Ha Ha Clinton-Dix leads a class without an elite safety


Most NFL personnel people agree on two things about this year’s class of safeties: It’s a relatively weak group, and Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is the best of the bunch.

“As far as the elite safety, it’s down,” Don Gregory, director of college scouting for the Panthers, told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “There’s solid ones but there’s not an elite guy.”

McGinn polled 19 scouts and found that 13 of them considered Clinton-Dix the best safety in this year’s draft class. Three scouts prefer Calvin Pryor of Louisville, while Jimmie Ward of Northern Illinois, Deone Bucannon of Washington State and Lamarcus Joyner of Florida State were the favorite of one scout each.

But in a sign of just how weak the safety class is, one personnel man said of Clinton-Dix and Pryor, “I would not take either of those guys in the first round.” This is a bad year to have a need at safety.

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  1. I think the Ravens have a glaring need at FS and in round 2 they have a shot at the kid from Washington State. He looks legit.

    Ravens will trade back without a doubt. Rumors of the niners being a willing partner. WR, OL, TE, ILB, RB, CB and being need positions. Last year they went Elam/Brown their first two picks coming off losing Ed Reed and Ray. I’d bet if Aaron Donald falls to 17 the Ravens will look at the departure of Arthur Jones and grab the kid instead of trade back. I think the Ravens want to develop Kyle Juczszky lol as a TE more and use the FB less. The Ravens like Chykie Brown at CB but believe in being well stocked at CB. Id be surprised if they don’t trade back or take a Donald or Dennard at CB. I dont see them using a high pick on anything but a lineman or CB

  2. Football skills aside, i just can’t take someone seriously whose name is Ha Ha. What were his parents thinking?

  3. Pryor is an enforcer & stood out on YouTube tape. He will be a plus defender against the run but may struggle in pass coverage. Clinton-Dix is a better center fielder but doesn’t seem to flash any elite skills. Pryor plays with reckless abandon.

  4. It’s the same thing at QB – Manziel just happens to be the best of a weak class in QB’s.

    Listening to some people around here, you’d think this was 1983 again. It isn’t.

  5. All of these safeties are “just another guy.” I would rank Gilbert, Dennard, Fuller, Roby, and Verrett all ahead of Dix or Pryor. For teams that use their safeties interchangeably, I would go with Pryor over Dix, but for teams that have a true strong and free, Dix is a better free. My personal preference would be Bucannon, and then guys like Loston and Ladler in the mid rounds, and late round developmental guys like Exum(convert from CB), Huff, and Dowling. But then again, I think larger safeties are better because of the TE boom in the NFL.

  6. Bad news to be a bears fan. Hope we don’t reach for one at pick 14 when a top level talent is there in another position. And hopefully one of the second round graded players is there then

  7. He is an elite guy & whomever the scout is that attributed to that quote likely sucks & i’d like to see his draft recommendations the last 10 years.

  8. For 6’0″ and 210, he looks tiny. Same measurements as Brian Dawkins, and he looked jacked compared to Ha Ha. And, Dawkins ran a 4.38. Damn do I miss him 😦

  9. Man, am I glad Andy picked Brandon Graham instead of Earl Thomas. Look at all these fantastic safeties, ripe for the picking! We didnt need to settle for Earl Thomas!

    Thanks Andy 😦

  10. I wouldn’t take Pyror, at all. He knocked 3 guys out of games last fall. He’ll have a rep as a head hunter, meaning he’ll get flagged for illegal hits more than he should, possibly suspended. No thank you.

  11. Pryor and Dix go in the top 15 as need picks. Every body wants to be the Seahawks now. It’s nice to be on top.
    TRENDING, Go Hawks!

  12. HaHa doesn’t like to get his nose dirty when playing in the box type,last 2 college games against Auburn and Okla St was responsible for giving up about 6 Tds. Pryor is good in the box,but not a centerfielder type.Terrance Brooks 4.37 40 is the best of the lot

  13. DitkasHair says:
    May 7, 2014 9:24 AM
    You may be better off taking a Corner and trying to convert him….


    At this point with the leagues rules, I would agree.

    Take a corner that isnt afraid of contact, and convert. Sheldon Brown would have made an excellent S early in his career.

    Guys like Malcolm Jenkins are needed more and more with all of the athletic TEs teams are fielding. You just need to find guys who dont whiff on tackles (like Malcolm Jenkins lol)

  14. “Ha Ha” is short for Hasean. His grandmother couldn’t pronounce his name so she nicknamed his “Ha Ha” and it stuck, much like the ball sticks everytime its thrown near him. He’ll be the shizzle at the next level….

  15. It’s annoying when scouts and “experts” assume that these players are not elite. Michael Huff was supposed to be “elite” and his career was solid but far from elite. Let these guys step on an NFL field before stating they are not elite.

  16. Can’t wait to hear Joe Buck-“HaHa Clinton-Dix on the tackle, ya know Troy, he’s something….”
    “Yeah, Joe, HaHa hit him right on the funny bone!”

  17. bornahawker says:
    Pryor and Dix go in the top 15 as need picks. Every body wants to be the Seahawks now. It’s nice to be on top.
    TRENDING, Go Hawks!
    The safety position has been around alot longer than the Seahags..
    You act like they invented the position. When you (Seattle) pick in the top 15 every year, your chances of landing a good safety go up.
    Your not the first team to win a SB.
    Your not the first team to try to repeat.
    Your not the first team to pick last in the draft.
    And your definitely not the first team to have a pro bowl safety.
    Pittsburgh and Baltimore have had pretty good safeties over the years… Maybe Seattle wanted to be like them? You didn’t think about that did you?

  18. The best safety in this class is named neither Ha-Ha or Pryor. The best safety in this class is named Deone Bucannon.

  19. Pryor is better… third comment is ignorant… and u dumbies give him thumbs ups… smh… he had one more picks than HAHA in one less game… and that’s not even supposed to be his thing.. While being clearly better at tackling, forcing fumbles, and plays with a ton of energy

  20. jlgsoccer says:
    May 7, 2014 9:19 AM

    His name is Ha’Sean. Ha Ha is a nickname…do some research
    I fail to see how that is better.

  21. I wish he’s drop the hyphenated name. Either use Ha Ha Dix…….or Ha Ha Clinton…..the later of which is my preference, but what do I know? I’m just a guy sittin’ around in my underwear on the computer waitin’ for the draft to begin!!!

  22. Whereas another scout said that Clinton-Dix is “Pretty much the most complete guy I’ve ever (scouted at Safety)” and that taking him in the second half of the first round would be “a no-brainer.”
    Trying to find agreement on any player in the draft is pretty much impossible, especially since a lot of the scouts and personnel people don’t even think twice about blowing smoke at reporters.

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