Ravens likely blowing smoke on Ebron


As the draft approaches, plenty of rumors will be surface.  And plenty of those rumors will be smokescreens deliberately created by teams with an agenda.

Case in point, the report from Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net that the Ravens covet tight end Eric Ebron at No. 17 feels like an effort to ensure that Ebron, a player the Ravens don’t need, will be gone before the Ravens pick, pushing someone the Ravens actually want farther down the board.

With tight end Dennis Pitta returning on a big-money deal, tight end Owen Daniels joining the team, and the Ravens adding receiver Steve Smith and re-signing receiver Jacoby Jones, it makes no sense to ignore one of the various other needs — like right tackle — at No. 17.

If the Ravens truly want Ebron, the Ravens are never going to let that cat out of the bag.  The far more likely explanation is that the Ravens want others to think they want Ebron, in order to help them get the guy they really want.

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  1. Or… they really do want him, so they say that they want him, in order to throw everyone in a loop.

    Feel like the Princess Bride guy, with the poison cup crap.

  2. Actually, they really could use another TE. Dennis Pitta is one year removed from a nasty injury and Owen Daniel’s best years are behind him and he’s on a one year contract. That said, if one of the good OTs or SSs are there at 17, I think they could go that way.

  3. I don’t think any NFL staff is paying attention to the media-created noise. And the media seems to have no interest in validating anything these guys are reportedly saying.

  4. Shouldn’t they be looking for a good attorney for their over rated rb who likes to punch girls, but it’s all good, he married her and wears lame glasses

  5. Unless they wanted this exact thing to happen so that teams think that they’re blowing smoke to force someone’s hand on Ebron, trusting that the teams in front of them wouldn’t take the bait thereby ensuring that Ebron falls to them.

    It’s all a big game of where’s the Iocane powder.

  6. Sure glad we don’t have to draft a QB. Flacco gonna roll this year with all the weapons around him. Look out AFC

  7. NFL teams could really care less about smokescreens for the draft. Do you think they spend millions of dollars and resources on evaluating players and then launch agenda’s to get a player to rise or fall? The only people who profit from these stories are agents and the media.

  8. Ebron will be gone before their pick anyway, so why not try to blow smoke about a player that may not go before they pick? TE isn’t their biggest “need” but hell, if they think he’s the best player available when they pick then maybe they would take him. Lots of teams going with 2 TE sets now.

  9. If indeed it originated with the Ravens (which is still suspect itself), its all part of disinformation to get Martin, Dix, or Pryor to be available at 17.

  10. Ravens have been among the best drafting teams specifically because they stick to their board and go with BAA regardless of need. They didn’t need Todd Heap when they used a first rounder on him with Shannon Sharpe already on the roster, but that worked out pretty well.

  11. I remember when they pulled the ultimate smoke screen on draft day by not choosing anyone for their pick. Ingenious.

  12. Based on Ayanbadejo’s SB stories, if the Ravens are blowing smoke on Ebron then he is high as a kite right now.

  13. Ebron can’t block nor does he attempt to block. He also has a habit of dropping the ball. The Ravens want a tackle or a safety period, especially a tackle like Martin.

  14. Who reported on the Ravens interest in Ebron and who are his sources? If a GM passes gas during the two weeks before the draft some reporter, hoping the first to report some big news item, has his team now linked to some guy named phbbbbbpppptptwttt in the draft. I’d say a little more discretionary reporting would be nice but in reality, the draft is already three weeks too late from it’s already two week too late date in late April. Yeah, say that three times fast.

  15. Must mean there’s a chance Ebron is slipping for some reason. I have seen a few mocks with him going to the Ravens. A 2 TE set with him and Pitta would be straight nasty.

  16. Pitta might have just signed an extension, but he’s 29 this summer and is coming off major hip surgery.

    Daniels is on a one year contract and on the wrong side off 30.

    I could see why the Ravens would consider Ebron if he slides to their pick. I don’t think it will happen, but it’s not a crazy idea. It’s more likely they draft Troy Niklas or CJ Unspellablewicz to round out the TE position with a later pick.

  17. Funny, this is EXACTLY what I said Jerry Jones was doing with all the Manziel talk. How come virtually nobody was speculating that THAT was a smokescreen?

  18. Nonsense! The Ravens are looking for a Trade partner. Not happening. Zack Martin and Ebron will be gone, they stay put and grab a Safety- Dix or Ward.

  19. Exactly how many rumors do you really think “will be surface?” I’m intrigued.

  20. Ravens are trading down. Bet the house. The Ravens want to pick 25-32 and grab a high pick for next year

  21. The Ravens will have plenty of opportunity for that high pick next year when they go 5-11 or 6-10 this year. But hey, just how will Ozzie the Genius find money to spend when he’s locked up the King of Mediocrity at QB for three more years?

  22. corvetteman, the financial situation of the team and impact of Flacco’s contract are well documented. Don’t just follow what you read from others here, try something fresh.

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