Report: Chiefs thought “willing” to trade Brandon Flowers


The Chiefs are reportedly willing to listen on offers for Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers.

According to Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report, the Chiefs are “believed to be willing to deal” Flowers for draft considerations.

The 28-year-old Flowers made 13 starts for Kansas City a season ago, notching 68 tackles, intercepting one pass and garnering his first-ever Pro Bowl berth.

According to NFLPA data, Flowers is due $5.25 million in 2014, $6.25 million in 2015 and $6.5 million in 2016.

The Chiefs have six picks in this week’s draft. They lack second- and seventh-round selections.

With the 2014 draft considered deep in talent, it will be interesting to see if the names of any other well-compensated veterans circulate in trade rumors. It is not uncommon for veteran-for-pick trades to occur later in drafts, with the Patriots’ 2007 acquisition of Randy Moss a famous example.

31 responses to “Report: Chiefs thought “willing” to trade Brandon Flowers

  1. 7th round pick for Brandon Flowers? God, you Raiders fans really are clueless aren’t you?

  2. Makes sense… But as a chiefs fan it would be tough to see a guy like this leave. I think he battled thru injuries all of 2014. Remember him knocking Welker’s block off?

  3. wayneflores says: May 6, 2014 8:22 PM

    Raiders should give them their 7th round pick. It’s not just the pick, but his salary also. He’s not cheap.
    The Chiefs would like to get something for Berry as well, but McKenzie shouldn’t be looking to trade away picks this year.

  4. Flowers graded out as one of the worst corners in the league last year according to PFF. Made his pro bowl off of reputation but he is not a fit for KC’s schemes.

  5. vidae1 says:May 6, 2014 8:26 PM

    7th round pick for Brandon Flowers? God, you Raiders fans really are clueless aren’t you?


    Yeaaaah, that’d be crazy. Like releasing DeSean Jackson or Chris Johnson crazy. Stuff like that would NEVER happen…

  6. The Packers have probably the biggest need for a safety. With that said the Packers have 2 3rd round picks. Maybe give them one of them. The chiefs may have interest in Dix, or Pryor, if this is true. But hope the packers keep their picks, and take Pryor. Kid just seems more legit than Dix.

  7. I’d love to see him in Philly.. Flowers and possibility of drafting one of the three stud safeties would be a big step in the right direction.

  8. Already entering rebuilding mode HAHA. Will they get to Peyton this year with that feared pass rush of theirs though?!

  9. The Chiefs have so much potential. Sometimes I wonder if they are just content with being a part of the league. They have the core needed to truly make a run for the Lombardi, but complacency will keep them where they are. Good but not great. God, I’d love to see them be more than fodder for the “pre-destined” coastal teams.

  10. Quote from original report – “Note that the report is not saying the Chiefs are talking to people … just that someone believes they would trade him for the right deal.” – Who the hell is “someone”. I would trade my mom on mothers’ day for the right deal that doesn’t make it so. Spin doctors

  11. 100% send a 4th for him,@28 he’s in his prime…Cary Williams,Fletcher,Boykin are all the Birds have@CB. I Like bringing Malcolm over from NO to play S, Chip make this trade happen and that’s somthing we will not have to worry about in the draft, so we can grab Pryor if he’s there-or Barr UCLA(again if he’s still around) I mean we offered a 2nd n Brandon G#55 for MIA Dion Jordan so this is a steal for a position of need compared to what they may/or may not have offered Mia for Jordan. Eagles make it happen!

  12. I agree with poster #1. 49ers could give up a mid-round pick for the guy and fill an immediate need with a somewhat proven commodity. Add to that, the 9ers and Chiefs have established trade partnerships before…absorbing that salary might be the tricky part though

  13. uhhhh, i hate to play “know it all NFL guy” but wasn’t it Marcus Cooper that got punked by every QB the Chiefs played against? Decker made another 5 million per year, just off the 2nd Chiefs v Broncos game, alone.

  14. This is 1 drives me nuts about the media.

    1 guy from bleach report has “a thought” that brandon flowers could be traded & all of a sudden its a national story…

    Look, I agree the new system is not best for Flowers. He is a prototypical cover 2 or off man CB. However, you have to think a defensive cordinator has to be smart enough to make some minor tweaks to fit his players.

    Also, IF the Chiefs were going to make this trade they would have done it before they paid him a 2 mil bonus LESS than a month ago!!

    Anyway, this is just another story that the media is kicking around because they are bored before the draft.

  15. @jtfawver

    Dan Pompei is we very well known and respected writer in the Chicago area. He’s worked for the Chicago Tribune and covered the Bears for years.

    not to say that the Flowers trade makes any sense for KC, but Dan doesn’t just throw crap out there if he doesn’t have anything to base it on…

    and teams definitely leak stuff like this to the media just to see what sort of interest/buzz is created…and if not enough, they can tell their player ‘we have NO idea where that came from…”

  16. …a fraud among frauds.

    So a team trying to get better is a fraud? At least you don’t have to worry about that. Enjoy 4-12 again.

  17. Bed man. Cooper played amazing in his first few games (sealed the game against the titans) then he started to fall apart. He was also a rookie so it was kinda expected. He will be better this year.. The main problem against Denver was the safeties being out of position well on the deep passes anyways.

  18. Only for a first rounder. Otherwise forget it. He’s a probowler for Lords sake.

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