Ben Roethlisberger: I think I can play 5-7 more years


Both quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have made it clear this offseason that they want to continue their working relationship until Roethlisberger retires, a topic that usually comes up in relation to the possibility of a contract extension.

Roethlisberger’s deal runs through 2015 and features hefty cap numbers that some thought the Steelers would attempt to bring down before next season gets underway. Discussions go on, although no deal appears to be imminent with a player who said “I bleed black and gold” during a Tuesday interview with 93.7 The Fan. He also talked about how long he’d like to continue bleeding.

“I feel like I’m in great shape,” Roethlisberger said, via “I think I can get five, six, seven more years out of this arm and these legs.”

The 32-year-old played every snap for the Steelers on offense last season, holding up well while being sacked 42 times. The frequency of those sacks dropped as the Steelers began to employ more no-huddle that allowed him to get rid of the ball more quickly. Roethlisberger said the Steelers worked on the no-huddle on Tuesday, the first day coaches were allowed to work with players at their offseason workouts, and suggested it could be “a regular thing” in the coming season.

If that keeps Roethlisberger in “great shape,” his next contract should allow him to make good on his desired career length.

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  1. Around mid-season of last year, the team somewhat let loose of the reins on Ben and let him call more of the plays from the line of scimmage. In the last 8 weeks of the season he was sacked just 8 times, and the offense began flourish. These two items of info are not unconnected. It seems as if the Steelers offense (and coordinator) might have been holding Ben back a bit over the recent years. Also impressive, Ben took every quarterback snap for the Steelers, leaving his back up on the bench. Perhaps Ben didn’t have his best year last year, but with the offensive line in turmoil for the first half of it (34 sacks in just 8 games!) and missing his starting running back for the start of it, it’s unlikely many quarterbacks could have done better. I think the vast majority of teams in the NFL would love to have him as their QB.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha, right, with no offesnsive line all he’ll be doing is playing with himself!!

  3. That means he wants a big paycheck for 5-7 yrs. New wave of young qb’s coming in to the league. Guys like him, brady, romo will be closer to gettng another 3-5 yrs.

  4. Ben is the toughest Q’back in the league in my opinion and coming from a Ravens fan that says something. I just have a hard time imagining him in as a starter for 5-7 more years. I hope he can cause when he plays it makes for some exciting Ravens vs Steelers games.

  5. I hope Ben sticks around for the rebuilding effort to enjoy the sweets of his labor and bruises. In addition it will be sweet to see the anger coming from the keeper of the culture for another five years. Rambo of the Mon will be crying in his IC Light for years…..priceless.

  6. If Roethlisberger wants to do that, he should be a team player, and take his cap hit down a few notches, so that the team can improve as a whole.

    These 100 mill deals like Flacco are killing teams. Youve already made enough money to live several lifetimes. Go try to get yourself and your younger teammates another ring.

  7. As a Steelers fan, I would LOVE for Ben to be around another 7 years. I think you would be crazy to expect it.

    If you went back to 2004, and look at the teams that passed on Ben, it is almost shocking.

    Oakland – Robert Gallery
    Cleveland – Kellen Winslow
    Detroit – Roy Williams
    Atlanta – DeAngelo Hall
    Jacksonville – Reggie Williams
    Houston – Daunta Robinson

    And most mocks had Ben going to the Giants at 4.

    If Bridgewater (fantastic college career – poor pro day) and Bortles (prototypical QB) fall past teams like the Vikings?

    I know the Steelers have LOTS of needs, but I would use our 1st round pick on either and let them sit a year or two behind Ben, like the Packers did with Rodgers.

  8. I agree he may be able to play at least another 5 years. He has the size and strength to continue being durable, along with help from the no-huddle and getting rid of the ball quick like last year to reduce the pounding. QB’s like Ben don’t come along very often. There are a FEW more accurate passers in the league now, but no one is as tough as Ben.

    I am also confident that Ben and the team will work out a mutually acceptable contract, since it makes all the sense in the world for both parties to do that. But, considering how much some other QBs are making, Ben is an unbelievable bargain right now.

    But he is only one player on the team, and the team needs all the other players to execute to win the Super Bowl.

  9. Pittsburgh *needs* to work the No Huddle. Every year, they have a lot of success with it — but they under-utilize it.

    It keeps defenses off balance, from implementing sub-packages, from making adjustments and gets the defenders tired (especially the DLs), etc. Ben CAN run it and run it well. We need to take advantage of this while we have a QB that can (and does) excel at it. This would have never worked with Kordell taking snaps.

  10. His “Tomlin Jazzercise” workout of jumping back and forth across the sideline keeps his legs supple and young.

  11. As a Ravens fan I hate Big Ben.

    But, as a football fan, I know a great player when I see one. With 2 SB wins and 1 more SB appearance, you can say he didn’t play well in those games and that he road the coat tails of a great defense all you want, but they don’t make it there without him. Period! Ben is Canton bound when this is all done. 5 to 7 more years of facing him is not something to look forward to, but it also is!


  12. Great example of why the pocket passer is never going to be totally replaced by the running QB. He probably can play another 5-7 years with his style but can anyone imagine Kaepernick or RG3 playing their style pushing 40?

  13. I see a couple more Super Bowls and countless more wins over the Ravens in Ben’s future. 5-7 more years would be about 3-5 more than Flacco will last.

  14. If he plays 5-7 more years, he’ll bring home the 10th Lombardi for the Steelers.

  15. As a Steelers fan, I love Ben for his performances on the field, however, I do not see Ben playing more than 3 or 4 years as a Steeler, if that. He did not miss a snap last year but he has taken a beating over the years and this year is going to be a real test with the questionable receiver core that is currently in place. Last year he had Cotchery, Sanders and Bell as safety valves but Cotchery and Sanders are gone and teams now are going to account for Bell out of the backfield. Plus he is going to want a contract that pays him similar to what Flacco and Brees are getting. He should retire as a Steeler but at what price and can he hold up with that young OL?

  16. Ben will defiateley be a Steeler for 5-7 more years. After all, the Steelers have a long history of keeping and overpaying old, washed up players!

  17. Ben will defiateley be a Steeler for 5-7 more years. After all, the Steelers have a long history of keeping and overpaying old, washed up players!

    You know your right. Failed to mention the Ravens will continue to support their criminals as their long history reveals starting the knife and today’s wife beater.

  18. Ben is a stud who appears certainly capable of playing 5 more years as a quality QB. The Steelers are one of the teams with outstanding management (similar to the Patriots, Seahawks) and all will always be competitive under current management and coaching.

  19. Want you to stay as long as you want, Big Ben. Just get us those 2 or 3 more Super Bowl titles.

  20. To all you outsiders, hundreds of miles away, down by the seashore, where turtles are house pets: Roethlisberger is unaffordable.

  21. Roethlisberger can “despise” all he wants, he’ll never be the QB Bradshaw was.
    Here are Bradshaw’s accomplishments after 10 seasons on the job:
    — Four-time Super Bowl winner.
    — Two-time Super Bowl MVP.
    — Set a Super Bowl record with four TD passes against the defending SB champion Cowboys in SB 13.
    — Led the league in TD passes in 1978.
    — League MVP in 1979.
    Roethlisberger can play another 20 years and never equal Bradshaw’s Hall-of-Fame career.

    By the way: What does restructuring a contract have to do with anything?

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