Kam Chancellor had hip surgery


In March, John Clayton of ESPN reported that Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor was going to have “minor” hip surgery this offseason.

Chancellor contradicted the report on Twitter — writing “Huh? No surgery here. Ready to win.” — but General Manager John Schneider still faced questions about it last week.

“Um, I’m not going to get into that right now,” Schneider said, via Curtis Crabtree of PFT. “That’s not something I want to discuss. I think that I would like to just not talk about it. I just don’t think it’s appropriate right now. We can talk about it later. Not later today, later.”

Now Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Chancellor did indeed have surgery and the team hopes that he’ll be recovered in time for preseason action. Rapoport adds “nothing is certain,” though, so it will certainly be something to watch for the rest of the offseason.

The Seahawks held onto Jeron Johnson by giving him the second-round tender as a restricted free agent and he’d be the likeliest replacement if Chancellor does wind up missing any time.

UPDATE 5:48 p.m. ET: The Seahawks confirmed with Crabtree that Chancellor had surgery about a month ago.

75 responses to “Kam Chancellor had hip surgery

  1. “Um, I’m not going to get into that right now… I think that I would like to just not talk about it.”

    Wow, he makes his old boss Ted Thompson sound like Oscar Wilde with that gem. Holy moly.

  2. Kam-bam will be ready to go before game #1 , much to Vernon Davis’ chagrin …

  3. It was publicly known that Kam was playing with the hip injury all year last year. Glad that he’s getting it fixed and hope he can be back for opening day!

  4. Kam Chancellor > Every safety that has ever player for the Vikes…

    Let me guess… He uses PEDs right?

    Sick of seeing the same clowns posting irrelevant remarks.

  5. who is Harrison Smith? wait… in two years he’ll be Kams’ backup…. Got it!

    Thanks for the tip, Poet.


  6. The Skoltrolls are out in force today. For those sick of the skoltrolls, remember this; Those with a Super Bowl title do not concern themselves with the opinions of those without. HAWKSKOL!!

  7. Well then no one has a legit Super Bowl cause then from what we’ve seen in history child is that if you don’t try to gain an avantange your not trying…even though I don’t see how pot is an advantage besides being medicine for beat up bodies?wierdo

  8. Whose offense is garbage ? The Seahawks were second in scoring and although they don’t pass often they were the top team with explosive plays over 20 yards until week 16 . They also play the best defensive division maybe ever assembled . The offense exploded on Denver bit your so caught up with how the defense was able to shut down such a prolific passer . The Seahawks will continue to develop their offensive scheme to fit the teams talent . Eventually Seattle could have Drew Bree’s 2.0 in Wilson and will be more balanced (Pete would never have a pass happy offense ) which Wilson is more than capable of . Thanks for the hate . I think Seattle was better on offense than AZ STL AND SF . Look up the stats , maybe AZ passed for more yards but they can’t run to save their life and all they do is throw bombs . Sucking offenses aren’t usually the best overall in their division .

  9. SI add: “Vikings fans…for the 48th year in a row, your team has won….NOTHING!! Celebrate this continued accomplishment by purchasing a limited edition subscription that will immortalize your yearly failure. Keeping with Viking tradition send us your hard earned cash and we will send you…NOTHING!! Act within the next 10 minutes and we will give you an additional NOTHING, for only $10.” HAWKSKOL!!!

  10. braceyourselffor12 says:
    May 6, 2014 5:38 PM
    Most overrated player on the most overrated team.

    Ya, so overrated, it’s not like they won the Superbowl or anything….

  11. thepftpoet says:
    May 6, 2014 4:50 PM
    Harrison Smith > Kam Chancellor
    …it’s not even close

    The PEDhawks still have 0 legit superbowls.
    2014 has an asterisk on the whole season

    ariani1985 says:
    May 6, 2014 5:09 PM
    Who cares….PED’s will do that to your joints…..


  12. “Harrison Smith > Kam Chancellor”

    thepftpoet <= pfthawktroll

    If your Vikings earn a wildcard spot (maybe when 7th team is added) I hope they are matched against an NFC West team…any NFC West team. I have nothing against the franchise, but it would be a good reality check for some of you.

    Maybe instead of being a very dedicated troll you should just accept the fact that for right now the NFC power lies in the West…and get a new hobby?

  13. Kapp ran all over this dude in the championship game….it was so funny watching them trying to catch kapp at home…..niners 1 score from pulling this off…..Gooooo 49ers

  14. Dear Irrelevantly Blabbing Skoltrolls:

    I’m a Patriots fan.
    We have won more Super Bowls.
    We have more haters by a mile.

    Just shut up.

  15. Yeah, overrated… just ask Denver how “overrated” Kam is…

    Funny posters today! The school teachers must be keeping all the kids inside today.


  16. Vikings: You have nothing but Zero Rings on four embarrassing Fails in the Super Bowl.

    Go ahead and thumb that down, but just know this: Those are the facts and no amount of clicking thumbs-down will change the fact that you have been to the Super Bowl four times and walked away as the Loser each and every time.

  17. thepftpoet says: May 6, 2014 5:14 PM

    The PEDhawks still have 0 legit superbowls.

