Jones seems to slam the door on picking Manziel

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With the draft two days away and the Cowboys holding the 16th overall pick, speculation remains that owner/G.M. Jerry Jones will try to make a play for quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Not so, says Jones.

“I”m not that gunned up over what a rookie quarterback could do for us this year,” Jones said Tuesday, via Clarence Hill of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. “That takes time. This is not rebuilding time.”

So does that mean the Cowboys can rule out using a first-round pick on a quarterback?

“It does not qualify for the biggest need,” Jones said.  “I will go as far as to say it is not our primary goal in the first round to be looking at a quarterback.  We’ve got a good one.”

It’s hardly a categorical denial.  While drafting a quarterback may not be the “primary goal,” it technically could still be the secondary goal.

At this point in the process, it’s impossible to believe what anyone says so close to the draft.  If Jones doesn’t want a quarterback, he has no reason to say so.  In fact,it would make more sense to suggest he wants one, in the hopes a team drafting lower than No. 16 jumps the Cowboys to take a player the Cowboys wouldn’t taken.

Actually, the biggest reason for saying Jones doesn’t want a quarterback in the first round could be to conceal the fact that, in reality, he does.

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  1. Do it Jerrah, you know you want to…

    Blow up your next three drafts just to make a big splash and sell three bazillion #2 jerseys..

  2. BS…Romo is done. Won’t play again. Even if he does, he’s always been a joke.
    Orton is done with also, his overpaid ads won’t even come to camp.
    Jones could only pray that Johnny Football falls to the Cowboys. He’d rip a stitch on his face if he did , and sign him in a second.

  3. Rams will take Manziel at 2 because Bradford ain’t the answer. I hope the Bucks trade up to get him b/c Fisher is a defensive coach and will not let Manziel loose and will likely put him on the field way too early only to let him fail.

    The Texans are going to screw up their draft once again….. and that is because the owner thinks he knows football… much like ‘Jerrah’ but just not so flashy or open about it.

    Do us Texans fans a favor Mr. McNair… stay out of the draft room…. no phone calls…. no texts….. no handlers… no yes men.

  4. Jerry trades Romo and their first to Houston to go to #1, Romo immediately leads the Texans to the Super Bowl and the Manziel goes JaMarcus.

  5. Jerry Jones doesn’t think this group of gbs are good?

    Every front office in the NFL: Back to the drawing board boys. We have to reevaluate everything.

  6. Romo gets a lot of flack, but he is one of the better QBs in the league. There is no reason to go in a different direction. Dallas should address the defense. I am not sure exactly what they need on defense, but if Clinton-Dix is still available I think he could be a good pick.

  7. “This is not rebuilding time?” Then what the hell time is it Mr. 8-8 every year?

  8. Not his call to draft Johnny Football. Jones does not have enough to offer picks wise. And no one is interested in the dreck on the roster Jones might try and toss in. Jones would need currency and skills to pull off a trade to get a player out of his reach. He has neither

  9. Or…. He’s saying he doesn’t to make others believe he does, while in reality he doesn’t.
    Fiendishly clever….

    Wake me up Thursday.

  10. A college icon playing for the league’s most popular franchise? Oh Manziel is a target alright. Jerry likes the big splash and this will solve a problem finding the Future HOF Tony Romo’s successor. Im all for this kid staying in NFC Texas.

  11. This is a misdirection play Jerry called from his suite in “Jerry’s World.” The Cowboys now being billed as the “Greatest Show on Turf” will have everyone laughing with his comical haphazard attempt to run a football team.

  12. Jerry Jones is a man in denial ; that’s the bad news.
    The good news is , he really , truly believes his team has a chance to win a championship every single year. It’s hard to knock him for that , but very easy to question his methodology fir trying to get there.

  13. All these stories about Manziel make me long for the time that Tebow was a free agent and you went down the list of teams that were/were not interested in him.

