Wrapping up the draft previews with a look at the Colts


If the NFL Draft brings optimism to every fan base, it’s simply because it gives every team a chance to get better.

Unless you’re the Colts.

The Colts traded their first-rounder for running back Trent Richardson a year ago, and nothing he did as a Colt makes it look like a better deal now than it did then.

So instead of the possibility of a top play-making safety or one of the top guards in the game with the 26th pick, the Colts get to wait until Friday night before they use the 59th overall selection.

They’re also short a fourth-rounder from another deal with the Browns, giving them just five total picks. As good as they are, they need to hit on at least two of them to fill some relatively glaring needs.

You can read the full preview by clicking right here, and then vote in the poll below on what you think their biggest need is.

3 responses to “Wrapping up the draft previews with a look at the Colts

  1. T Rich appears to be not worthy of a first round pick based on coming here last season, but give him one more season, and if 2014 is like 2013 for him, then I will agree he is a bust, but not yet. Trent Richardson is the Colts first round pick we just got him early!

  2. Who trades a first rounder for an undersized,
    overrated back? TRich will be better, simply
    because he can’t get much worse. This draft
    is a wash for them.

  3. as a colts fan i’m very optimistic about the draft. sure we may not have a first rounder but with such a deep draft maybe thats not such a bad thing. we have a lot of our position groups in check. QB, WR, RB, TE, T, DL, LB, CB, and special teams. there will be some solid options at safety in round two and we have a few guys who are developing on the OL. this draft will be about bringing in depth and guys who can compete which is exactly what the colts need.

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