    2014 has an asterisk on the whole season
    This clown could at least make an effort to rhyme.

  18. Hawk fans don’t for a minute deign to think about the Minnesota Vikings. Why should we; after all, we never stop to think about any OTHER minor-league franchise?

  19. kam and russel Wilson are wayyyy overated…
    one day they maybe half as good as Vernon and kapp. how many probowls has kam been too? 49ers nfc west dynasty 5 trophys goin on 6

  20. You gotta worry a little when they start getting ” minor” hip or back surgeries during the offseason. That stuff seems to linger through their careers. Not a Seahawks fan but you gotta respect this guy. Reminds me of Sean Taylor. Hope he stays healthy he’s fun to watch.

  21. My question is the same as it always is when I hear news like this: Why didn’t Chancellor have the surgery 2 1/2 months ago? Then, there wouldn’t have to be some question about his being ready for team activities or training camp.

  22. joey49er…

    Probowls mean jack when you’re winning World Championships, buddy. How many of those have Kaep and Davis been to and actually won again?! That’s what I thought.

  23. Joey it’s cool to support your team but at least defend them with some facts not mindless babblings. Kap seems to choke under pressure Russell don’t and has a ring to prove it. Cam is lights out just ask Denver. Vernon is a good ball player…see Joey that isn’t too hard

  24. “kam and russel Wilson are wayyyy overated…
    one day they maybe half as good as Vernon and kapp. how many probowls has kam been too? 49ers nfc west dynasty 5 trophys goin on 6”

    Ask Vernon Davis if Kam is overrated, that is if he remembers anything from the hit Kam put on him.

    Russell Wilson began with more skill than Kaepernick and has improved from there.

  25. Kid:
    Dad, why is there a little star next to Seattle’s name for their Super Bowl?

    Son, they believe that if your not cheating your not trying..so if you want to get paid think peds…

  26. ^^^

    Kid: Dad, why does everyone always laugh and point at us and make fun of us.

    Dad: Because we went to the Super Bowl four times and lost every single time. And the worst thing is, we have no realistic hope of going back even in your lifetime, my Son.

  27. Joey – for someone to be overrated their has to be guys better than them that they are rated above. Not really seeing too many guys in the league that can make that case and Kaep ain’t one of ’em.

  28. Soooo funny to hear some seahawks fans talk as if their even close to a dynasty like the 49ers..U forget how the niners beat u at our house and how kapp and gore set the tone and the knock out punch when he set up earl Thomas and ran it down and kapp ran the time out…Niners have been to 3 nfc championship games and 1 superbowl loss! but 49ers have 5 trophys and seahawks have 1 in 40 yrs….And how many peds have ur players taken to get 1 win???Now that’s the question……

  29. Vikes ill tell you the same thing I told poor little Joey its cool to defend your team but please do so with some fact not mindless babbling. I guess as a Vikings fan it’s hard to find any good facts to back your team

  30. I can remember reading the same thing about a “little” hip procedure for Percy Harvin last year. Kam is no Percy though, so I wouldn’t doubt he will be ready to go, but you just never know with these sort of things.

  31. Oh poor little Joey again you miss the point and go back to babbling. I am not a Hawks fan but a Skins fan and I could brag about 3 rings but the fact is… The teams that won those rings like the 49ers no longer take the field. To say that is basically saying you have no better argument. Now the topic was about Cam let’s try a intelligent argument poor Joey….

  32. Id say I was not a seahawk fan too if I was u iamdinguskhan….lol….but u are what u are..And the 49ers have 5 trophys in their stadium not one!Is that enough facts for u ..GOOOO49ers


    Says a fan of the Seahawks whose bretheren post “#above reproach” on 95% of anything related to the 49ers…

    Still…why the need to blatantly LIE about the surgery if it is indeed just a minor procedure? Seems rather odd. I will say this though, Chancellor is a beast and unlike a few of his teammates he lets his game do the talking instead of his mouth. And sure, he knocked the crap out of Vernon Davis and gave him a concussion with a legal hit, but it really isn’t that hard to do when all you are focused on is hitting a receiver who is looking the opposite way trying to catch a football. If their positions were reversed I’m sure Vernon could knock him out just as easily…

  34. Joey49er, you representing 49er fans is an embarrassment to 49er fans everywhere. For their sake, please stop talking. You probably weren’t even alive the last time the 49ers won a Super Bowl. And congrats on the most recent teams making it to the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl. But you shouldn’t be bragging about losing those games.

  35. djalakas25 says:
    May 6, 2014 8:05 PM
    Yo Joey49er…. You want some good reading. Google the niners record since Seahawks joined NFC west. Then talk dynasty lol

    Well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but at some point every team in the league goes through a rebuilding phase when the future Hall of Famer’s retire. How about the 49ers making the playoffs 17 times out of the previous 20 years? Or how about this one, 49ers all time 545-431-16
    Seahawks all time 293-303-0

  36. You have to excuse poor Joey he’s stuck on past Super Bowl trophies. Trolling is to complicated for poor Joey

  37. Some of your comments and “View” about how you feel on Seattle is illogical and preposterous…

    Let alone when you say “you guys arent even close to a dynasty…” Vernon Davis this last off season stated (speaking about Seattle) “..their building a dynasty over there..”

