More talk that Lions want to trade up for Sammy Watkins


The talk that the Lions want to trade up in the draft for Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins is not going away.

Reports linking the Lions to Watkins have been going strong for months, and this morning on NFL Network, Ian Rapoport reported that the Lions have told Watkins they’re considering trading from No. 10 into the Top 3 to take him.

The Lions are clearly doing their homework on Watkins. In addition to the Lions’ visits with Watkins personally, the people at Clemson have reportedly talked more to the Lions than to personnel people at any other team.

Still, it would take a lot of ammunition for the Lions to trade up and get the first pick from Houston, the second pick from St. Louis or the third pick from Jacksonville. And the Lions have holes elsewhere, especially in the secondary, that may be more important to address. A trio of Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate and Watkins would be scary for opposing teams, but if the Lions don’t address their secondary in the draft, that may be scarier for Detroit fans.

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  1. Suh & the 10th pick for Jags 3rd. They get cap relief & their WR, Jags get stud DL & top 10 pick. I’d go w/ Ebron. All QB’s love TE safety blankets especially new ones.

  2. This sure helps the leverage for the top 3 teams who are taking in serious trade offers

  3. Could be worse Lions fans… could have the garbage unit that Turd Bay marches out every Sunday for your defense………of course they are led by the face of the franchise……Fabio……. LOL.

  4. The NFL has shown lately it’s better to be exceptional on one side of the ball and subpar on the other than it is to be average or slightly better on both sides.

    Looks like the Lions are embracing that.

  5. You sure can tell the people who just regurgitate trash they’ve heard from other ignorant people. The Lions defense was one of the best in the league against the run, and the best 3rd down defense in the League. Those who actually WATCH Detroit regularly know that the secondary ‘ s lapses were more attributable to very poor communication between the safeties, specifically regarding coverage. Delmas very rarely practiced, and it showed on the field. We have multiple corners who will do fine. Houston is a ?, and Mathis played well, but Slay, Bentley, Green, Greenwood may all develop well enough to be more than serviceable. All the aforementioned corners are in their 2nd or 3rd years, usually the time things “click” in the secondary. I see safety being a more pressing need than corner, and the signing of Ihedigbo is already an upgrade. Don Carey off the bench is no slouch, and they picked up the guy from New Orleans. …..those in the know realize Detroit is FAR closer than most are willing to admit. 15 4th quarter leads. If you hate the Lions, you’re in for a horrible year. Hell, if Detroit can’t get Watkins or Evans, the pick should be Zack Martin! !! Secondary will be fine.

  6. There’s a deal to made with all of the top 3. Leos have the ammo… I just wish they would use it to get Clowney.

    Anyways… I trust Mayhew – Highest grade in last year’s draft, ya humps!

  7. For the love of God and all that is holy, please not yet another WR. The people of Detroit deserve better.

  8. raiders4lyfe17 says: May 7, 2014 12:16 PM

    Lions would be stupid enough to get more offense instead of addressing their terrible d….


    The D is far from terrible, but your point is valid. Addressing the offense at the expense of a D that needs help in the secondary and at linebacker is just ridiculous.

  9. Score of next Lions games.

    AVG Points Per Game: 48
    AVG Point Given Up: 60

    Wait so by drafting Watkins their defense will get worse? Did I miss something? Is he going to play CB too?

  10. Good. I hope they do it. Still not going anywhere. Your boy Suh is locker room killer.

  11. Looks like the Rams may have found another dumb team (see RG3 & the Redksins) to trade up to the 2nd overall spot.

  12. Why not load up at WR? We saw what happened last year when all they had was Calvin. Yes he is the best WR in the game but he’s not getting younger, and if they’re not winning they are going to need someone to replace him when he’s gone.

    Defense definitely needs addressed, but if the coaching staff can get 2 starters out of their 4 young DBs (Green, Bentley, Slay, Greenwood) then they’re fine. And that’s not even counting Houston as being back as a starter.

    Go get Watkins!

