Kevin Colbert says Steelers won’t be trading up

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Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in March that he believed the general consensus around the league is that trading down in this year’s draft would be a wiser course of action that looking to trade up.

Now with the draft just days away, Colbert is doubling down on that thought when it comes to the Steelers.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Colbert said Pittsburgh will not be looking to trade up in the draft when it kicks off on Thursday night.

“We won’t be trading up because we can’t,” Colbert said. “We can still trade down and, with the depth of the draft, that’s a real possibility. Or, at least, it’s an option that’s available to us.”

Pittsburgh is lacking some ammunition if they did want to trade up. They don’t have a third round pick to trade after moving up in the draft last year.

However, with the relative depth of this draft class Colbert believes the Steelers will still get a highly-talented player with the 15th pick.

“The player that is going to be available to us at 15, in years past, you may have had to been picking at seven or maybe eight to get the same quality of a player,” Colbert said. “There are easily 15 players available that we will be very happy with if we are able to pick them”

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  1. The key question with the draft is when will the QBs be drafted?

    If there’s an early run (starting with Houston at #1) then a premier player could be available when the Steelers pick at 15.

    My top choice is Darqueeze Dennard but I think he’ll be gone.

    #2 is Mike Evans but I think he’ll be gone.

    But there are others who could fall – an OT, for example.

  2. Yeah no need to move up and make a bad choice. Just stay put and make their usual bad choice. He is the most overrated GM in the league. The steelers personnel department is pitiful. They have not been the same since Cowher left.

  3. Its amazing how good organizations, like the Steelers, make good decisions and can accurately assess the draft, and the inept franchises make bad decision after bad decision over and over, then wonder why they dont get any better.

  4. I wouldn’t be the least bit opposed to the Steelers trading down with a team like San Fran at #30 that is rumored to be looking to move up.

    Going by the trade value chart, that should yield San Fran’s 2nd (#56) and 3rd (#94) round picks, which would allow them to address two additional areas of need.

    Of course, it would involve them having to take a “lesser” talent in round one (maybe Verrett instead of Dennard?), but I think it would be worth it.

  5. It’s interesting how the pittsburgh steelers performance has declined and the quality of their drafts has dropped after pittsburgh steelers team doctor dr. richard rydze was investigated and indicted for illegal distribution of steroids and growth hormone.

  6. Steelers rarely move up or down in first round but history is good. They moved up to get Troy and Santonio (SB 43 MVP) and down to get Pro Bowler Casey Hampton. So I’d take that as a lucky sign if they do. Could be one of those top 4 QBs will still be there at 15. And someone below may be trigger happy.

  7. Regardless of what they have to trade, I doubt they’d trade up anyways, not with the depth this draft has and the needs the Steelers have. The odds are about 50-50 they’ll trade down though, the more picks the better. Nothing wrong with getting an extra pick or two for next year either. The teams likely to trade up are teams with more draft picks than they have needs, and those teams are few in number.

  8. I can see two potential trade partners in PHI or CAR both trying to jump ahead of BAL for a WR. Unless PIT wants the WR for themselves at 15. Best bet is PIT takes Dennard if he’s still here at 15.

  9. The Steelers are finally realizing that age and years of poor drafting are catching up to them.

    I’d be fine with them trading this years 1st rd pick for a 1st and a 3rd next year.

  10. My realistic hope is that Ebron is still available and they grab him. He stands out above all other TE’s more than any other player does at their position in this year’s draft. There is more depth at other positions the Stillers need. Heath isn’t getting any younger and we have all witnessed how important the TE has become in the passing game the last few years.

  11. If the top 2 corners are gone, trade down for depth. We don’t need impact players on offense to compete this year, and rooks don’t play in LeBeua’s D. We’ll be hurting next year if we don’t develop a stud corner this year. Plan for that 3-yr window Ben has left, O’s good with young O-line, Bell and Brown.

  12. The way Colbert talks, you’d think that the team is coming off of a 12-4 season. Wait a minute, Kevvie baby, you’ve been 8-8 for the past two years and one look at Heinz Field in November and December last year revealed many, many empty seats. The Steelers had a surprisingly nice free agent period this year but they really need some studs to come in and quickly play vital roles, not chest-beating about positioning.

  13. Its 2014, the steelers always hit big when the ending is 4. Last time it was Big Ben in 2004 who brought the steelers 2 superbowl wins. Lets not even talk about the 1974 draft. A couple of future champions are on the way.

  14. Bungles, 20+ years and going strong. It’s May, 2 months from training camp. And 2 months from the beginning of taking our division.

    The pain and yelping from you haters will be nectar to my ears.

  15. Who isn’t looking forward to another summer of stone cold lock predictions from jtbsteeler that once again fizzle into 8-8?

    Who isn’t looking forward to the PaperChamp Raven fans declaring they are a Super Bowl bound. Like death and taxes it will come….yawn

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