Giovani Bernard visits PFT Live on Tuesday

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It’s two days until draft day, and Pro Football Talk on NBCSN keeps getting you ready for it.

Even with only 30 minutes, we’ll jam as much info as we can into the program, going over the latest pre-draft rumors and previewing the running back position and interviewing the first running back taken last year.

Bengals tailback Giovani Bernard joins the program by phone, and he talks about what the team will do without offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, what Bernard would do if he were the team’s G.M., and what advice he’d give to rookie running backs.

We’ll also have some stuff from Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso and plenty of other content as we continue to count the hours until the time comes to start picking players.

Until the time comes to turn the channel to NBCSN (5:30 p.m. ET), cast your vote on today’s PFT Planet poll.  We’ll close the show with the results.


9 responses to “Giovani Bernard visits PFT Live on Tuesday

  1. I’d say all about the same. Any of them could do a lousy job and still keep their job for next year somehow. I don’t think any of them are feeling the pressure because there isn’t enough pressure to go around. Teams are typically very patient with their GMs.

  2. A lot of Texans fans couldn’t believe Rick Smith survived the 2-14 season. He may have a couple of seasons but the power now belongs to O’Brien.

  3. How could it be McKenzie, the Raiders have been horrible for over a decade. The GM who SHOULD be in trouble is Jerrah Jones, but job security.

  4. if spielman uses a first round pick to draft a better be franchise or else. He would be smart to use it on a DE or something. Ziggy will can him with another mental failure like a guy from division II that cant function on the field.

  5. And speaking of Gio, Cincinnati should send a fruit basket to the Raiders, to thank them again for the proceeds from the Carson Palmer trade.

    How’s Palmer doing for the Raiders these days? Oh yeah, he left for the Cardinals. Lol.

  6. I will write in my own candidate and say Ted Thompson of the GB Packers has the most pressure in this draft. Not to keep his job but hes close to the end of his career and if he wants to win another SB he better do it soon.

    After 5 straight playoff appearances and 4 one and done exits he needs to hit at least 1 home run in this draft to help get them over the hump. You see in GB the bar is set high and 1 SB is not good enough, especially with 2 HOF QBs playing for you almost the entire time as GM.

  7. If Spielman wants to be remembered as the idiot that reached to take an idiot QB, he should pass on one this year. If he wants to man up and be remembered as the genius that took Bortles, he has to pull the trigger. It’s that easy, Chris. You’re up!

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