Peyton Manning: Still not at pre-surgery arm strength


Peyton Manning looked pretty strong last year, leading the Broncos to a record-setting offense and a Super Bowl berth.

But he told David Letterman last night that he’s still not back to his pre-neck surgery arm strength. His 2011 spinal fusion surgery cost him a season, and while there were times in 2012 he might have shown weakness, it was hard to detect last year.

I’m not at a 100 percent compared to what I was before my surgery,” Manning said, via Jeff Legwold of “But I have made strides each season and this year felt a lot better than I did the year before. These nerves just go at their own pace.”

Manning said he’s had to accept the fact that the nerve regeneration he needs is impossible to predict.

“I used to sit in the mirror and just sort of go through my throwing motion trying to get the feel back the way I’d always thrown before,” Manning said. ” … Maybe I can’t throw the 100 mile-an-hour fastball any more, but I can still strike you out, picking my spots, working the plate.

“I don’t make the same kind of throws I used to make, I try to use the cerebral part, use my experience.”

He’s done that pretty well the last two seasons, leading the Broncos to a pair of 13-3 records. And with a new class of quarterbacks coming in this week, the lesson that the brain development is more important than a cannon arm is one a few of them could use.

15 responses to “Peyton Manning: Still not at pre-surgery arm strength

  1. He may never be back at that strength. Not his fault tho… I think 4 neck surgeries and the fact that hes 37 years old might have something to do with it.

  2. Maybe its not so much the surgery as it is that he’s getting kind of, you know, old. He was always more Greg Maddox than Nolan Ryan anyways.

  3. As brilliant as Manning is, it’s still hard to believe Denver will run the league with 5 yard crossing routes again. Especially after Seattle exposed them. Eventually you have to throw it down the field.

  4. In my opinion, he is one of the classiest ambassadors the NFL has ever had. A lot of the incoming and current younger players could learn from him and the way he plays and looks at the game.

  5. I’d guess that he’s got a solid 2 more years of regular season stat-padding and playoff choking with the weak arm left. Good old ‘Five -Yard Chuck’!

  6. He needed to tell us this? Any objective analysis shows he can’t throw the ball 25 yards with zip on it…Seattle saw this and played press coverage all of the Super Bowl…as will every team Denver plays this year…he throws 3-10 yard passes…it’s all he has left

  7. How many of Manning’s TDs were off a bubble screen to D. Thomas who then took it to the house?
    or a short cross?

    Manning should give half his salary to his receivers but as usual they will have to give half their salaries to him.

  8. Peyton has never had a cannon anyway, which probably has helped. Jus goes to show you don’t need a rocket arm to be the best.

  9. Never mind the surgeries, time waits for no one and age is his biggest problem.

  10. The old saying is that discretion is the better part of valor. I’ll take experience over raw talent any day. You can’t teach experience. You may have the talent and strength to throw a football through a brick wall at 40 yards, but there’s much more to the game.

  11. So much hate for Peyton… Must be doing something right.. He’s gonna be a nightmare for all AFC West teams for the next 2 years.. 12-1 against them do far as a Bronco.. Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders.. We own you.. Sorry.. Stop crying about it.. Losers

  12. Peyton Manning, like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, has shown that knowing the playbook and knowing what defenses are doing trumps a rocket arm anytime.

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