Bills making calls about a trade to No. 1 or No. 2

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As the draft approaches, plenty of teams supposedly want to trade down.  And plenty of teams supposedly want to trade up.

The Bills, we’re told, have been burning up the phone lines in an effort to work out a deal that would vault them from No. 9 to No. 1 or No. 2.  The targets are believed to be defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and tackle Greg Robinson.

It’s unclear what it would take to get a deal done.  With both the Texans and Rams hoping to slide down, the Bills could spark a bidding war for a bargain.  Regardless of the cost, it appears that G.M. Doug Whaley, who could have a new boss by the end of the year, hopes to make the team dramatically better, quickly.

Clowney would be installed as the bookend to Mario Williams in Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 defense, giving the Bills a potentially dominant pass rush, especially with Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus creating havoc in the middle.

Robinson, conversely, would instantly help the offense produce more yardage and points in a pass-happy league.Some think the Bills would be willing to dangle receiver Stevie Johnson as part of a trade package, but if the goal is (as it should be) to win now, it wouldn’t make sense to shuffle him out of Buffalo.

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  1. AS a Bills fan, not really sure what I to think. Are they one player away from being great (a la the Falcons when they mortgaged the future for Julio Jones?) or is this going to backfire horribly and cost a fortune in the long run.

    As said Bills fan, I’ve been conditioned for things to backfire horribly.

  2. Putting Clowney with a former no.1 like Williams could be a great thing. Having a former No.1 who has been there and done that could be a great way to challenge Clowney when needed..

  3. This is a very boom or bust scenario. On one hand you could be adding two big time starters to your team. On the other, you could be mortgaging your future, for right now. A la the redskins with RG3. Quick side note. That number 2 pick would’ve been the redskins if not for the trade up 2 years ago.

  4. Why in the world would anyone move up to take Greg Robinson when you could stay at 9 and take Jake Matthews. Nobody would do this. It’s either for Clowney or Watkins and that would be it. I don’t believe any of it anyways.

  5. Seems silly to trade up for Robinson when Lewan should be available for them at their current spot.

  6. Not sure why you think Robinson. All talks have been hinting to Clowney or Watkins. Bills have a top 10 LT in Glenn why mortgage picks for a RT when 4 solid OT are in this draft.

  7. The Bills are more than one player away from contention. If they are not moving up for a franchise QB(And I don’t think they need to), they should sit tight, keep all their picks and draft for need when their turn comes.

  8. If there are only two teams holding picks 1 and 2, meaning two phone lines in play, how could the lines be burning up?

  9. I’m surprised they aren’t talking Mack. It seems like it would be a win-win as far as football and PR goes to draft a kid that played college ball in Buffalo. Buffalo could sure use some positive PR.

  10. Being drafted by Buffalo instead of his preferred choice, the Atlanta Falcons might be the sort of humble pie Clowney needs to eat, in my opinion.

  11. My gosh if the Bills get Clowney…. Last year the Bills traded Kelvin Sheppard to the Colts for Jerry Hughes. Hughes ended up getting 10 sacks while playing in just 55% of the defensive plays. M. Williams, K. Williams, and Dareus combined for 31 sacks on top of that. Now they want to POSSIBLY add Clowney to that? Nasty.

  12. How do they know Dareus will be playing next season, his pot smoking may get in his way!!

  13. Ooof. Getting an elite player at the top of the draft would make Buffalo a lock to challenge the Patriots in an early season game, blow it in the 4th quarter and then gradually decline to a sub .500 record as the season passes away.

    Gotta love those odds.

  14. This doesn’t make sense. Their goal is to help out Manuel, and Clowney doesn’t do that. Conversely, is there that big of a difference between Robinson and Matthews or Lewan? Enough to give away next year’s first?
    There’s only one player they’re targeting if they trade that high, and it’s Sammy Watkins.

  15. No matter what…

    Unless the Bills make the playoffs this year, the entire office and coaching staff are gone.

    Of COURSE they’re going to do something drastic in the draft.

    I think it’s a really safe bet that the Bills will trade future draft picks to help the team this year. The people pulling the trigger absolutely need to double-down on this season.

  16. In a deep draft, you trade down. Whaley knows better but is frightened that he’ll be out of a job. Russ Brandon’s in the same boat. The only person who could block this move is Jeffrey Littmann — who’s perhaps the person most responsible for the terrible teams of the last 15 years.

    Cancer, death, drug busts, and amateur moves by frightened GMs. Yep, it’s great to be a Bills fan.

    Go Bills!

  17. Dareus will be suspended for his drug bust. Maybe a Clowney or Mack to replace Dareus but not to play beside him for awhile.

  18. They may lose to much trying to beef up an adequate defense. They should try upgrading offensively, like a new QB, another receiver, and catch up with what some of the other teams are doing. Play some offense and stop putting all the pressure on your defense. You have to be great on D to win consistently and it takes time to build that. You can’t do it overnight Bills.

  19. St Louis would love to see Mack go #1 and trade #2 to Buffalo, slide down to #9 and take Aaron Donald and pick up Buffalo’s second round pick and 2015 first round.
    I think they would also love to slide down from #13.
    Having three #1s next year. They’ll need them to keep up with SF and Sea.

  20. Hopefully it would be for Sammy Watkins and not Robinson or Clowney, for the love of god definitively not Robinson.

  21. This would be a gargantuan mistake for Buffalo. If they do this, it will be a case study in how bad teams stay bad.

  22. Does nobody understand that the Bills already have Mario Williams locked up on one side and they’re trying to extend the contract of Jerry Hughes (10 sacks last year) on the other side?

