Marqise Lee hopes to land with the Jets


On the offensive side of the ball, there’s no more intriguing prospect this year that USC receiver Marqise Lee.  (Other than, you know, Johnny Manziel.)

The 2012 Biletnikoff Award winner, Lee’s production slipped dramatically in 2013.  So which guy will show up at the next level?

The receiver-needy Jets could be eyeballing Lee at No. 18.  He hopes they are.

They’re a great organization,” Lee told Brian Costello of the New York Post.  “They made me feel at home and made it feel like a place you want to play.”

Lee continues to attribute last year’s subpar play to injury.

“Unfortunately I had [a knee] injury that I couldn’t control,” Lee said. “That caused me to miss [three] games and didn’t let me perform to my potential.  That’s really about it.  I’m 100 percent now and I’m back to where I am.  Nothing has changed. I’m going to come out and do what I’m supposed to.”

While some believe Lee will slide out of round one, others think he’ll go in the 18-to-26 range.  At No. 18 are the Jets, and while the pick would be gutsy, the upside would provide more of exactly what the Jets need on offense.

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  1. As a Jets fan I think this is Marqise Lee saying ‘I hope I get taken as high as #18.” If the Jets trade out of the first round or down to 26-32 range I don’t think Lee would be as happy to be with the Jets.

  2. Saw a couple of his games. The guy can flat out play. But we need a corner with that pick. Wouldn’t be surprised if we traded up to get him if he is still available in the early second round, though.

  3. Marquise Lee is a beast. If you followed USC the last 2 years, he was their consistent star. Last year he played limping and his toughness was pretty impressive. Go back 1 year and you will see why some were talking him as a Heisman candidate and a surefire top 5 pick. He will probably last till 18 with Watkins and Mike Evans but I would still consider that a steal.

  4. When watching all these guys on all these draft shows something about Marquise Lee rubbed me the wrong way. He kind of came off as a showboating clown. Perfect fit for the Jets I guess though.

  5. Seems like he’s already pretty proud of himself, teaming him up with the most self-promoting guy in the league (MeSean) might not be the best idea.

  6. No where in that quote was the word “hope” used or anything resembling “hope.” This website trusts that the readers only read the headlines

  7. “I’d love to play for the {fill-in-the-blank} organization. It’s a wonderful city and they made me feel very much at home.”

  8. I just watched last years Cleveland game
    Milliner had an INT. and also a PD
    But was also picked on as his man caught
    passes he also in pass coverage ran with his back
    to the QB and just raised his arms
    Pass was not caught but that used to be pass
    Interference. Was not called—–Next play
    was same thing. Same route Poor coverage

    I also want us to pick a WR but wouldn’t be
    surprised if we wentWR or corner or if
    Idzix trades for a corner—-definaly a need

  9. Somebody needs to tell him about K.Jonhson how did that work out.????? ny where great talent goes to Die before even getting started.

  10. He would immediately be their #1 wr that’s one of very few teams who are drafting in the mid to late part of the draft who has the position open .

  11. Since we’re talking Jets here, yes I can see them taking the rich man’s Stephen Hill when they need at least one CB and Rexy will whine like heck if they don’t get one….sorry, I just do not trust USC WRs…as if Robert Woods is that great either. I’ll be really surprised if they go offense in round 1. Except for Sanchez (who really was offensive!), the Jets have gotten:

    2010: Kyle Wilson CB
    2011: Muhammed Wilkerson DL
    2012: Quinton Coples LB
    2013: Dee Milliner CB
    2013: Sheldon Richardson DL

    Since they need a CB I expect them to get one in round 1 and a WR in round 2 or 3 I mean after all they have 12 picks.

  12. He would be a solid player and woul d be a steal in the 26-32 range. Only the knee injury has caused his stock to fall.

  13. Rarely do I agree with the consensus of Jets Fans, but he is a reach at 18 and a very distant in talent from the Top 2 WR. In fact, Brandin Cooks would be a better fit. The Jets have lots of picks and can take a CB here and still get equal talent WR in 2nd. Besides if Ebron, Dennard, Gilbert are there, they pick them. Personally, I think they go Beckham anyway and Marquise is tooting his own horn.

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