Texans, Rams really want to trade down

The Texans and the Rams hold the first two picks in the draft.  And there’s a growing sense that both teams really want to trade down.

The thinking in some league circles is that the Texans would like to trade down and take linebacker Khalil Mack.  The thinking is that the Rams would like to trade back and select tackle Jake Matthews.

With the draft less than two days away, the question of whether either or both teams can trade down remains murky.  Look for both teams to keep trying to make a move up until they have to make their picks.

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  1. It’s not “really” until they lower their asking price.

    I think the Rams could even consider trading up with their 2nd pick, so by trading down and up they could find a couple of connecting picks for the pair. They might be able to get 6-7 out of it but would probably be happy with 7-8 even since they could probably find 8 players they really like. Oh and that happens to be the number Fisher was yapping about earlier. They would just need to find any pair of teams in that range of which one wants to move up and another wanting to move down and let them have each other as another discussion avenue to make a trade possible.

  2. this is so funny. Its so obvious spielman and les snead are collaborating on making it seem like the rams are going after manziel but what do the vikes get in return for helping the rams? its so interesting all the lies and the misinformation.. this is great.

  3. Thank you NFL for dragging out the drama before the draft. We’ve gone through every scenario of who’s picking who, who’s trading up or down. It’s become a real cluster. The whole first round is going to be a big mystery and the big winners are going to be the teams in the lower half of the round who are going to find players who have dropped because of all of the drama.

  4. Man, no team seems to want to draft high – are the players really that crappy this year? I don’t ever remember it like this before – do you think the NFL should just forget about Round 1 and go straight to Round 2?

  5. Texans never said they will select Khalil Mack as their 1st pick. False information!

    Houston going to make suckers out of all these reporters as they select Teddy Bridgewater.

  6. So with potentially the top 3 teams looking to trade down it would appear that the price for moving up might be lower then originally expected. This could get interesting.

  7. If there is one lesson in life to know, it is that those that have intelligence, ability, and ambition rise to the top.

    Johnny Manziel has this in spades.

    If the owner of the Texans wants squeaky clean kids playing on his field, its going to be a dry dull white flag waving french type franchise for a long time.

    I say this as a Texans fan and an Aggie… so I might be a little biased. 🙂

  8. If they want to trade down so bad you’d almost think that THEY would have to offer the teams a deal to move UP. Granted, that will never happen – but it is a funny/crappy position to be in if you are the Texans or Rams.

  9. You can’t expect to move down very far and find these two players available. Many mock drafts have both gone in the top 5.

  10. If i were both teams id do the same cause we dont no for sure the clowney is gonna be good enough to justify a no.1 pick

  11. Teams that want to trade down CAN trade down — unless they’re asking more than the market is willing to bear.

    In other words, if they’re shopping the angle to trade down — the only reason they won’t be able to slide down is if they are asking for too steep a price.

  12. I don’t know why anyone would trade up to Houston. They are almost forced into taking Clowney, so why not just target the 2nd pick for a lower cost. The Rams have the advantage of having a legitimate shot at drafting a couple of guys.

  13. A growing sense by whom? Who is doing this thinking? I heard Fisher and Sneed last night and they sound very content to pick at 2 & 13.

  14. Houston drafts Mack

    Cleveland drafts Manziel (Rams get the 26th)

    Jacksonville drafts Watkins

    Atlanta drafts Clowney (Rams get Atlanta’s 2nd)

    Oakland drafts Robinson

    Rams draft Matthews


  15. How is it that both these teams have more talent than the Raiders yet they are picking one and two overall? The Jags, Browns and Raiders are clearly in a better position for trading down. The top four players have to be the Clown, Watkins, Robinson and Mack. None of the QBs are worth an early first round pick.

  16. Both Rams and Texans should consider taking less for their picks than usual. Clowney has great talent but too many questions. Swap firsts and take someone’s 2nd would be good enough for me if the trade partner was in top 10. Not a huge diff btwn 1 and 10 this year (unless you are freakshow hair Mel Kiper and love Clowney).

  17. Rams & Atlanta both need OT
    Atlanta needs DL or OLB as well.

    Would Rams trade # 2 to Atlanta leaving
    Atlanta with # 6 as well?

    Atlanta would have to give up high picks
    for 3 years, which would be lower slots after
    this year, where Rams could get quality at
    Atlanta’s # 2, 3, & 4, with # 1 & 3 for next
    2 years or maybe a # 2 – with Rams throwing
    back a # 4 or / and # 5.

    Atlanta’s OL & pass rushing should be better
    with 2 top players this year, unless they get
    hurt or don’t live up.
    They lose 3 good picks this year for 1 great
    pick. They lose 2 very good picks for each
    of the next 2 years, but would need at least
    one lower decent pick that can potentially start.

    This way, Rams can pick up potential 7 more
    starters over the next 3 years, besides the
    remaining picks of their own, which should
    yield 9 to 12 potential roster players in1st 4
    rounds this year and next 2 years.

    Rounds 2, 3, & 4 this year Rams could pick in
    Atlanta’s # 6 slot and their own # 13.
    At # 13 the Rams can get an OT, but not top 3
    or 4, but likely long time starter.

    Extra picks allow them to get another OG, 2
    OLB, 2 FS, 2 CB in first 5 rounds.

    Next 2 years with extra # 1 and extra # 3 or 2,
    while giving up # 4s makes for deeper roster.

    Would Atlanta be willing to lose so many picks
    and look to land at least 1 to 2 quality free agents
    each year? Ditka did it with Ricky Williams trade.

  18. If they are desperate to trade down, that means they haven’t received many monster offers, which means we might see a trade up for much less cost than is typical. Supply and demand.

    Through all the smoke and mirrors, one thing seems true of this draft. There are 8-12 really good players at the top but there isn’t a huge amount of separation between them. So picking at 1 vs 5 doesn’t make the same difference as it would if like Andrew Luck was in the draft or something.

  19. “Texans, Rams really want to trade down”
    Translation: “Our scouts like a couple people and we want other teams to help us decide because if we pick one player that turns out to be a bust and the other player turns into a hall-of-fame candidate, we will get fired.”

  20. If the Texans want Khalil Mack, they can’t move back too far. He’ll be gone by the fifth pick, latest. Same for the Rams. They can’t move back too far. The only team in the top ten who MIGHT want to move up to secure Clowney would be Atlanta, and Houston would be too far back at that point to get Mack. The Rams could slide back a little further and still possibly get Jake Matthews, or even Greg Robinson as a consolation, as late as the seventh or eighth picks.

    I don’t see Houston getting a chance to move back AND get Khalil Mack, unless Jacksonville gets a real hard on about one of the quarterback available and wants to move up to secure him.

  21. Tampa moving up to the second pick to select Johnny is one of the most obvious smokescreens I can remember in a while. It’s just a matter of what desperate team planted it. Was it Houston saying to the rest of the league, “If you want Johnny, there’s only one way you’re guaranteed to get him…let’s deal.” Or was it St. Louis, as a last ditch effort to drum up some demand for the pick? One or the other.

  22. The teams with the first 4 or 5 picks want to trade down since in order to sign them it costs lots of cash and puts your spending cap in jeparody. Better to trade down and spend less and pick up more selections.

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