Late draft changing the way Marvin Lewis schedules camps


Other than the people who make the money (and thus, the decisions), it’s hard to find people who like the idea of pushing the NFL Draft back two weeks.

But Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he’s changing his schedule because he’s afraid of hurting the guys he picks this week.

“It takes away an opportunity for the rookies because now once they can actually come here for our offseason program they begin after the draft this week,” Lewis said, via Paul Dehner Jr. of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “As far as teaching goes it’s a great progression to have an opportunity for them to come and spend time at a rookie camp, have an opportunity to go home for a bit and absorb what they got exposed to and then come back with the other players and to have the second time around. To me that’s a much better teaching progression so then they get it again a third time when we go to training camp so they can get things locked down.

“We are kind of skipping a step of that now because there is no reason to bring those guys in next week and then overwork them the next weekend because they are going to be the first guys that have all the soft tissue injuries. So we are going to skip that step in the process here.”

Lewis said in lieu of bringing the rookies in immediately, he wanted to take more time to get them with position coaches, to ease their transition to the NFL game.

As much as anything, coaches are creatures of habit. So whenever someone messes with their routine, they’re going to react with hesitance.

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  1. I have been wondering if the late draft will affect early offseason work for the rookies. In the NFL you need to be all about football all year long to be a big name success. To hit the ground running these rookies don’t need to be held out 2 extra weeks just because the league stands to (presumably) make more money by moving the draft into May.

  2. The late draft is changing his ways? Surprised the 3 consecutive fizzle-outs didn’t do it.

  3. My Precioussss also brought in a 2nd secondary coach in Vance Joseph so they might even draft 3-4 rookies at that position to help with the details … but with the overall quality depth of their roster their work with the special teams coach will be where most of the 2014 Bengal rookies will have the most opportunity to be making their initial marks in the NFL this season … this might even work out to the Bengals’ advantage over teams that are actually relying on certain draft picks to more contribute more immediately

  4. Based on their drafts. Every team in the league might wanna copy their draft boards since all the bengals do is find all pros

  5. … & AJ Green (#4 in 2o11) were the last times they even picked top 5 in the draft

    Andre Smith #6 in 2oo9 & Keith Rivers #9 in 2oo8 have been the only top 10 selections since Palmer, otherwise:

    #17 in 2oo5
    #18 in 2oo7
    #21 in 2o1o
    #21 in 2o13
    #24 in 2oo6
    #26 in 2oo4
    #27 in 2o12 (used #17 from Oakland for Palmer)

    … & 24th again this coming draft so it’s not like they’re stocking up on ‘can’t misses’ from the very top of the draft order either

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