    SF’s 5 SB are impressive and great achievement!

    But the argument is foolish for you to even argue or contend, squabble or boast about since you guy’s dont even lead the league in most SB wins!?!?

    I am just replying to you b/c of your statments on a opinion basis only b/c you dont come with relevant, sustantial or worthwile facts!

    Clowns like you make the fan base look like ignorant and pompous. But I do know that there are some inteligent ones out there…. So… Stop making them look so bad lol….

  38. Seattle fans the truth hurts don’t it….lol …
    49ers are the best in the west… Cant wait to play seattle again this yr too….

  39. Here is one for you Joey… Let us see if you understand this one..

    1946… became a franchise…What was the year of the first SB you guys one, that was 1981… took 35 years…

    1976…. Became a franchise… what was the first year of our SB, 2013 (season). Took 37.

    In reality the point is irrelevent. But you make it a point to state how long it takes a franchise and how fast you became a dynasty… We’re not so far off the time table when you guys made your run..


  40. The press all agree that the ‘Hawks are in the best position to build a “dynasty” as any team since parity has arrived to the NFL. They are built with young stars at or near the best at their positions who have or will be locked up contractually for four years plus . They draft BETTER than anyone in the league (Wilson, Sherman, etc.), and supplament with outstanding free agents/trades (Lynch, Bennett, Avril).

    This is the modern NFL formula for sustained success!

    The truth will out, and the Seahawks will prove themselves…over…and over…and over again!

  41. forty9asty says:
    May 6, 2014 8:34 PM
    “Well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but at some point every team in the league goes through a rebuilding phase when the future Hall of Famer’s retire. How about the 49ers making the playoffs 17 times out of the previous 20 years? Or how about this one, 49ers all time 545-431-16
    Seahawks all time 293-303-0”

    Yeah, I believe that is because of the fact that the niners were around since 1946 instead of 1976.

    Lets try this one.. look up the team records since they started head to head matchups in the NFC West.

    Pretty sure Seattle has a one or 2 game lead in recent history.

    I’ll grant you that the niners are a good team.

    Fans that post nonsense about records from almost 70 years ago really make the fan base look bad.

  42. JOEY49ER is just another sad 49er troll loitering around on Hawk articles 24/7. Another one with no football IQ, trying to compare Vernon Davis who’s a TE to Chancellor who’s a SS. All I remember about those two is Kam laying your boy Vern out like a little rag doll. BTW, here’s some more football knowledge for you… Chancellor is a Pro Bowler, and Wilson is a 2 time Pro bowler in his first two years while Kap has “0”, so keep talking, LOL. And you, and the rest of the 49er clowns can stop talking about overall records, and how many rings you have. Come talk to me when the Hawks have been around as long as the 49ers. Which basically translates into come talk to us in 30 years. I’m sure we’ll have more than 5, HAHA. You all probably weren’t even born the last time your little favorite team won a SB, LOL. Rebuilding? Yeah, it took you about a decade to rebuild, LOL. Sad!!! Hawks have owned this division, and are now SB champs, while all you most you have done in a quarter of a century is lose 2 championships, and a SB, HA!

  43. And also as stats go.. It is laughable when you guys are using overall record with a team that has played 400 more games. How about you use the same stats… Like I don’t know. Overall record when in the same division

  44. Joye49er says: “Kapp ran all over this dude in the championship game”

    Was that before or after Kam baited him into throwing an interception? Just curious.

    Kapp’s greatest skill is running, too soon and too often. Not his fault he is not as intelligent as Wilson and doesn’t have the cognitive skills to analyze developing plays before taking the last option – tuck and run.

    Not his fault!

  45. “How about the 49ers making the playoffs 17 times out of the previous 20 years?”

    And what was it they have to show for that? Would that be 2 Super Bowl appearances, one win? Hmmm – wonder what Seattle did in that same time period? Oh right 2 superbowls, one win – and hey, the asterix that keeps being referred to? That’s for SB XL – the asterix is because it was a Seattle win stolen from them by the refs!

    And how many championships did the Niners win from 1946 to 1980? Yup, just the same amount Seattle did in just about the exact same number of years since inception!

    So really, Niners did their big winning from 1981 to 1994. The other 54 years or so…………

  46. 49errs fans are grasping at strings because they are scared… Your team is treading water at best and everyone else in the division is getting better. Time to rebuild.

    And yes, I used two ‘r’s in 49errs… as in “to err” because they are sorely mistaken on their prospects for the upcoming year.

  47. allidoiswin55: that is not true. these defenses are not even the best in the NFC West history. But you must be a younger person. Back in the 80’s the 9ers and Saints had some of the best defenses. The Saints for sure. Your division certainly has the best defenses at this time, but not ever assembled.

  48. braceyourselffor12 says:
    May 6, 2014 5:38 PM
    Most overrated player on the most overrated team
    You know what, brace? Sometimes you post some relevant comments, and sometimes you just sound bitter and stupid.

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