Ravens could be looking for another backup QB

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Bears General Manager Phil Emery isn’t a believer in drafting late-round quarterbacks to develop.

But the economic realities of having a $100 million quarterback are forcing the Ravens into planning on one for themselves.

With Joe Flacco established and backup Tyrod Taylor entering the final year of his rookie contract, the Ravens are looking for a passer at some stage in the NFL Draft.

“If the opportunity presents itself that Tyrod gets a chance to play because of an injury, then it would behard to retain him because this is a quarterback-driven league and other teams would be attracted to him,” Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “For those reasons, we also need to be looking at bringing in another quarterback so we can have someone that is capable of going into the game as we move forward in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, in case we can’t keep Tyrod, that we have someone who can go and win games for us if Joe gets hurt.”

The Ravens have brought in a number of quarterbacks for visits, including Eastern Illinois’ Jimmy Garoppolo, Virginia Tech’s Logan Thomas, Alabama’s A.J. McCarron and Ball State’s Keith Wenning. Those four represent a wide range of draft status, but suffice it to say the Ravens have enough needs they can’t burn a first- or second-rounder on a backup.

Given that, they’ll be looking for someone with a specific set of qualities, which includes a willingness to hold a clipboard for the foreseeable future.

35 responses to “Ravens could be looking for another backup QB

  1. “Given that, they’ll be looking for someone with a specific set of qualities”

    1. throws with a high trajectory
    2. immobile
    3. concedes when faced with 4th & 26
    4. good at speeches on finances

  2. Superbowl MVP, Superbowl winner , Regular Season WINNER and Playoff Winner. Take your stats and go play madden!

    He will be back on top again this year!

  3. It makes me laugh when I see fans from other teams on here downing Flacco and yet if he became available they would jump on it faster than anything. Flacco may not be a Manning, Rodgers or Brees but he is still better than 75% of the other Q’backs in the league. You can throw all his bad stats up there all you want but you are forgetting the main thing……. SUPER BOWL WINNING Q’back and MVP. That speaks volumes over most other q’backs in the league.

  4. Funny how certain folks seem to think Flacco only ever played in the NFL in 2013. Like his previous 5 years (including his SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP) somehow don’t count at all.

  5. You know what misery loves?


    And heck if you’re a Bengals fan (like Mr. Rustbelt) or a vikings or R-word fan or truly a fan of most losing franchises then you’d want a lot of company after watching Joe in the playoffs five out of six years in the league with 3 AFC championship appearances, a Super Bowl MVP and becoming the all time winningest QB in road playoff games.

    So have fun watching the Bengals win the Superbowl in madden. I’ll prefer my qb doing it in reality.

  6. The Ravens’ problems start and end at QB:

    * Pay too much to a QB because the great and powerful Wizard of Ozzie screwed up

    * Can’t pay other players because your just-above-average-Joe is way overpaid

    * Need to bring in a new back-up to replace the back-up that can’t back up your overpaid QB

    At some point in time Flacco fans will come to realize that he’s an overpaid QB who isn’t a leader and isn’t able to win games by putting the team on his back.

    Yeah, but he’s “almost” a franchise QB.

  7. First rookie quarterback to start all sixteen games and make the playoffs.

    First rookie quarterback to win two playoff games
    Most starts by a quarterback in first season: 19
    Most starts by a quarterback in first two seasons: 37
    Most starts by a quarterback in first three seasons: 55
    Most starts by a quarterback in first four seasons: 73
    Most starts by a quarterback in first five seasons: 93
    Most wins by a quarterback in first 80 consecutive starts: 54
    Most combined regular and postseason wins in first three years as a quarterback: 36 (tied with Dan Marino)
    Only quarterback to start and win a playoff game in each of his first five seasons
    Most road playoff wins by a quarterback: 6
    Most touchdowns in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana and Kurt Warner)
    Most touchdowns without an interception in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana)
    First quarterback to have a passer rating over 100 in all four games of a single postseason.
    Most consecutive playoff games with three passing touchdowns: 3 (tied with Bernie Kosar, Kurt Warner, and Aaron Rodgers)

  8. I think Bryn Renner could be a decent pick/backup QB. He’s projected to be a late rd pick to undrafted. Renner was supposed to be a mid round pick before he got injured his senior year.