    Why would they trade their entire future for a guy who won’t even play every snap? Who is writing this garbage and WHY are you all buying it?

  23. It makes too much sense. You’re not going to be able to afford/entice good players to come here as free agents, so move up and draft an impact player that instantly makes you a Top 5 Defense. The Bills have less holes than people think. With a healthy E.J., stud backfield, and up and comers at wide receiver this could finally be the year the Bills make a run at that AFC East title.

  24. .

    This report must have originated out of Colorado or Washington state. The Bills only have 6 picks total. What would they use for currency? Future picks?

    With the 9th pick in each of the first two rounds (2 of the top 41 picks), Whaley has an opportunity to address two needs with high value targets.

    I have a much easier time believing the Bills would be willing to trade back rather than up.


  25. Rule #1: Every report leaked to the media about a pre-draft deal is a smokescreen.

    Rule #2: The only deals that ever get done are being done without the media’s knowledge and are not announced by the media until the deals have been finalized.

  26. This is why the Bills havent made the playoffs since the millennium. They do not put inelligent football people in charge of the organization

  27. i don’t think this is a team that wants to mortgage their future on one guy when they need so much.

  28. Hope if it is the Texans or Rams that deal with the Bills that they take those idiots, AKA the mistake by the lake, to the cleaners for that pick. And, they still need a QB because Manuel cannot stay on the field. Buffalo and draft bust seem to go hand in hand.

  29. The Bills are notorious for keeping things quiet. Reports of a trade may be true, but I would almost guarantee the players that are being leaked are incorrect. Buffalo never tips their hand

  30. If Bills get a shot at no1, gotta get Clowney. Putting him with Mario on the other side n Dareus n Williams pushing the pocket up the middle, Bills will b monster scary. Adding Spikes with Alonso n Rivers, who would want to go to Buffalo in November n December to play them. Whaley building team like old Steel Curtain. Front seven, monster scary. Giants fortunate they play Bills in exebition.

  31. I promise you, if the Bills take Clowney, he’s gonna be a huge bust…this guy takes more plays “Off” than Moss did…

  32. So, reports like this tell me that when a GM contacts another GM about trades, he tells the receptionist or secretary all the details first. “Honey, we wanna get your team’s DE. Cool, huh? Put in a good word to yer boss for me, okay? Box ‘o candy on yer desk on Friday if ya do it. Oh, and feel free to tell everyone ya know about the players we’re talking about. Makes no nevermind to me.”

    Gullible saps eat this fabricated crap up. Do you really think all these “unnamed” sources are real? If I’m a GM trying to work trades, the first thing I tell the other GM is, “this is all confidential, and if word leaks on any of it the deal is null and void.”

  33. Why do the Bills seem obsessed with the glamorous pick? They have great RBs, solid WRs, and even Chandler is solid enough at TE.

    Their O-Line however is garbage and their approach is to draft a QB in 2013 and now potentially a DE in 2014? When the D-Line is the strength of the team? Even if it’s for Robinson, is the drop-off to Matthews or Lewan enough to mortgage the future? Is this team one player away?

    As a Jets fan, we make enough ridiculous mistakes, but man does Buffalo take it a step further.

  34. I promise you, if the Bills take Clowney, he’s gonna be a huge bust…this guy takes more plays “Off” than Moss did…

    yeah because you know, Moss was a huge bust too

  35. Floating down the Niagara river towards the Falls…Around 9 p.m….

    That’s where you will find me if we trade up and lose next years first rounder.

  36. Its happening like “Draft Day” the movie want proof. Movie they “Browns” trade 7th pick and the kitchen sink. for the 1st pick
    browns owner forces Gm to make a splash.
    Well Ralph is gone , but the need to win now and make a splash at the same time. To save their jobs and Russ said two things he wanted to do before Ralph died was get him in the hall of fame and hand him the Vince Lombardy. We finally get the right people in time is running out we are all in like it or not. Ever think what if the Bills stay but fire every one and the next group could suck for ten more yrs…………

  37. They have a weak QB, weak coaching, and some misplaced ideas about the quality of their roster.


    More talent in this draft than ever before, and likely for a long time to come, as the drain of juniors the last two years will dilute the talent coming out in the next couple years. Best time to NOT move up? That would be this year.


    They are getting fired next year or the year after, because NOBODY is worth giving up your draft for. Not Ricky Williams, not Herschel Walker, not Jadaveon Clowney nor the consistently off balance Greg Robinson.


  38. People stop stay smokescreen we get it u watched NFL Network today get your own thing. How about call it a Jackson 5.
    Why cause 4 things are fake and one is a molester. Have your own thing lazy idiot

  39. Belichick can’t spy gate on that. Daaaaaaaayum! Attack the head and the body will fall. This would change the balance of power in the AFC East draft culture and game strategy. How? If you don’t have a OL and they were to pair Clowney with the others you will get steamrolled for years to come. If you are forced to keep your TE in to help that takes Gronk away. If you are keeping your TE in and you have a mediocre OL, then your QB better have WR weapons, if you don’t have either then you better run to keep them honest. If they get quick leads and you are forced to pass a lot of the game………paper or plastic?

  40. I have two concerns. First and foremost, I don’t want to see JD going at Brady twice a year, second for the bills, it’s well known here in columbia JD, like all us southerners, hates the cold.

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