Rumors fly that Bucs are trying to move up to No. 2

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There aren’t all that many juicy rumors flying as the draft approaches.  But here’s a good one.

There’s chatter in league circles that the Buccaneers could end up being the team that moves up to No. 2 from No. 7.

It’s unclear what it would take to make the leap by five spots.  It’s also unclear who/whom/whatever the Bucs would target with the second pick.

After the trade of receiver Mike Williams and the age (31) of Vincent Jackson, the Bucs could use a receiver like Sammy Watkins.  But then there’s Johnny Manziel, who with a stout Lovie Smith defense would be fascinating in Tampa.

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  1. If the Bucs move up to #2, it had better be for Watkins, otherwise trade down and grab some extra picks. No Johnny No.

  2. Lol. Spend a boat load in FA. Trade picks to move in draft. Lol recipe for disaster in 2-4 years when the team is old and overpaid without depth.

  3. So the Browns and Bucs really want Sammy Watkins? They are using Manziel as a pawn to get him to fall right in place.

  4. As a RAMS fan I hope they keep the pick and draft Robinson.If they do trade I feel they should get 1) The buccaneers 1st,and 2nd this year. 2)The buccaneers 2nd and 3rd next year.

  5. gotta agree with rnflc, watkins and that’s it. I don’t see Lovie drafting a defensive player, including clowney, to much holes in the offense.

  6. There’s no way they’re going to jump up to #2 for Watkins, they can stick at #7 and get Evans without having to trade away the rest of the draft. If it is going to happen then it’s for Johnny Football.

  7. I’d bet money on Clowney or Johnny boy. Leaning more toward Clowney if they do indeed move up. Make the defense strong and it can carry a weak offense. Worked pretty good for the bears for awhile and turned Carolina’s season around last year. Still won’t get to the big show but you have to start building somewhere, and they’re not being squeezed on cap space like Carolina so they. Can get there a lot quicker.

  8. I could see Clowney or Mack, depending on what the Texans do. Watkins is the only other guy I could imagine would be guaranteed gone by 7, MAYBE Robinson, but why stretch? Could make it fun though, especially since the Rams claim they have 6-8 guys they might like.

  9. God could be under center for the Bucs and Lovie’s offense would still suck.

    Smith’s offensive strategy is don’t lose the game. Don’t try to win it until its too late. No one will help. If they get behind they are done.

  10. Even though it’s been fairly exciting during the off-season over the last couple of years, and that hasn’t transferred to W’s. I can’t say I’m completely against this move. Roll the dice, get in the game and leave it all out on the field. I can’t believe it’s still four months until the season starts.

  11. acebuccs08 says: May 6, 2014 6:01 PM

    gotta agree with rnflc, watkins and that’s it. I don’t see Lovie drafting a defensive player, including clowney, to much holes in the offense.

    You obviously don’t know Lovie Smith very well

  12. I think it’s safe to assume that the Texans pick is going to dictate a LOT of any trades happening or not in the top 10.

  13. Does anyone really believe these reports this time of year. It’s all about smoke screens with these team exes.

  14. Johnny Football is either going #1 or 2. Either the Texans or Rams will draft him or someone is going to trade up to get him. I think it’s all just posturing and thoughts of him dropping out of the top ten are just stupid. If you don’t draft him and he turns out to be a stud … some upper management folk’s are going to look really stupid. Two years ago I was screaming to anyone who would listen to grab Russell Wilson. He walked out of NC State and went to Wisconsin where he promptly set the single season FBS record for passing efficiency (191.8) and led the team to a Big Ten title and the 2012 Rose Bowl.[3] Wilson received the Big Ten Quarterback of the Year award and was named a consensus first-team All-Big Ten and third-team All-American by Yahoo! Sports.
    That jump from college to the pro’s ain’t what it used to be.

  15. For the Bears fans – yeah Lovie’s offenses were terrible. Good thing that high powered Mark Trestman offense got you back into the playoffs and all the way to the Bowl….oh wait, you won two less games than you did when you fired Lovie. But hey, at least your games were exciting.

  16. No rumor can be trusted this time of year.

    Remember when Belichick leaked his interest in Vernon Gholston and the Jets traded two 1st round picks to move ahead of the Patriots to grab him first?

    This could be the same thing

  17. Rumors fly that 28 teams are trying to move up to #2… God this is getting so old with this #2 pick. So transparent with “Rams looking at up to 8 guys with the #2 pick”. Nice attempt at making every team concerned that their guy may not be there so lets move up. The Rams have their list already on who they will pick regardless of where they may trade down for. Lets get this draft going!! Sick of this!!

  18. Remember Jeff Tedford is the offensive coordinator and has coached pro style QBs throughout his career. The one running QB he had in college failed miserably.

  19. The move to #2 isn’t for another piece of garbage from Clemson (name a superstar Clemson has put out recently).

    The Bucs want Manziel.

  20. I want to see Manziel drafted by the Jags. Maybe he can grow a cool mustache like the owner

  21. Move up, move down, Tampa. You’ll still finish 3rd in the NFC South. Tough break.

  22. The way things are shaking out, the Bucs may move up or down.

    Looks like the Raiders will take Evans ahead of Tampa, which doesn’t leave them much of value at #7. There are more suitors to trade up than down (which will be the case until the Bucs are on the clock).