  9. *Pay too much to a QB because Ozzie screwed up* – Joe Flacco made $6.8 million in 2013. He will make $14.8 million in 2014. He will make $14.55 million in 2015. His cap number doesn’t jump to $29 million until 2016, at which time the cap number is expected to be around $160 million for each team. You either don’t know how NFL contracts work, or you don’t know what the cap will be in the future.

    *Can’t pay other players* – Like who? Paul Kruger? Dannell Ellerbe? Ed Reed? Michael Oher? Bernard Pollard? If you honestly think the Ravens should have kept any of those guys for what they were paid elsewhere I have some awesome beachfront property in Kansas you would be love.

    *Need a new back-up QB* – Tyrod has made a grand total of 35 pass attempts in his 3 years in the league thus far. Joe Flacco has never missed a start to date in his career. The Ravens know Tyrod isn’t anything more than a wildcat QB, so he wouldn’t get much of any playing time on any other team in the league either. Bringing in a new back-up who can do more than the wildcat is a good idea. Every single team in the NFL needs to be prepared for the worst possible scenario if their starting QB goes down with injury.

    Thanks for playing though. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

  10. Do ya think? Tyrod Taylor is the 65th best QB in the league. That means that a few teams have 3 better QBs than him. Look for Ozzie to grab A J McCarron somewhere around the 5th round. He just loves those Tide players. If McCarron is gone, maybe Logan Thomas in the very late rounds or as undrafted. He will have plenty of time to learn, he’ll be cheap, and if he doesn’t work out at QB, he could be a TE. Ozzie likes Hokeys too.

  11. Ravens have openly said they need to upgrade at backup. Feel bad for Tyrod but its the truth and its a business. Ozzie picked words that are being kind to Tyrod instead of saying “we have no confidence in him if Flacco goes down so we don’t want to sign him to a new contract next year”.

  12. Ozzie is too smart to be looking for a backup QB. The smart GNs look for a QB. If he’s not good enough to compete for THE job, why do you want him.

    Given the time on the field, Taylor is more than serviceable. He doesn’t play much, but shows his worth in extended play in the preseason. Yeah, preseason, because a pinch hitter during regular season with a series here and a series there, cannot be measured against a QB who gets consecutive series to show his worth.

    Look it up and I’ll bet Taylor’s numbers are as good as any backup in the league, per number of snaps.

  13. It always makes me laugh that Ravens fans will come to the defense of the mannequin they have at QB. The guy had one great playoff run and parlayed it into $20 million a year. Elite? Not even top 15.
    The incredible upside to Flacco has always been a decent running game and some talented receivers. Now that all of this is in the toilet, just what will the “genius” Ozzie do?
    6-10 looking mighty good this year.

  14. as I keep saying, flacco has a bad year and the Ravens go 8 and 8. Ben has a great year and the Steelers go 8 and 8. I think Steelers fans need to worry more about their own house. ravens are a year removed from a super bowl. Steelers can’t win a playoff game. Steelers constantly pick ahead of the Ravens and still can’t win more games. and Bengal fans…please. win something and then spout off. although I could see Dalton backing up Joe

  15. “It always makes me laugh that Ravens fans will come to the defense of the mannequin they have at QB. The guy had one great playoff run and parlayed it into $20 million a year.”

    So did Brees. And Rodgers. And Peyton. And Romo–oops, he got $20M without the great playoff run. And Stafford–no, no playoff run there either.

    Oh, I know, those other QBs all got you to the wildcard round of your fantasy league at some point, so they must be better players. Fake football is obviously more indicative of abiliity than actually playing and winning games after the holidays.

  16. Me thinks you Raven trolls protest too much. JumpBallJoe is all you got so of course he is the best since sliced bread etc, but relax no one else agrees with, but in fact most are very happy he is your QB. One good year out of five with a great defense propping him up is fantastic for the Baltimorons…but…..yawn….please he sucks.

  17. scoobs, 2 things – 1. you’re giveing too much credit, Dalton would be 3rd string or practice squad; and 2. I wouldn’t exactly say Ben had a great year, he did lead his team to 0-4 & 2-6 start. 2nd half of season lights out though, hence the 6-2. Good day brother.

  18. Lotta Ugly from AFC North unless ur from Charm City. Put up or shut up. Super Bowl hangover happens. Get to… and win the big one, and ur working with something.

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