  13. I’m not buying it. I don’ think WR is need with Calvin and Golden Tate. The Lions need help on the o-line and their defense is a mess. If they do trade up for Watkins, Mayhew will be fired after next season

  14. I love Watkins, but how’s that worked out for the Falcons, giving up their whole draft for a receiver when your defense is still pretty shaky? And I think we all can agree that the Falcons have had infinitely more success over the last 5 years with the core they have than the Lions have had with theirs.

  15. I would love to see them trade Suh in order to move up to get Watkins. The move would get Suh out of the division/conference and Watkins is a redundancy of Johnson. Go for it Lions. Weaken a DL strength and not really improve your offense because you already have a Watkins on your roster.

  16. Darinindetroit is also cluelessindetrout. While last year’s collapse was largely due to Stafford’s inability to comprehend the finer points of quarterbacking, the slide also was a function of the defense failing to get stops when necessary. Outside of LB Deandre Levy, the team could not force turnovers when it mattered or sacks, tipped passes at the line of scrimmage or make tackles at critical points of the game. It doesn’t much matter that they were middle of the pack in yards and points allowed. What matters more is when those yards and points were allowed. The team desperate needs elite play from someone in the secondary, linebacker corp or defensive end to stop drives at crunch time. The Lions repeatedly couldn’t do it when the outcomes of games were undecided. No receiver in this draft will save the Lions from falling apart when the other team has the ball.

  17. The Lions should be required to draft a WR in the first round every year in the draft.

    Oh wait – they already do this.

  18. @robigd yeah i think he has a year left. He’d get signed long term, similar as to what they tried to do w/ the center. We have the cap space, need a draw and a good player. I think its worth getting 2 studs on Thursday.

  19. I’m torn on this. I love me some Sammy Watkins, but I would have to believe that it would take most of our draft to move up and that’s not acceptable. We need corner help (I’m not comfortable putting all our eggs into two old dudes and four yet unproven young corners, and let’s face it Gilbert is better than Greenwood, Bentley, Green, and maybe Slay). We need safety help (Ihedigbo isn’t the long term answer). We need defensive end help; Ansah, Taylor, and Jones…where’s the fourth? We need a backup QB; Kellen “Squirt Gun for an Arm” Moore and Dan “Runnin’ for Safety” Orlovsky makes me cringe. We need a center because Raiola is old. We need a WR as well, but not at the expense of all the above mentioned needs.

  20. The Lions don’t have a battle ready replacement for Suh and Fairly is a question mark. They need to keep these guys. Mikel LeShoure is a better trade option.
    With Tate, Johnson, & Watkins lined up as receivers with a newly enlightened Stafford throwing to them and Bush & Bell in the backfield, the Lions might just score on every possession. Chris Greenwood had a monster workout with the Lions before his injury and the coaches have very high hopes for him and for Slay. Bentley looks solid as the nickel back.If the safeties come through, we may be just fine on defense.

  21. Only the lions would do something this stupid when they need defense they draft offense and use a ton of picks moving up this is why they will never win a super bowl they are almost as bad as the vikings

  22. Megatron would not appreciate another target WR on the opposite side of the field! Trading draft picks to get another WR would not be a wise decision for the Lions.

  23. I hope they do it…but don’t give up too much for it. Don’t fall so in love with the possibilities of a guy when you could probably make a trade for a guy who has been pretty good in the league for a fraction of what it would take to get Watkins.Think of it this way…is the cost of moving up worth having Watkins over Evans? Nobody knows obviously…and both guys might be gone by the 10th pick, but it is something to think about.

  24. I don’t know why people are dogging the Lions for this move. If Sammy Watkins is as good as advertised, that Lions offense could be a nightmare to those that face them. Stafford is the type of QB that needs every piece around him to be great for him to be great – this move might do that. I should point out that I’m a Packers fan, and I do NOT want the Lions to get Sammy Watkins.

