Haden, Peterson paying close attention to Sherman deal

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Last year, a stream of franchise quarterbacks got big-money deals in the offseason.  This year, the investments will be made in the guys charged with the duty of picking off the passes thrown by franchise quarterbacks.

Last week, the Seahawks inked Earl Thomas to a four-year, $40 million extension.  Today, Seattle gave a four-year, $57.4 million extension to cornerback Richard Sherman.

Next up?  Browns cornerback Joe Haden and Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Both players’ camps were closely watching the Sherman negotiations, waiting to do their deals until Sherman completed his contract.  While Haden may not get as much as Sherman, Peterson could push for an even better deal.

Sherman plays one side of the field in a system that is swarming with great players.  Peterson plays shutdown corner in the truest sense, following a team’s top wideout, wherever he lines up.

Peterson, the fifth overall pick in the same year Sherman was a fifth-rounder, has declined to rule out the possibility of a holdout, if he doesn’t get the contract he wants.  Whatever he wants, he possibly wants even more, now that Sherman has cashed in.

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  1. Both or these guys are more athletically gifted than Sherman . But Sherman is the smartest of all them and the best overall player bc or that . I’ve never seen Sherman get eaten alive like Peterson has and Hayden against some of his nemesis’a.

  2. joe Haden is the most overrated player in the NFL…Dude can’t cover a wet blanket..Game on the line vs Jags- fried.. first steelers game- fried. Dude is awful

  3. Peterson deserves way more than Dick Sherman. Covers the #1 wherever he goes, (not just one half of one side) returns kicks, AND keeps his mouth shut. If I were a GM, I know which of these two I’d build a team around…

  4. Joe Haden is good but doesn’t belong in the conversation with Revis, Peterson, and Sherman.

  5. .

    As good a job as the Seattle front office did in putting the Seahawks together, the task of keeping them intact may be harder. Everybody wants their payday and with salary cap rules, it becomes an almost impossible assignment.

    The hardest thing to do in today’s NFL is not to win a random Super Bowl. It’s to have a run of a decade or so where you’re in the hunt every year and every game has playoff implications.


  6. Plus PP also returns kicks which brings his value even higher than the others. Oh and he’s never been suspended for PED’s which should bring him a little more money than at least one of these guys.

  7. Peterson is a great corner but he hasn’t won anything. You get a bonus for having a fat ring on your finger. Peterson never will with the stiff they have at quarterback.

  8. He plays one side of the field because the defensive scheme calls for it.

    Peyton never called “omaha” once during the superbowl because the hawks were always in cover 1 or cover 3.

    Just because it wasn’t required of him, does not mean that Sherman would not be able to shutdown the WR1.

  9. I have great respect for Peterson and rank him at the top of the CB’s, on par with Sherman……I would expect him and Sherman to continue to play at a high level for many years and we all get to argue who is better…..Clearly, Sherman had a better year last year, but that may not be the case this coming season……I trust that both will perform at the highest level and we will just be quibbling on who had the better year for the next few years…..Regarding Peterson, you have to respect his play and competitiveness……I would expect him to have the same contract offer and hope that he gets paid well……

  10. I am a Browns fan, and I agree that Haden is probably over-rated.

    BUT…he wouldn’t be if he would stop thinking about the previous play, and deal with what’s on the field in front of him. He doesn’t take plays off. That’s not what I’m saying.

    He needs to have a short memory.

  11. Theres no way i would have sherman 14 million a year this is gonna be the downfall of the seahawks to many large contracts they want be able to resign everybody next year and now since hes got paid he want play as hard

  12. Why is it being reported that Sherman is the highest paid player at his position? It is just not true. This is an extension to his current contract, so he’s really just earning about 11.78 million a year over the next five years.

    That is less than Revis earns this season on his bogus one year deal.

  13. Just a note, Richard Sherman has not been suspended for PED’s .
    Regardless of what people may think, it is recorded as a contaminated specimen because the technician did not comply with procedures.

  14. Haden belongs in the conversation. Last season alone he shut down Megatron and Aj green with little or no help from the rest of the defense. Sherman is good but is on a Superbowl winning defense he has help in the areas of pass rush which gives him less time he has to actually cover. Safty help deep with Thomas and Cam. Oviously he dont even have to play 100% when he has help around him.