    Have to think Clowney, Mack or Watkins would be the their target.

  23. As a Bucs fan, I hope this is for either Clowney or Watkins.

    No to Manziel.

  24. .
    The Bucs do not have much currency to trade up. Their 4th rounder is owned by the Jets.

    This seems like a bogus report.


  25. The Bucs have only 6 picks this year I believe…if they do participate in a trade, it will be to trade down in round 1 and pick up another pick or two. While the Bucs picked up a lot of good players in FA, they still have many holes to fill on the O-line, at WR, TE and depth on defense. As deep,as this draft is, trading down makes the most sense.

  26. If true, the Buccaneers would have to know exactly who the Texans will take or whoever the Texans trade the pick to will take. They would not go to #2 without knowing exactly who they want to take. If they are indifferent on two or three guys then they could target #3 or #4.

  27. Lovie is not sold by any means on Glennon, which means a quarterback here is an option. But I think if they’re going to trade up, they think there’s a huge gap between Watkins and Evans and they’re going to snag a receiver.

  28. Smoke. No way no how. We don’t have a lot of picks to begin with, trading up would mean we are one pick away from a championship. Which we highly are not. #keepdreaming #itsbucslife

  29. I just do not see it. The only reason you move up to #1 or #2 is a QB, or a super elite LT. There is no Andrew Luck, or Peyton Manning in this QB class, not even close. Two awesome OT prospects, but not anything you will give away the store for. Really a deep draft and I would trade down if I was in the #1 to #5 slot if the price is right. Watkins and Mack are the two best players on the board. I would not touch Clowney with a 10 foot pole, this kid has question markes tattooed all over him. He is Jamarcus Russell all over and over again. Give me the money, see you later honey.

  30. They will rename Executive of the Year to the Les Snead award if he pulls this off. Conning two teams into giving up massive assets to draft highly likely bust QBs? Genius wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

  31. Defensive head coaches take offensive players. They believe they can “coach up” the defense. And vice versa offensive head coaches. They should swap 1st’s and give next year’s 2nd to the Rams. Rams can still get an OT, Mack or Evans. Watkins to the Bucks ….priceless.

  32. Everyone knows that we have to come out of this draft with a receiver that can start this year, and Evans doesn’t seem like Lovie’s kind of guy. Even in the off chance that we are interested in Evans (who one scout described as “the most immature player in this draft”), there’s no guarantee that he’d still be available at 7 anyway. It’s an insurance policy: it guarantees that we’d be able to draft whichever receiver we want…unless Houston doesn’t take Clowney, in which case all bets are off.

  33. flyinghighphil says: May 6, 2014 6:00 PM

    As a RAMS fan I hope they keep the pick and draft Robinson.If they do trade I feel they should get 1) The buccaneers 1st,and 2nd this year. 2)The buccaneers 2nd and 3rd next year.

    * * * * * * * *

    Playa you must be straight trippin.

  34. Everyone knows the Texans won’t draft a 4-3 DE because they play a 3-4. DE isn’t exactly St. Lious’s biggest need. I think there will be a move for Clowney. Bucs or Falcons seem logical.

    If a team really wants a Manziel, they need to get above Jacksonville because there is no way in hell that a qb needy team that can’t sell tickets is going to pass on the best offensive player in the draft who also happens to play QB and guarantees sellouts.

    But what the hell would I know, I use my own common sense. Texans trade out of 1 if they can, targeting bortles later. If they can’t trade out, they’ll take bortles, mack, or watkins. St Lious trades down if they can, left tackle if they can’t. Jacksonville takes Manziel if available, bpa if not.

    Sorry to spoil it for yall.

  35. what would be so fascinating about watching manziel on the bench while lovie’s defense does it’s job? you don’t actually expect to see him be Johnny Football in a lovie smith offense do you? it will never happen, he will only see the field when he has mastered the art of the hand off and the wide receiver screen. the 2 staples of a smith offense. maybe throw to the tight once a game but only one time no matter how many yards it gains, must have him back on the line blocking not catching passes. the defense will doing all the scoring just like with the bears.

  36. Rams not being 100% on Bradford; health and talent based. They know Glennon is on the table, they have nothing to lose with 2 1st rd draft picks and only team in between 2-7 that would take an offensive lineman which the Rams are likely to go with would be the Falcons…maybe. For the Bucs case it would be to grab Watkins and potentially Clowney if Texans pass on him. Either way it’s a home run. Win win for both teams.

  37. Bucs aren’t drafting defense in the first round regardless of if they move up, down, or stay put. Way too many holes on offense.

  38. The only way I like this deal if its as simple as we give them Glennon and 7 for 2. However that is the worst trade the Rams could make and no way should make or even would happen. We don’t have enough picks to go an trade up to 2 and if watkins is gone at 7 Tampa needs to trade back and get more picks

  39. If they move up to 2 it better be for Mack, Clowney or Watkins. I’d rather have them stay put or move down and stockpile some extra picks

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