Redskins terminate Tanard Jackson’s contract

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Earlier today, the Redskins said they “might” give Tanard Jackson a chance.

And then again, they “might” not.

According to the league’s transaction wire, the Redskins terminated Jackson’s contract today.

Jackson had missed the last two seasons because of suspensions for substance abuse violations, and he would have had to have been on a serious training program to be ready to contribute right now.

Teams will likely continue to monitor him, and if he’s serious about a comeback, someone might call. He’s only 28, so it’s not unreasonable to think he could, if he wants to.

28 responses to “Redskins terminate Tanard Jackson’s contract

  1. The substance abuse here is marijuana, not PEDs or ‘roids.

    Jackson was a great player for the Bucs and it sucks he basically got kicked out of football for smoking pot. But then again how dumb do you have to be to smoke pot and lose what would have been a huge contract.

    Anyways good luck to Jackson.

  2. Redskins lead the league in suspensions when Seattle “barely surpassed them. ” when Seattle barely passed them all we heard from the media hype train was how Seattle had a problem . Even some or you skins fans said so not knowing facts . Now the skins have more players suspended currently than Seattle and only one player on Seattle roster was suspended for peds .

    Oh and save your time about him being a backup . Three suspensions for Seattle were to practice squad reserves / inactive and cut and or players who never sniffed the field .

  3. Goodbye To Tenard Jackson he is a idiot, he knew he was going to be reinstated and he would rather smoke weed then get in shape to play football. What a waste of talent.

  4. I love this guy, but he forced my bucs to draft barron but this kid was a missile and could catch ints, I believe at the time the only rook to ever start on d during montes time

  5. But I thought pot isn’t addictive? That’s what all the habitual users say. Wait a second…

  6. Painful but good move for Redskin Nation. We all know this guy has great talent but he has let down the Bucs and Skins putting both teams in bad positions. Why in the world would any team trust a valuable roster spot to this guy? Skins did and got royally screwed. Give the roster spot to someone who puts the team over pot. HTTR!

  7. It’s possible but I highly doubt that being out of shape was the reason, not for a 28-year-old world class athlete. They are not the same as you and me.

  8. What? You didn’t call the Jets for a trade first? You could have gotten at least a 2nd round for him! Rex needs someone to play the organ grinder and ring the bell on the clown car.

  9. The NFL is ridiculous. So what if a guy smokes some weed? Imagine the pain they’re in by the time a player is 30? Wild they rather the guy be hooked on pain killers? With many states decriminalizing weed, the NFL should reexamine their own laws.

  10. I assume they know what they’re doing. But hey, the Eagles released their best receiver and now have to face him twice a year. Can’t be as bad a release as that!

  11. excuse me mr. NAMATH but we’re gonna win the nfc east, I GUARANTEE IT. HAIL

  12. Fact: Marijuana is not addictive, it has no physical withdrawl symptoms associated with long or short term use.

    Having said that, anything that gets you “high” can be mentally “addicting”. That includes food, gambling, exercise, football ect.

    As for Tanard Jackson, he should be on his way to Green Bay as we speak because the Packers need to upgrade the talent level at safety and they showed last year and years ealrlier they’re not scared to employ the recently suspended for substance abuse players. ie Koren Robinson(Alcohol DUI) Johnny Jolly(Codeine, Prison).

    Hell, Jackson is a choir boy when compared to those two as far as being a danger to himself or others. Why the hell not, sure its been 2 years since he played football but that didn’t stop them from giving Johnny Jolly a shot after he missed 2 years. Snatch him up Ted.

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