  25. I would think that Suh should be all it would take to snag a top 3 pick on the condition that he signs a long term deal. Isn’t Suh the guy that teams hope they get when they draft? Any team with cap space and a DL need should jump at an opportunity, but I think GM’s and coaches would rather go for the jackpot at a lower price than the scratchoff with great odds.

  26. Lions go ahead draft Watkins because everyone knows you are one WR from the North division champs.

  27. I would love to see Andre Johnson on the lions… That would be sick. Johnson in the left (#1 receiver in NFL) Johnson on the right (#2 receiver in the nfl) … Oh baby that would be something to see…

  28. All this, and you still have a QB who has the throwing motion of someone trying to tie their shoe…

  29. I love all the people who know nothing about the needs of the Lions commenting.

    The Lions defense does not need a CB. We’ve spent far more grabbing CB’s the last 2 years than any other position. This is the year they should take that step forward. Especially considering we finally have coaches that know how to coach young CB’s. Also, none of the CB’s are worth #10.

    Next, if Suh is resigned, or moved, we’ll be set at the position. This is because if he’s moved, I guarantee it’s to move up. A team like the Jags would take Suh and a later pick to give the Lions #3. It doesn’t cost what it used to to move up. The depth of the class in this years draft solidifies that it won’t cost what it has previously to move up. If it does, the move won’t happen, period.

    Lastly, people don’t realize how limited Detroit actually is at the WR position. CJ and Tate….then who? Practice roster guys and a WR that hasn’t made it through 5 games without tearing a knee out. The only way to have insurance, plus take pressure off of the others on offense, such as CJ, which is why he started getting hurt last year, is to have another true WR in the lineup.

    You all can say anything you want people. Get ready…if the Lions move up and get Watkins, that offense is easily the best onein football. And their defense, without a bunch of TO’s, which is actually what killed them last year, will be just fine.

  30. Please do it Lions, I need a good laugh.

    If the Lions don’t do something stupid like this, some other team will. It happens every year almost.

  31. Lions fan. The talk of Watkins is amazing to pair with cj and tate for the sole reason that when cj is not playing we have nothing behind him. Adding tate doesn’t make him a #1 if cj is out, we still have nothing behind him so yes, wr is a need but not to trade for that price in a deep wr draft.

    Suh and Fairley. I believe we’d all prefer trading the 10th and nick to move up if possible to go and get Mack or Clowney, again if possible, prob not enough.

    Suh. He may be the best DT in the game but his production does not equal the $ he’ll get. Paid or not, he’s been on our team and we haven’t won anything and our D continues to blow. You have to find a team (Clev, Oak and few others) that even have the cap space to take on that hit and extend him, or trade him to Clev or Stl that have two 1st rdrs and build, again, not happening. Dallas traded H. Walker, their and the leagues best player/athlete at the time for a lot of picks and we all know what happened from that, dynasty.

    Mayhew and I believe even more so Xanders have gotten it together with a big draft last year producing 4-5 eventual starters and it’s time to add to that keeping true to your board and letting BAP fall to us.

    Therefore, it’s not sexy but if we can’t get Clowney or Mack, but imo w/o trading, a solid start is draft Gilbert 1st then Bucannon the S in the 2nd and use the rest of the draft for wr and other holes and depth.

  32. You people are retarded talking about the lions WR obsession…

    You do realize they havent taken one in the first round in 7 years now right?

    You say they need Defense, yet they have taken D-lineman in the first round 3 of the last 4 drafts…

    They need defense, sure, but they also spent 3 of their first 4 picks last year on defense…

  33. It’s always fun to speculate and even more fun to pretend that we know more than guys like Xander. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter what any of us think because we’re not making the decisions. I suggest you don’t throw your rocks until after the draft and the smartest of us will reserve comment until next February.

  34. wow.. people are beyond ignorant with the WR comments. We have draft 4 CB’s in the last two drafts.

    Those saying we need o-line help… umm.. we had a top 5 graded o-line per PFF.

