to win a Super Bowl. His window has closed.

    Elway should trade down and collect more picks and start the retooling today.

  3. I think this draft should be sliced up into groups such that there is about 8 premium players for most teams to select, then from 9-40 it’s fairly vanilla. The cost is going to be really high to move up that far and many teams make the mistake of not trading down because they have ridiculous notions regarding how much material they should get for moving down and then they miss a good trade down strategy. So I think to some extent that would happen here and some team should try and trade with the Broncos that won’t be able to negotiate the price to make it happen. And that’s good for the Broncos if they have to overpay to move up.

    They should just pick where they are at, or trade down for somebody that wants to move up and pay a hefty price for a 1st Round QB, or they should also look at trading players from their roster to pick up some extra material to work the draft with as well. You need to cash in everything you can that you don’t need otherwise you will end up wasting resources. It looks to me like the Broncos need to trim the fat a little bit here and there.

  4. All that matters is what horse face thinks and he’s pushed all his chips to the middle of the table, thinking they’re close.

    That’s why they’ll trade up.

  5. What does it matter? Elway will just sign the entire 2014 draft class to Bronco contracts regardless of who drafted them, picking up right where he left off with free agency.

  6. After this title run? So you just automatically assume they’re going to cruise right through this season, huh? Going to be great watching this egotistical team get their butts kicked…again.

  7. Playing the NFC West will be tough on all AFC West teams, making it harder to get a wildcard. Any slippage by the Broncos could mean they miss the playoffs.

  8. It’s always funny to hear the name ‘Elway’ in any association with the words ‘draft day’ at all. Here was a guy that was too good to go to Baltimore back in ’83.
    in any case, the Broncos had a magical run in ’13 but the clock will strike midnight this year. Always love rooting against anything Elway is associated with.

  9. They’ll cheat the cap, and their qb can break any rule that he wants because the league looks the other way. What difference does it make. The assumption, however, that the broncos are going to coast their way to the sb again is premature.

  10. you can always tell how good a team is by how many people hate them in-blog. “Elways a horse face”, “Cap cheaters”, “Superbowl Losers”. Proving that it is more entertaining to pay attention to the great teams and franchises, even if just to express your hate for them, then it is to be a fan of an insignificant team.

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