Jags to unveil new video boards with a flourish

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The Jaguars could make a pretty big splash on Thursday night by selecting quarterback Johnny Manziel with the third overall pick.  Regardless of what they do in the draft, the Jags will be making a splash in July when pulling the sheet off their new video boards.

The Jaguars announced Monday that the EverBank Field video boards, measuring 60 feet high by 362 feet wide, will be unveiled on July 26 with the Fulham FC soccer club (formerly of the Barclays Premier League) facing the D.C. United in a so-called friendly.  Then, the video boards will debut, followed by a 75-minute concert from Carrie Underwood.

Jaguars season-ticket holders can attend the festivities for the low, low price of, well, nothing.  It’s one of the perks the Jags will provide to their season-ticket holders under the new Jags365 program.

“It’s really three major events in one evening in Jacksonville, and I know Jacksonville will respond and celebrate like no other city in the nation,” owner Shad Khan said. “We’re proud to offer this at no cost to our season ticket members as another way to show our appreciation for their support.”

Their support could increase significantly if/when the Jags select Manziel in two days. If he’s even there to be selected at No. 3.

If he is, and if they select him, chances are Manziel’s mug will be one of the first images displayed on the gigantic video boards.

19 responses to “Jags to unveil new video boards with a flourish

  1. What’s wrong with this picture.? Making a big deal over a board. Really. !!!!! That’s why your teams are at the bottom year in year out. Bring on The Tarps.

  2. I don’t get all this new tech stuff. Why put 60 ft screens everywhere… You make the stadium bare bones, and lower the prices so all can afford to attend and you’ll have happier fans… We don’t need all this fancy garbage. We’d be happy to sit on those terrible high school metal bleachers if it means ticket prices go down, then we will actually be able to afford attending the damn game!

  3. If I am the Jagaurs, I dont screw this up. If Manziel is there at 3, you scoop him up with no hesitation and give your fan base something to get excited about. No one is going to fault you if this goes wrong and you are back picking high again next year and the year after. This guy is such an incredible risk/reward he has to be chosen by your downtrodden franchise. Do the right thing David Caldwell and make Manziel a Jaguar….

  4. That’s back of the end zone – to back of the end zone, plus 1 foot beyond …

    Put in a kickin’ sound system, and you can have drive-in movies in the off season.

  5. Are they moving those giant video boards to London too? Maybe they can donate them to a local high school so Jags fans can sit on high school bleachers and watch their team play from across the pond.

  6. As a Jags fan from day one we’ve never drafted a high profile player other than Justin Blackmon and you see where he’s at. Suspended. I say take Johnny Jaguar Manziel. Draft a few WRs in later rounds and see what the kid can do in OC Jed Fisches system. Its built for a scrambling QB and he’s the best QB with that talent since Brett Favre imo. I would buy season tickets again to watch him QB this team. Jax has never had such a player EVER on this roster. Fred Taylor was a local fave. Johnny Manziel will make the Jaguars a name to remember. positively or negatively. Either way the kid can play football. Draft him DC. AND WE WILL COME BACK.

  7. *Sigh.* Let’s clear stuff up for the Jags-hating people who don’t know jack squat about the team or city they’re insulting.

    1. The tarps – They were put on the seats because the stadium was built insanely large for an NFL stadium. Without the tarps, it would be in the top 5 of NFL stadiums in terms of seating capacity, which just makes no sense. Even with them, it’s no slouch. Yeah, they don’t look great, but the city wanted to be able to put in all those college fans for the FL-GA game and stuff like that. Most of the tarps will be gone, if not all of them, with the construction to put in the boards, because at the same time they’re modifying the north end zone area of the stadium to remove a number of seats and replace them with an area with pools, couches, trees, just a really nice experience that will likely bring extra revenue to the stadium.

    2. On the topic of the video boards, the Jags are not the only team to make a big deal of large boards. The Cowboys did the same thing with theirs, claiming it was a key feature of their new stadium. It’s not a big deal because the Jags are a “low end team.” It’s a big deal because people love big video boards.

    3. The boards add value to seeing the games live. The Jaguars’ ticket prices are very reasonable. I have a pair of season tickets myself, in a nice section, and I’m not exactly rolling in dough. Even the top level provides a nice view of the field and is pretty good value. Lowering the prices won’t get more people to come out (and it’s not like we’ve had a blackout in years). But raising the value of the tickets will help sell more. I’m happy to see all the bonuses I’m getting with my tickets, above what I’d had before.

