Les Snead: No. 2 pick is a “high-class problem”

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There are plenty of years where the team with the second pick in the draft knows what they have to work with well ahead of the start of the first round.

This is not one of those years. The Texans have not revealed who they will select with the first overall pick or if they will even be making the first overall pick, which will keep the Rams on their toes until the card with the top pick is handed to Roger Goodell on Thursday night. General Manager Les Snead said on NFL Network Tuesday that the Texans’ choice would impact the Rams’ decision with the second pick, although he doesn’t sound like he minds being in that situation.

“At two this year, it’s a nice place to be,” Snead said. “It’s a high-class problem.”

Conflicting reports of interest in Johnny Manziel and commitment to Sam Bradford suggest the Rams are enjoying their spot in the draft order and the options that it gives them once the first pick does come off the board. Whatever they wind up doing, Snead needs to put a winner on the field in 2014 or his seat won’t be the nicest place to be come 2015.

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  1. The Rams have been floating rumors about interest in Manziel and trading Bradford in an attempt to get Cleveland to trade up to 2 so they can get Manziel. It probably won’t work, but it’s worth a try.

  2. Not sure how floating this rumor gets Cleveland to trade with you, if they want Manziel as well. This sort of information would lead to jumping in front of the other team with interest. Thus this smokescreen possible helps Houston get a trade partner. Only helps the Rams if they believe Houston is going to take a player they want, so they try to push another team to jump in that spot (seems a little extreme in this spot of the draft, though?)

  3. No one will ever give the Rams what Washington gave them for RGIII. That’s what they want. But no one else is as dumb as Washington.

  4. .

    The Rams doomsday scenario : They end up with the best offensive tackle in the draft.


  5. With the amount of draft picks and high draft picks at that the Rams have had over the last five years they should be a Super Bowl contender by now, I mean they brought in the great Jeff Fisher. #wayoverrated

  6. Everyone knows the Texans will take Clowney, right? Says so right here for the past two months.

  7. Les Snead has done a nice job drafting & building a good roster. I think Fisher has been ok as well. The problem is Sam Bradford has not done a good job quarterbacking. Just goes to show, in this league you cannot win consistently without a real franchise QB.

  8. If the Rams are willing to eat a good portion of Sam Bradford’s contract and cut him, becuase nobodies going to take on that contract for injury prone quarterback just to draft Johnny Manziel, more power too them….just seems a steep price for a player going to be boom or bust…. The Browns will give you nothing for that pick…We will take Manziel if he’s there , and if he’s not , we take either Sammy Watkins, Robinson, or Matthews and we will be very grateful to add one of those building block type of players to our young nucleus… Every year can’t be like last years draft Jeff Fisher… sorry

  9. good god enough with the Redskins bashing already..we know the Rams got a sweet-hart deal alright..damn!!!!!RAMS worry about there team and SKINS worry about there’s…

  10. The moment I knew Jeff Fisher wasn’t over-rated: When I attending a game in Jacksonville and heard the stadium full of Jaguars fans chanting his name. Literally:

    “Fisher sucks!” “Fisher sucks!” “Fisher sucks!”

    I mean, that chant had that place rockin. They were into it. To their credit–and Fishers’. Think about it, could a mediocre head coach like Jason Garrett, Joe Philbin or Dennis Allen elicit such an emotional response from rival fans?

  11. Les Snead has got to be at worst second in the GM haircut rankings. Possibly Dimitrov ahead of him but thats probably all

  12. I still have no idea why absolutely no one is projecting Manziel to be taken by the Jaguars. There isn’t one team out there who needs a QB more than they do and if I remember correctly they seem to have an issue with ticket sales. If anything, aren’t the Rams trying to scare the Jags here? Say what you will about Johnny Football, boom or bust, the Jaguars would be out of their minds to pass on him if he’s available at three, if nothing else he’ll sell a ton of tickets.

  13. All you Bradford nay sayers will look like FOOLS next year….mark my words you remote, Directv, CBS Sports, Fox Sports remote control quaterbacks….geesh

  14. I agree with @floriosbigtoe. This is a ploy to get the Jags to jump up. Hey, worst case scenario for the Rams they get the best WR or Tackle in the Draft. Not a bad way to go. That Redskins fleecing was awesome!

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