Nobody’s calling the Redskins about Kirk Cousins


Well, so much for Mike Shanahan’s plan to provide the Redskins with some lovely parting gifts.

Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen told reporters today that he’s had “no discussions” with other teams about a potential trade for Kirk Cousins.

It’s not that they’re unwilling to talk, it’s apparently that no one is listening.

Boosting Cousins’ trade value was one of the phony-baloney reasons cited by Shanahan for last year’s spite-benching of Robert Griffin III.

It didn’t particularly look like it helped at the time, as he lost all three starts, with a 58.4 rating, four touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Then again, little about the Cousins era in Washington seems to have gone as planned, as the draft-to-flip strategy when they already had Griffin didn’t exactly work.

50 responses to “Nobody’s calling the Redskins about Kirk Cousins

  1. Nobody is going to be foolish to trade for him. It’s more fun for teams to watch Washington suffer with having an uncomfortable situation where one QB isn’t allowed to compete. Why deal for him and help them out of that jam? It’s much more interesting to see if they can implode on themselves first.

  2. It wasn’t a “draft-to-flip” strategy…..

    We needed a competent QB to back up Griffin. Rex was not a good QB in Washington. Nobody in the Redskins organization ever said they were trying to trade him. That was a media idea.

  3. This surprises me a lot as I thought the Minnesota Vikings would at least inquire about him. Kirk Cousins will prove to be quite an outstanding quarterback before his time is through. He’s smart, he’s not running his mouth and complaining about his lack of opportunities to catch on with another team, but when he finally does-look out!

  4. Cousins was exposed the way he played at the end of last season. It’s defferent when a team has tape on you and prepare all week to kick your behind.

  5. !they’re trying to trade the wrong quarterback. I’d get rid of that locker room cancer to some team who’d give up two first round picks and ride with kirk for the season. If he doesn’t work draft a new one

  6. Overpriced for unproven commodity when there are probably 15 QB’s of equal talent for free in the draft. (Not really free but you get my point)

  7. I’m pretty sure that Glennon would have a lower price than Cousins in a trade. And I think Glennon could actually develop into a middle of the road starter, where I don’t feel the same way about Cousins. So if any QB is going to be moved this week, it looks as if Glennon will be the guy.

  8. He lost all three starts, with a 58.4 rating, four touchdowns and seven interceptions. How is this evidence that he is any good?

  9. Cousins isn’t a starter on any team. He’s a great kid ! But he is a back-up. Some crazy Redskins fans are always obsessed with the back ups !!!! Remember Colt Brennan ?? Beck ?? HTTR

  10. Wait till there is a run on these average QBs in the draft and when the music stops, some smart team will pass on them and call the Skins d deal. The Skins will end up with a return on this investment, and that team will end up with a qb that’s at least as good as this draft crop. HTTREDSKINS

  11. This is why you strike when the iron is hot. Years ago a team had a backup QB that was in demand, I can’t remember if it was Washington or another team but the team had a backup QB in high demand but they held onto him even though they had offers with 1st rd picks and more.
    I think this QB either was cut 2-3 years later or hit free agency with no fanfare.

  12. Phil Emery had a very interesting take on backup/developmental QBs. He went back to the 2006 draft class, and he basically showed that it is very rare for a QB drafted after round 3 t become a successful starter in any class since. Foles is one of the only exceptions. Russell Wilson is still a 3rd rounder, but a fringe exception. Most of the starters in the league are top picks.
    The old days of drafting whoever the backup is from Green Bay are pretty well done. You have to draft and develop your own, or get lucky when one hits free agency.

  13. Feel kinda bad for Colt Mccoy if the Skins keep Cousins. He’ll be #3 behind RG3 and Cousins. Never really got his shot in Cleveland.

  14. What??! No one is interested in a QB with a 58.4 rating? What a surprise.
    I am pretty sure that every QB that gets drafted and starts this year will do better.

  15. I see nothing wrong with keeping him as the backup. Maybe he’s starter material, maybe he isn’t, but it’s pretty important to have a competent backup QB if you’re on a team where its success relies heavily on its starter to mask deficiencies elsewhere.

  16. Kirk can be a starter. The fact he didn’t put up big stats last year. Oh well. Put him behind say the Eagles line and I think he can perform up to Foles level.

  17. They threw him out at the end of a lost season, behind a OL that resembled a Golden Girls episode. Tom Brady riding on Peyton Manning’s shoulders would have struggled to go 2-1 in those games.

  18. Yet another example of the media making up a story so they can report on it. ESPN is the king when it comes to this. Not one person in the entire Redskins organization ever brought the idea up.

  19. Why would you even consider trading Cousins? It’s not like there are any better options in the draft, and it’s really only a matter of weeks before RG3 is injured or just stinks it up and they’ll need to start the backup again.

    It’s almost like the Redslurs are TRYING to suck. They remind me of the Seattle Mariners.

  20. Y let Cousins go? In today’s NFL u need a solid backup qb, especially with RG111 health problems. His call to play could b the next snap from center. Besides, he’s a proven winner. I hope RG111 stays healthy so he can rip the Swiss cheese defense that r called the giants. That’s at least two wins in the bank. Lol

  21. I’m hoping the giants dish out nassib. I’m sure there’s still interest in him in the league… Unless they will trade into the top ten with a qb needy team unsure about this years crop of qbs by throwing in nassib???

  22. Not sure it was just Cousins. In his rookie season when the team was fighting for a division title he performed better. Last season when it was obvious the season was lost and the coach was a lame duck he did not perform as well. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the entire team going through the motions and trying to get through the season without ending on IR.

  23. Colt McCoy is not NFL QB material period. Must be from Texas or a UT fan. He’ll collect an NFL pension for being average at best.

  24. Favre, Hasselbeck, Shaub, and Warner beg to differ.

    That’s just recent guys off the top of my head.

  25. Cousins hasn’t played much why trade for him? Wash. could have given him the 1st 6-8 games while Griffin totally healed. QB wasn’t their problem, their defense is horrible.

  26. So what. He’s a still young, and is a decent backup. Last season was bad for a lot of Skins.

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