Mike Mayock doesn’t have Johnny Manziel going in the Top 15


NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock only does one mock draft, which airs on the night before the first round. This afternoon NFL Media released the Top 15 from Mayock’s mock, and one noteworthy name is missing: Johnny Manziel.

As Mayock sees it, Manziel won’t go off the board in the Top 15. You’ll have to watch NFL Network tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern to find out where (or whether) Mayock has Manziel going in Picks 16-32, but there are some potentially interesting landing spots after the 15th pick.

At No. 16 is Dallas. If the Cowboys took Manziel it would be the most-discussed story of the draft, although Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones indicated this week that he doesn’t see it happening. If Mayock is right and Manziel won’t go in the Top 15, other potential landing spots include Philadelphia (coach Chip Kelly tried to recruit Manziel to Oregon), Kansas City (it’s up for debate whether they view Alex Smith as the long-term answer) and Cincinnati (although they’re publicly behind Andy Dalton, there are reports that they’re privately interested in drafting his replacement).

It’s also quite likely that if Manziel slips out of the first half of the first round, there will be teams interested in trading up from the top half of the second round to grab him. The longer Manziel remains undrafted, the more intriguing things will get on Thursday night.

Mayock does have one quarterback going in the Top 15, with the Titans taking Blake Bortles at No. 11. Like just about everyone, Mayock has Jadeveon Clowney going first overall to Houston. His full Top 15 is right here.

38 responses to “Mike Mayock doesn’t have Johnny Manziel going in the Top 15

  1. Manziel will be gone to a team that trades up into the late-teens or early-twenties as they panic for some sort of splash in the draft.

    It will end just like Brady Quinn.

    I just hope it isn’t the Browns that do that idiotic move.

  2. I have him dropping to Cleveland’s second pick at 26. That’s with no trades.

  3. Mayock has zero trade scenario in that list. Not buying it. There will be at least 2 big move ups in that top 15 that will change EVERYTHING.

  4. Really wish the draft was in April. Real tired of this speculation. Can’t listen to talk radio anymore.

  5. Sorry Goodell but you’re forcing me to watch nba playoffs over the draft just out of spite. With the delays I’ll get the picks faster on twitter anyway

  6. Is Mayock willing to put some money where is projection are? OnltY then would we see all nonsense and all game playing be shut down.

    What is interesting is how Favre says Manziel reminds him of himself and his ability to produce on-the-field improvisations or as some unknown collge clown calls sand lot football which Farve won lots of games playing that way. There is nothing wrong with sand lot football as long as you can also play structured ball, which Farve did in the pros and Manziel did in college. If Manziel ends up in a system that plays to his strengths, he will win lots of games. How foolish will these guys like Mayock look the? Too bad these so called experts are not held to their predictions by losing money or job security after the draft is over or for next few years after the players prove themselves or fail in the NFL.

  7. If Manziel truly doesn’t go top 10, then maybe his oversized ego will be knocked down a peg.

  8. I just don’t see this guy making it through 16 games plus the playoffs. He’ll make the sportscenter top 10 plays sometimes, put up some fantasy points (when healthy) and sell a bunch of jerseys but I wouldnt put an entire franchise on his shoulders

  9. Mayock us right way more often than he’s wrong. However, when he is wrong that’s all people will focus on. Example: people bringing up mayock saying jamarcus having the best pro day he ever saw. Nobody ever said Russ didn’t have talent. You cant predict how a guy is gonna work after he gets his money.

  10. Johnny Manziel has been a pawn, a smokescreen for other teams. Johnny Manziel at the earliest will go in the 20’s in the first round!

  11. If the Brown’s don’t take him in the top 5, then they shouldn’t take him in the 20’s. If you don’t believe your QB is top 5 talent then shouldn’t take him at all.

  12. Manziel will not have a great NFL career, and he’ll need some luck to have even a decent/good career. He’s undersized; he will run around a lot behind the line of scrimmage because he won’t be able to see very well in the pocket. He’ll make some good plays and a lot of bad plays. He certainly won’t be nearly as effective running down the field as he did in college–NFL defenders are much better, plus the injury risk will be much higher. If he gets on a good team, like Wilson, he might be OK. I think the skepticism level among teams about Manziel is pretty high–but it certainly is possible that one team will take him high. Half a dozen are utterly desperate to find that “it” QB every year.

  13. why wouldn’t dallas take manziel. Romo is not going to do anything going forward for playoffs and this guy gives him 4-5 years before they have to pay him.

  14. Mayock is an Airhead. I can’t see any scenario without at least 4 Trades in the 1st round! I bet at least 2 before 14! His dart is no better than the average Fan that reads a few Mocks and guesses. Oh and Manziel goes to the Jags at no. 3 and if I am wrong he goes to the Browns at 4.

  15. Hey, the best player in college must be the guy that got 3 sacks. I like him cause his hiighlight reel only lasts 12 seconds compared to the hours for Manziel’s.

  16. Manziel will go in the top 3 in the battle for Florida market share.

    That’s why Tampa ownership (not coaching staff) want to trade up for Manziel, and Jacksonville wants him too.

    Along with Miami, all three FL teams are struggling, and market share is up for grabs.

    Manziel means ticket sales. He will be moving to Florida very soon.

  17. I’m much more surprised that he doesn’t have Aaron Donald getting drafted in the top 15. The kid is a stud. If he’s there at #15 the Steelers better draft him, and I don’t want to hear about scheme fit.

  18. Mayock was a genius just the other day. Now he’s an idiot. Maybe he’s getting smarter, along with everybody else.

    Manziel is not and never has been 1st rd. material. Jumping into and out of the arms of defensive linemen doesn’t mean you’re good. It means the linemen can’t tackle.

    People are coming to their senses and Manziel will sit for awhile at the draft. Get the popcorn. His face will be priceless. Hey Johnny, “how about a selfie”?

  19. Manziel will not make it out of the top 5. Either someone will draft him or someone will trade up and get him. He has more “Marquee” then anybody in the draft by far and that gets the turnstiles moving tons “O” buzz, and moves swag.

  20. So after the draft is over and the post draft coverage is done, does Mayock just sit in his house staring at the wall and sharpening pencils waiting for next year’s draft?

  21. sounds like Mayock want him to fall to Dallas…If any team has him Minnesota …Buffalo….Tenn…St. Louis hold Jerrah on the ropes… and make him pay! I think Johnny Futbal will be really good QB question I have is how long…When he’s on the field hes a gamer

  22. He’s going top 10 for sure. Mayocks just trying to get some publicity by saying he’s not going top 15 because he knows people will react. These so called experts these days except for Kiper who I think doesn’t have an agenda just do things to garner some attention.

  23. I won’t claim to know how far johnny Football will far or even how far he should fall but I’ll tell you this: If he’s still there at 22 Chip Kelly will scoop him up.

    Putting aside the whole ‘one that got away’ thing he’s just too damn valuable. Chip has an even bigger ego than Johnny and hasn’t failed to get a QB to perform yet. So he’ll definitely see the potential upside. If Foles should go down or if somebody offers a sum at contract time that stretches the Eagles, well he’d be there.

    If the past is any indication Chip may believe that after a year or three of work Johnny himself could be worth quite a haul in trade whether Foles is there or not. If so I’m not inclined to doubt his judgment.

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