Browns could be blowing smoke on Bridgewater at No. 26


Logic suggests that both Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater both will be selected in the first round of the draft.  It’s becoming clear that Manziel will be gone sooner than later.  If Bridgewater is there later, a potential destination is emerging.

Unless it isn’t.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Browns G.M. Ray Farmer is “enamored” with Bridgewater, and that Farmer will “strongly consider” taking Bridgewater at No. 26, if he’s still there.

Since we’re constantly looking for smokescreens in the days before the draft — and assuming that everything coming from a team is indeed a smokescreen — it could be that Farmer hopes someone who covets Bridgewater leapfrogs the Browns at No. 26, taking the former Louisville quarterback and leaving on the board someone in whom the Browns are genuinely interested.

Last week, Farmer openly gushed about receiver Sammy Watkins, expressing hope the former Clemson wideout will be available when the Browns use the fourth pick.  It seemed like a clumsy exercise in reverse psychology, unless Farmer has gone next level in his blowing of smoke, expressing interest in order to make people think he’s not interested, in order to hide his true interest.

My nose is bleeding.


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  1. My Browns have done a great job keeping EVERYONE guessing at what they are doing.

    It’s Johnny Football, no it’s Bridgewater, no it’s Watkins, no it’s a tackle, no it’s Carr.

    Nobody has a clue, and Farmer has done a great job not letting the cat out of the bag. Just hope he make the right Picks!!

  2. Or he could just be telling the truth about Watkins, and that way in the future the next time he says something it could be a credible trap. It’s no risk if he has 4 players he really likes and if he’s pretty sure his Top 3 will be the actual Top 3. So why not try to motivate somebody to trading into the Top 3 for Watkins so you can get a slightly better selection or show that you speak the truth whereas everybody else blows smoke?

  3. No, Mary Kay is reporting that “a source” is saying it. She has no information about anything on her own.

  4. This whole blowing smoke mind trick thing is easy – wait until a reporter asks you about a player and then say nice things about him. Then the reporter assumes you’re interested in that player.

  5. I would be totally fine with taking Bridgewater at 26. Just not as high on Carr though.

    Personally I’d be happy drafting Watkins and another non-qb position player in the first round and sticking with Hoyer and Young for this year.

  6. Houston, St.Louis, and Jacksonville can play all the games they want, but when all the smoke clears….the Browns will end up with 5 excellent players in the first three rounds, to add to young and upcoming nucleus of players, not too mention a solid coaching staff and GM , and an owner who has a passion for football success….don’t panic Brownies…..don’t trade up….just pick what’s there, and you will have improved your team immensely…..Cleveland Rocks!!!!!!!

  7. While Bridgewater will probably be a decent QB, I think Hoyer showed enough before getting hurt last year to have a chance this year. If he doesn’t work out, address QB in the draft next year.

  8. Air quality control experts in 32 cities are becoming concerned about the problem. “We’ve never seen these pollution levels prior to a draft before. There have been some bad years, but this year broke all previous records.”. Most blame it on the two week delay coupled with the prolifeation of anonymous sources around the league.

  9. Has anyone noticed that logicalvoice only brags about the Redskins beating out the Browns in the RGIII trade?

    If that’s your definition of bragging rights, then have at it.

  10. LOL anyone who admits to being a reskins fan is a moron. RG3 might be biggest bust of all time when it is all said and done. For what they gave up to get him Cousins should be starting not even RG3.

  11. Browns should trade down, Hoyer looked good last season. There’s to many good wrs imo to take Watkins when theirs other areas of need. I would trade down with the lions who want Watkins (they just signed Tate?? Beats me) and grab another pick, and grab HaHa or Pryor with their first pick, and Carr with their 2nd 1st. Then grab you WR and an Oline man with the 2nd, 2nd round pick. If that makes any sense.

  12. The title should read “Every team has been blowing smoke up everybody’s a$$ for months”.

    30 hours left..

  13. Whoever the Browns draft at the quarterback position will simply be yet another name on the list of miserable failures.

    Cleveland is the place where quarterbacks go to die.

  14. Wait. A team might be blowing smoke regarding their draft intentions and about a QUARTERBACK no less?! I refuse to believe this could be true! In other news, the sun rose today and our panel of experts believe the sun will set some time this evening.

  15. I think if the Browns put all thier eggs in Hoyer they’re foolish. Norv Turner’s influence on him last year cannot be understated.

    They should add a WR early and a QB at the end of the 1st.

    Why waste another year of Josh Gordons contract and a year that your QB can grow with a nucleus of Gordon, a high 1st WR, Jordan, Tate and probably a drafted RB?

  16. The Browns never passed on drafting RGIII. In fact, they wanted him badly and made extreme trade offers to get him. However, they were outbid by WA who doesn’t have a first round pick this year and RGIII is going into his third year. From a Browns fan perspective, RGIII isn’t looking as sweet as he did 2 years ago. Looked very average last year after his running was cut back and defenses figured him out. I think Foles is actually a better QB at this point.

  17. Since The Browns aren’t taking Manziel at 4 I’m hoping Clowney falls to them, but I think The Browns pick is Mike Evans imagine Gordon, Cameron, and Evans they just better hope Hoyer or whatever QB they draft can get them the ball

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