Agent denies report that Manizel prefers not to play in Jacksonville

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Don Banks supplied it, and agent Erik Burkhardt denied it.

PFT contacted one of the men who represents quarterback Johnny Manziel after Don Banks of reported that Manziel prefers not to play in Jacksonville.

“Not true,” Burkhardt said.  Maverick Carter, who handles Manziel’s marketing efforts and who some think is behind the notion that Manziel doesn’t want to play for the Jaguars, was with Burkhardt at the time the denial was issued.

One one hand, Manziel has no reason to admit he doesn’t want to play in Jacksonville, if he doesn’t want to play in Jacksonville.  On the other hand, he ultimately has no say in the process, unless he plans to sit out for a year and re-enter the draft.

Manziel should have no issues with playing in Jacksonville.  The team is coming together nicely under G.M. Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley, and the fan base craves a competitive team.  Manziel could help give them that.

And since the team has a limited history of success, Manziel could quickly become the King of Jacksonville, supplanting a certain five-letter quarterback who currently works for the four-letter network’s enterprise that blankets the three-letter conference in which they both played.

42 responses to “Agent denies report that Manizel prefers not to play in Jacksonville

  1. Where else can this kid make Houston regret their decision for the next 12 years? Not Indy and Not Tennessee.

  2. Tell me one player who wants to play in Jacksonville. Just one!

    They wouldn’t even be the second highest pick choice out of the 3 franchises in their state.

  3. Being that Manziel is from a small backwater town, he should feel right at home in Jacksonville. Growing up in South Florida I can say that anywhere north of Orlando really should be considered

  4. Chad had better be looking over his shoulder tomorrow night, if this rubbish is true.

  5. Nice spin job by his agent. They overestimated the backlash against the “rumor” that he wouldn’t want to play in Jax and are now in spin mode status. Granted, Jacksonville is a boring place with very little in the way of quality restaurants (count them all on one hand), but the people are great and the weather isn’t too bad if you like humidity.

  6. All these people commenting on how awful it is to live in Jax w/o having actually lived there is hilarious. You all have no idea.

  7. I’d be happy playing for anyone that thought I could help the team. But I’m old and slow and fat, so maybe that’s different lol

  8. “One one hand, Manziel has no reason to admit he doesn’t want to play in Jacksonville, if he doesn’t want to play in Jacksonville.”

    Is that a triple-negative? I’m sorry, but that is some poor grammar.

  9. When did Henne get a job at ESPN? 🙂

    Anyway this is the kind of report that gives agents heart attacks as they watch the big fat commission that goes with a #3 pick contract go by the wayside.

    Indianapolis is a pretty small market and it seems like it worked out pretty well for Peyton Manning when he was there.

  10. This screams “Smoke Screen”. Manziel to Jacksonville momentum was building earlier today. Some team picking later didn’t like it.

  11. As a hawks fan he would excel under Gus Bradley and Pete Carroll system of having fun but ALWAYS COMPETING . He would do great especially in they terrible division . It’s a lot easier to rise to the top 8 in the AFC than NFC . He would become a star in Jax and bring even more excitement than the coach already has. Jax is about 2 full seasons maybe shorter from being a fringe playoff team with a chance their needles definielty facing up .

  12. Johnny said weeks ago that if Houston did not pick him #1 then he would be happy to go to jacksonville so he could make them sorry twice a year

  13. I hope he goes there and does good id like for jacksonville to get back to winning games and being good even though im not one of there fans but id like to see manziel do good there if hes drafted by them

  14. C’mon. If you were him, would YOU want to go to J-Ville?

    That said, if he really IS Johnny Football, then that would be one of the best places to prove that he built the house, if he can build it.

  15. When is Johnny’s “Symbol” coming out? Will it be a cooler design then Bob Griffen’s?

  16. A group of 30 multi multi millionaires decided in the 90’s that Jax would be a great place for an NFL franchise based of multiple RFPs loads of economic & demographic data, but Joe Shmoe’s opinion as to how deserves a franchise is more valid? Got it.

  17. The house that Johnny built is being constructed in College Station, TX right now. 😀

    As for Manziel, his future is his to make. I think he will do just fine.

  18. As you can tell from the comments here, the agent shouldn’t have bothered. People are going to believe what they are going to believe.

    Never mind the fact that it is every bit as likely that a team drafting behind the Jags would spread the rumor that he didn’t want to play there in order to get them not to draft him as it is that he or someone in his camp would be dumb enough to let it get out that they didn’t want to play for a team picking in the Top 3.

    Manziel isn’t John Elway or even Eli Manning coming into the draft. He doesn’t have the juice to dictate where he goes. I think his people are smart enough to know that. That’s why it’s more likely that the agent is telling the truth.

    But hey, why let logic get in the way?

  19. Jacksonville is a nice place to live. And they have the one restaurant that no one else has. Clark’s fish camp.

    That’s reason enough to move there.

  20. Yeah, you guys are right. Jacksonville is a terrible place. Hot women, beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, tons of golf courses, and shopping. I would much rather go to some northern city where it’s freezing cold by the time you hit October, the cost of living is absurd, and all of the women still think it’s 1985. Oh I forgot to mention, Florida has no state income tax. Yeah, J-ville sounds like a really bad place.

  21. As a Jags fan, I’m not sure which way I want us to go. I want the best player and the best QB. To have someone with a little star power would be nice too. You know he already has endorsement deals and to see him do those deals as a Jaguar would be great. In the ideal world, we trade down a few spots and still able to get him.

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