  15. Joe haden doesnt deserve to be in converseation as a top CB?! Ok, tell that to megatron who had only 3 catches for 25 yards or speak to A J Green, who in two games vs haden had only 58 yards!! One game ending in 7 yards that game! No way you can say Joe Haden is not a top CB.

  16. Joe Haden doing great in three games does not make him “elite”. I’m a Browns fan and would love to believe that Haden belongs in this class, but he doesn’t. he is a streaky player who has some great games, but almost an equal number of games where he gets owned repeatedly. His inclusion in this conversation is a product of hype. not accomplishment.

    He absolutely has the potential to be a part of this class, he just hasn’t really earned it at this point.

  17. Patrick Peterson couldn’t even cover Golden Tate down in the desert.

    Tate had Peterson twisted into a Philly pretzel.

    – Golden Tate drew coverage from Patrick Peterson consistently last night, and got the better of him snagging four of the five passes targeted to him in Peterson’s coverage for 77 yards.-

    Week 7 recap from a football stat site. Google and you will find it.

    I do think Sherman was overpaid but Peterson is over hyped.

  18. Haden over rated no. Did he get burned a couple of games last year yes. That happens when you try jumping a route for a pic instead of playing the Wr. Every game he covers the #1 Wr. Did he have great help behind him not really. Sherman is good and smart but would he be that good on another team. I would take any of the three on my team ant given day.

  19. This is how John and Pete view Sherman’s contract.

    They view it as ripping up the current deal and giving Sherman a 5 yr contract for $58.8 million.

    That is under $12mm/yr which is high but fmv for a shut down cb that saved the Hawks season.

    5/7/2014: Signed a five-year, $58.789 million contract. The deal contains $40 million guaranteed.

    2014: $1.389 million, 2015-2018: Under Contract, 2019: Free Agent

  20. This is Peterson’s current deal.

    7/30/2011: Signed a four-year, $19.5 million contract. The deal is fully guaranteed, including an $11.9 million signing bonus.

    2014: $2,888,114, 2015: $10.081 million, 2016: Free Agent

    PP will already make almost $13mm over the next 2 years inc $10mm in 2015.

    Sherm will make around $16mm over the next 2 and then PP will get another boatload.

    When you break down Sherm’s deal over the next 5 years and compare to what PP will make over the next 5, Sherm will be a discount.

    Trust me and you won’t have to “double check”.

  21. I would think it would be prudent to get your better players locked up early. Why wait for the bar to be lifted higher and higher? But, this seems to always happen whenever the bean-counters get involved with personnel decisions.

    The Browns almost lost Mack this year due to Banner’s penny-pinching ways. Now they have to pay him “tackle” money. What was Banner thinking?

  22. I will give Haden shutting down Megatron but green no way. Andy dalton is awful. Cecil shorts and Antonio brown had their way with him. He is good. Elite ? Hell no. Best days are behind him . And he helped them get to 6 wins not a single time

  23. All of you NON football heads need to understand a few things about the cornerback position. Petersen, while a great corner, only shadows the other teams best WR because the Cardinals don’t have another corner. Lets talk about playmaking and tell me the last time a corner had back to back 8 INT years while being thrown at the LEAST!!! I will wait…….

  24. So… Haden shutting down Megatron is something but shutting down Green 2x is nothing? If Green had his averages against Cleveland last season, he goes from 5th in the league in yardage to 2nd (behind Josh Gordon, who would have welcomed having Dalton throwing to him all season given the crap QB play Cleveland had), and gets over the 100 reception milestone.
    Brown had basically his season league averages against Haden and Shorts went 6/64/1 against him (a local to Cleveland kid that wanted to show what the Browns what they missed by not nabbing him out of their own back yard) so I hardly say that’s having “their way with him.”
    Haden IS in the conversation wih those other guys, no question about it.

  25. Those two have to understand the places they work for one. Where Sherman plays, the secondary has been prioritized second only to the QB, so him and Earl Thomas were going to get paid as the pillars of that unit. I don’t know if the Cardinals and Browns have constructed their teams from the outset in the same manner.

  26. Sherman’s never been suspended for PEDs, geez, some people here are seriously misinformed.

  27. Patrick Peterson = Great Athlete.

    Richard Sherman = Great Football Player.

    There’s a big difference, which is why one provides great production considering the lack of throws against and the other just looks pretty while chasing down a “mediocre” receiver named Michael Crabtree.

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