If Bucs move to No. 2, it’s for Manziel


When mentioning earlier the chatter about the Buccaneers moving up to No. 2 via trade with the Rams, the specific reason for the five-spot climb wasn’t clear.

Do the Bucs want receiver Sammy Watkins or quarterback Johnny Manziel?

As we currently understand it, the Buccaneers would be making the move not for Watkins, but for Manziel.

It’s not known whether a deal is close or even doable.  Two years ago, the Rams got the sixth overall pick, two more first-round selections, and a second-round pick from Washington for the ability to select Robert Griffin III.

Whatever the Rams may want for the pick, their extensive scouting of Manziel will help them apply an appropriate value to the player, and in turn the slot.

It would be a fascinating move, if it happens.  And if it happens, here’s hoping the Bucs dump their hideous new uniforms and adopt Manziel’s Pro Day ensemble.

51 responses to “If Bucs move to No. 2, it’s for Manziel

  1. Did you really make an article about speculation? You think it would be for Manziel instead of Watkins or even Clowney/Mack?

  2. I don’t think this would be a smart move. They would have to give up a lot to get that spot and it is always a gamble when drafting qbs. With Glennon and McCown, the qb situation is far from dire…so it wouldn’t make sense to go all in on Manziel…

  3. What’s funny is that it won’t happen because the Rams got such a haul last time from the Redskins that they will ask for too much.

  4. Khalil Mack. Lovie’s looking to implement his scheme. Needs pass-rushers. He has faith in McCown for now.

  5. Manziel would look good in the new Buc uniforms, but don’t count the Silver and Blue out!

  6. I get that you guys have nothing else to talk about, but try to retain some credibility and stay above the fray on some of this draft garbage. There’s no way you can definitively say the Bucs will take Manziel if they trade up. So don’t say it.

  7. “As we currently understand it, the Buccaneers would be making the move not for Watkins, but for Manziel.”

    Be a man and put your name on it…..otherwise you’re just like every other Joe blowin smoke. Got a source? Or is this one if those “in-named sources” . My bet is that this is the Rams leaking this to get the Browns to move.

  8. .

    McCown, Glennon, and Manziel on the roster sounds like the type of QB controversy which ends in a train wreck.


  9. Wouldn’t mind seeing this trade for a few reasons. 1) The extra picks will help a lot .Plus there’s a chance Matthews could still be available. If not draft Evans.2) All the haters can shut up about Bradford being traded. The RAMS aren’t as far behind the rest of the west as most of you think. A good draft and good health, and the RAMS will be in the playoffs. Once in there is no reason the RAMS can’t win another SUPERBOWL.

  10. I find this hard to believe. The Bucs have a massive need a WR right now and just signed McCown for 2yr/$10M.

    As a Bucs/Manziel fan I can’t even get behind this.

  11. As dumb as the Bucs are, they’re not nearly dumb enough to offer any deal close to the team-killing deal the Redhawks gave away to the Rams.

  12. The Bucs just dumped Schiano, noway they draft another albatross to hang around their necks.

    Nobody will trade up to get Johnny Wildcat. He’s gonna be in that room a long time. I hope he has reservations for overnight. (at least)

  13. If they do and draft Bridgewater, I’m pulling a play out of Kareem’s, Al’s, Jesse’s book and will state blankly that Lovie Smith is a racist for bypassing Manziel.

  14. Please no, he’s not worth giving up our future. We already don’t have a lot of picks this year. Tampa don’t be dumb

  15. The Bucs new uniforms are brutal, Nike should be ashamed of themselves. The new helmet actually looks pretty cool but the uniforms are awful.

  16. Or we could stay at 7 and draft him anyway.

    If it’s not for Watkins, we should not trade up.

  17. If the Bucs trade up to #2 overall for a QB then that’s their chance to trade Glennon and their #7 overall pick since the Rams are heavily connected to adding another QB. If they trade up, I’d rather draft Sammy Watkins or Khalil Mack then draft a QB second round or wait until next year to trade up to draft Mariota.

  18. Do you think that a new staff would risk the franchise on drafting this kid? The trade up for RGKnee showed the blueprint for these kinds of deals. It got almost an entire coaching staff fired and riddled the team with holes for three years now.

    Trading up for a pocket-passer type QB is more sensible. The risk of injury is significantly lower than RGknee types (aka manziel).

    I am confident that Lovie wouldnt put his new job on the line with drafting such a debatable QB. That being said, trading up to 3 or 4 to get Watkins is much more reasonable, as WR is a glaring hole and hopefully, he wouldnt be digging the grave trading as many draft picks.

    As a Bucs fan, my loyalty to the team will seriously be in doubt if they draft ANY qb with our first pick. Our most glaring need is on Offense and its not that position.

  19. Well it should caost them at least what it cost the Skins. Johnny Football is head and shoulders above RG3 and out.

  20. That kind of leap to get a QB that high is a gutsy move… It will surely get many fired if Manziel can not live up to the hype…

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