    4. The Jags-to-London talk is stupid. It’s not just unfunny. Even if any NFL team would move to London, it won’t be the Jags. Khan has put tens of millions of dollars of his own money into the stadium upgrades (a stadium that the city owns, mind you, not him), and has invested heavily in the city itself. He’s shown his commitment to the city. The new Jaguars uniforms were designed with a nod toward the city, even (this being a military town, the designed the shield on the jerseys to face the heart, as a nod to the military). There is no reason to move to London, even if the lease would allow it in the near future (and it won’t). The London games were to build up a larger fanbase for the team to sell more merchandise, which has been very successful, and has also allowed Khan and Jacksonville politicians and business owners to work with businesses in England to get more flowing through Jacksonville. Smart moves all-around.

    5. Finally, as much as I’d enjoy watching Manziel play (I see him as a Favre-like player), I would be excited to see the Jags draft someone like Watkins, Mack, Clowney, or even Mathews at the top of the draft, because it means the staff thinks they’re a better fit for the future success of the team. Last season’s draft provided a lot of good new players for the team, so I trust Caldwell (and he’s shown his ability in the past). If they don’t feel Manziel is worth 3rd overall, then forcing the pick would be stupid, and Khan won’t have them making a pick for short-term popularity over what would help the team (see the decision not to pursue Tim Tebow). He knows the team is already selling tickets well and would sell well consistently with a winning team, not a flashy celebrity who might not be the best player for the team.

    Yes, I’m passionate about my team. And about the game of football, and knowing what the heck you’re talking about, and being honest. I see a lot of insults to my team and my city based on inaccurate (at best) information.

  8. “Put in a kickin’ sound system, and you can have drive-in movies in the off season.”

    I think they did upgrade the sound system. Or it’s on “The List.” Can’t remember if it’s been done yet.

    BUT… They do show movies at the stadium sometimes, family movies for people to attend and all. I can’t imagine them ending that trend, especially with an even better set of screens to show the movies on.

  9. Never insult an NFL team. But the city is fair game. WORST SUPER BOWL EVER!!!!
    The city, frankly, sucks.

  10. The Rams from LA, the Cardinals from St Louis, the Oilers from Houston, the Colts from Baltimore, the Raiders to Oakland, the Browns to Baltimore, Jacksonville to…

    Florida needs 3 football teams like Jacksonville needs more dollar stores. Jaguars will be the 2nd London sports franchise Khan owns. History is against you my friends.

  11. Just to set things straight. I live in Jacksonville and I’m sick of people making excuses for the Jags. These same people will tell you how great Jacksonville and how great of a football city it is but then make excuses for the Jags not being able to sell out the stadium.

    Without the tarps, Everbank field in Jacksonville would be the 8th largest stadium in capacity. With the tarps it’s the 20th ranked stadium. Without the tarps it hold about 78,000. They had no problems selling out when the Jags were winning but as soon as they started losing (post-Coughlin) then all of a sudden there were all these excuses about why they couldn’t sell out.

    Lambeau Field holds almost 81,000 and you can’t hardly get a ticket to their games. And how big exactly is Green Bay? I looked it up. It’s 104,000. The Jacksonville metropolitan area is almost 1.4 million. So how is it that a city that dwarfs Green Bay not sellout? Stop making excuses for the Jags and their inability to sellout. If they weren’t so pathetic it wouldn’t be an issue. But still, it shows a lot about the fair-weather fans in Jacksonville that when they are losing nobody goes. You don’t have that problem in Green Bay or in Washington or many other cities.

    One other thing. At least now the team has a big screen for the fans so at least they can watch a big screen since they won’t see any big plays. If the NFL had relegation like soccer, the Jags would be playing in the Arena League 2 by now.

  12. Comparing jacksonville to to Green Bay isn’t fair. Jags have only been around since the 90’s, Green Bay 1919. Plus there isn’t another NFL football team in wisconsin(or Iowa to the southwest, Minnesota barely has one). Packers like other highly successful team have gained a national fan base(throughout almost 100yrs) that travel from far away to experiance a game at Lambeau . Might be called Green Bay Packers but they are wisconsins team( maybe Americas team, sorry cowboys)

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