  14. Believe him all the way up until Johnny Football falls to 16…

    Then we’ll see.

  15. Every GM understands it’s in their and their fellow GMs best interest to keep things close to the vest. This could just as easily be Jerry Jones misrepresenting a misrepresentation.

    So, to clear things up, Jerry may be interested in a first round QB. Or not. Or maybe.

  16. Shenanagins. Jerra saw the train wreck of QBs after Aikmsn retired. Jerra no doubt noticed the Packers took Rodgers even though The Texter still could play. If Manzel is there@16, Manzel becomes a Cowboy. Yee-ha.

  17. Jerry Jones obviously has no idea how to play this game as a GM. You can coddle Romo AFTER the draft. Enter it with anything seeming possible.

  18. All this pre-draft talk is a mystery wrapped in a riddle smothered in secret sauce. There are grains of truth, but they are only seen as such in hindsight.

    Dallas has a 34 year old QB coming off back surgery. There is plenty of reason to think that if the right QB was available they would take him. I think Manziel and Bortles with both be gone long before Dallas picks though.

  19. it doesn’t matter. the cowgirls are still goong to stink as long as jones has anything to do with the team. he got extremely lucky in the 90’s. should have riden into the sunset after super bowl 30

  20. The only time I can tell when Jerry is stretching the truth is when his lips are moving.

  21. I’m sure he would take Johnny football if he were there but he can’t and knows it. He has to go defense he knows this if he didn’t have such a horrible d he would certainly take him at 16

  22. Maybe thats why Jerrys team is .500 over the last several years.

    You shouldnt be going into the draft with any goal other than picking the BPA. Selecting based on need alone leads to bad teams, like the one Andy Reid left in 2012.

  23. NFL Draft-apedia…

    They don’t want him = They want him
    They want him = They want someone to move up and take him so that the guy they really want moves down

  24. Drafting bpa doesn’t always make you a good team and drafting need doesn’t make you a bad team. It’s a give and take if your guys aren’t there and the bpa rates higher than a need well you take bpa but if lets say Donald drops and so does Johnny football you don’t take the bpa which would be the qb. Either way you aren’t a gm and if you were so smart you would be one

  25. I hope he’s just bluffing. They’ve already wasted 8 years on Romo with nothing to show for it and have another 3-5 that are going to be wasted if they don’t make some kind of move.

    Romo will never win anything of consequence in the NFL, he just doesn’t have what it takes.

  26. So you’ve got a diva, bonehead, self-promoting WR in Bryant, let’s add a guy just like him at the QB position? Looks like a recipe for disaster.

  27. Cowboys can’t trade Romo. They would have a cap hit of $29M. At minimum he’s not going anywhere until 2015 ($9M hit) and probably not even then.

  28. It’s laughable reading all these comments about the Cowboys drafting terribly. It is obvious none of those posters have looked to the Cowboys drafts as of late……Last year was solid despite everyone bashing them for taking Travis Frederick. They identified a need, moved back in the draft and still got the guy they wanted – and who through one year has proved to be solid.

  29. So let me get this straight…when there was talk that Dallas wanted Manziel, everyone took it as straight, and NOBODY (especially Mr. Florio) considered it a smokescreen.

    Now Jones says he’s not looking QB…and you’re just going to assume that NOW it’s misdirection?

    I think Jones is playing you like a fiddle. You’re wishing with your heart instead of thinking with your head.

  30. The Cowboy’s GM is excellent at his job and deserves to be signed to a lifetime contract.


    The rest of the league

  31. I think Jerrah might indeed be thinking QB..

    Bottom line, if the Cowboys pick a QB in the first three rounds, it’s going to be a circus. “Quarterback Controversy”..

    And we all know Jerry’s motto. “any press is good press” so the circus of a QB controversy would be a press feeding frenzy.

  32. Rebuilding? Don’t you technically have to have been built, to be rebuilding?

    8-8 Jerry. Keep up the great work.

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