Jason Garrett says Tony Romo’s in the “prime of his career”

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While the idea of Johnny Manziel playing for Jerry Jones is simply too perfect to not hope for, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said that quarterback Tony Romo was in the “prime of his career.”

The 34-year-old quarterback coming off back surgery threw for 45 minutes yesterday, and Garrett said he was impressed with Romo’s condition.

To me, he’s a very young player,” Garrett said, via Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News. “He moves around really well. He hasn’t lost any mobility, ability to get away from people. I think his arm is better than ever, so we don’t look at him despite his back situation that he’s had over the last couple of years as somebody who is an old player by any means. He simply needs to rehab his back and get himself healthy and get going again.”

Jones also insisted that Romo was getting well and remained the strength of the team.

“We know his back is everything we would want it to be at this time,” the owner said. “We feel very strong about the edge our quarterback gives us and it a great place to build.”

If Romo can be counted on to be healthy, the Cowboys don’t need to burn a first-round pick on another quarterback. But the concern over his back is a real thing, and only adds a layer to the intriguing possibility of Manziel staying in his home state.

43 responses to “Jason Garrett says Tony Romo’s in the “prime of his career”

  1. The Cowboys have no reason to gamble by adding another QB. Romo is solid. Despite the disappointing finish to the season, Romo took care of the ball pretty well last year. If Romo were to get injured, I’d like to see Weeden get another shot. Sometimes a change of scenery and a change in variables can make a big difference for a guy.

  2. Right, And so is Jerry. Keep up the good work and dont change a thing! I hope this regime lives forever! Heck, I hope Jerry lives forever!
    -NFC East

  3. Somewhat ironically, Jason Garrett is in the twilight of his coaching career with the Cowboys.

  4. It’s not just the owner and the owners son, no, it includes the so called HC too.

    They’re all delusional and in complete denial. It must really suck to be a Cowboys fan.

  5. As an Eagle fan, I can’t think there’s anybody better to play QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

  6. Garrett is delusional. He’s simply spewing the company line. He can’t possible think a 34 year old is in his prime, without getting the memo from Jerry.

    Though he may have 3-4 more years left, his “buddy ball” has not translated wins. The fact is, the Cowboys are perfectly content to count the receipts. Winning is a bonus that is not required for them.

  7. back problems don’t care if you’re in your prime or not. Better hope he doesn’t relapse. That would be a ton of dead money…

  8. de·lu·sion noun \di-ˈlü-zhən, dē-\
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    He is living under the delusion that Tony Romo is a QB in his prime.

  9. I didn’t think I could ever hate the Cowboys anymore than I already do… then I saw Romo and Garrett at a Duke game. There are no longer words to describe the feeling now.

  10. What do you want the guy to say he’s finished. You people are stupid for sure just a bunch of cowboy haters. Nothing better to do with life than to troll cowboy posts and make stupid comments lol. Also only a real cowboy fan knows Jerry cares about wining hence his willingness to spend on free agents and try to get that game changer in the draft. So you haters with no lives keep hating you keep posting on cowboy links and showing the world why we were dubbed Americas team

  11. “And I’m not just saying this because he gave me a shot at his wife, Jerry told me to say it, or that my job depends on it.” said the ceremonial figurehead. “We’ll suck but it won’t be Tony’s fault.”

  12. What’s in the water down in Texas? It makes people say really stupid things.

  13. Funny, Im a Steelers fan and just left a comment on a Big Ben article that I would draft Bridgewater or Bortles in the 1st if they fell to is.

    Romo is 2 years older than Ben, and had no where near the success as Ben, and these clowns REALLY think Romo is in his prime?

    Unless this is smoke screen, its pathetic.

  14. Beginning, Prime, End, doesn’t matter. This guy is never going to win anything in this league.

  15. Posters saying they are starting to feel bad for Cowboys fans, please stop it. “There is no such thing as a Cowboy fan”. There are only front running followers of the Cowboys. Don;t believe it ? just think about any so called Cowboy fan you know and try to disagree.

  16. every day its something new from dallas. to me it sounds like the boys are whistling in the graveyard so nobody thinks they’re scared….

    and to paul smith…you were dubbed americas team by nfl films back in the 70’s. and why people hate the cowboys is the nature of the fanbase.

    the non-texas portion of the cowboy fans were the fans of losing teams that got tired of rooting for the local team and decided to jump on the cowboy bandwagon either in the 70’s during their first era of success or when jimmy reinvigorated the franchise before leaving it to his arrogant former college teammate. their other favorite teams are the yankees and either the lakers or the celtics (or the bulls if they are from the jordan era). my dad called people like that frontrunners.

  17. It would be cool if Manziel could be drafted somewhere that he would at least have a chance to succeed. Dallas isn’t that place.

  18. Yep, he’s not waiting till the last week of the season to tank, he’s out by week 10; a drastic improvement for the failure pile that is Romo’s career.

  19. An old choking DOG QB with a Bad Back. Why would you consider taking a QB in the draft.

    Almost as smart as picking the Ravens, a weak expansion team, to help you celebrate the closing of Texas stadium .

  20. Romo is not a bad quarterback, but he isn’t going to put the team over the top. When does anyone get better at the age of 33 or 34. What you will continue to get is anywhere between 8 to 10 wins a year and if you are lucky maybe the occasional playoff appearance. The question is, how long is mediocrity good enough?

  21. I don’t “hate” the Cowboys, or any other team. Being realistic is not hating, only seeing things as they really are. The realism here is Romo’s history with the Pokes, which is not all that stupendous. The need for team officials to wheel out glowing forecasts for the players and team prospects each spring and summer, is getting old. “IF”, Romo had actually done something positive for Dallas, in past years, there might be something believable in Garrett’s words. For Jason, to declare that Tony, is in “his prime” at this late stage of his career, reeks only of the team’s desires to sell tickets to the games and merchandise to the gullible. Since they don’t realistically have anything else to “sell” to the fans, they merely put new treads on the same time-worn stories.

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