    We have Golden Tate, CJ and…. who?? we literally have zero WR depth. Durham is a scrub. Ogletree is a number 4. Pettigrew can’t catch the ball. We led the league in drops.. AGAIN!

    If you have an elite group on one side of the ball, you can make the playoffs.

  35. Im a Raiders fan til the end…. Trading Suh to the Raiders initially seems like an idea for Reggie McKenzie but cant help to recall the Raiders trading with NE for Richard Seymour. Richard who??!?!!!!!

  36. If the secondary is a bit less improved or not, what does it matter. Teams did not kill the Lions last year with a weak secondary. If the Lions score more points, they’ll win those same games. Either way, I don’t care if they take Watkins or secondary.

  37. The Lions were not balanced last season either. The offense, on paper, looked better than the D. The run D was top 3-5. The secondary has been weak for years. Their losses were less about getting scored on and more about not being able to score.

  38. i understand lions’ fanss displeasure with the possibility of moving up to draft a WR in the first round especially after the disasters that were mike williams and charles rogers as well as the less thatn spectacular play of roy williams. however, adding watkins to an offense with calvin, reggie, joique and tate to go along with a QB with a cannon for an arm has the potential to make the lions a legit top 5 offense. losing picks to do that might not make great sense with some other holes, and a guy like dixx, pryor, or dennard might make more of an impact. personally, i think if they are going to take a WR in round 1 they should just grab evans at 10 and save the picks. moving into the top three would cost them atleast this year and nexts year’s first and second round picks, and probably more. as an eagles fan i hope they take a WR because that’s one less team in need of secondary help who could possibly take calvin pryor and i would really love for him to be there at 22 when we are on the clock.

  39. The Lions actually have poor WR depth, and they have drafted DBs the last 2 years (how good those DBs are is another question). However, the Lions are a team in need of quality depth, which has been limited by 3 guys taking up so much cap space. As a result, they can now only get quality depth via the draft. Giving up valuable draft picks to get a WR means a loss in depth, a large reason the Lions collapse late in the season. Moving up would be short-sighted.

  40. If the Lions could have simply scored points on the terrible teams it faced since at the end of last season after beating GB and CHI, they would’ve won those games and been in the playoffs. It wasn’t about a weak secondary getting scored on. Maybe Tate alone will be the difference. Maybe add Watkins too, and that will be more than enough. Stafford has to hold up his end of the bargain too, but the secondary is not to blame…completely.

  41. I’m not a Lions fan, but as a Vikes fan know the pain of not winning. If I was the Lions, I’d sign Suh long term, and stay pat at 10 and pick the BPA….trading up will cost them the future and while Watkins is a stud, how many WR’s really make that big of difference on a team?? Heck, you already got Megatron.

    You guys need more defense IMO…

  42. I would offer Houston the Lions #10 pick this year, next year’s 1st round pick, #45 & #76 this year for #1 and #33 this year. Win-win…. the Lions get their man Watkins (or Clowney?), and can still pick up the corner (Brandon Roby?) they so desperately need at #33. Houston could drop back to #10, still get a LT (Taylor Lewan?), still have a high 2nd rounder at #45, and extra 3rd, and be set up for 2 #1’s next year. Like I said….win-win!

  43. The Lions have had one really good draft in the last 10 years (last year) and they think they are the smartest guys at the table now?

    Too big a risk for a team with too many holes. They should go Denard from MI State.

    BUT, if they take him and he becomes a top 5 type of receiver, who are teams going to cover? Tate doesn’t drop balls and Megatron will be a beast for at least a couple more seasons. Throw some stick ’em on Bush’s hands and you have an intense offense.

  44. If there is ANY credence given to the draft pick points value chart, any team trying to trade into the top 3 picks MUST give up next year’s #1 in the package…..Is there ANY player (Clowney? Watkins? Mack?) good enough for the Lions to give up their 2015 #1, as well as #10 this year, and probably #45?

  45. Where have “all the draft picks” gotten St Louis anyway? Lion receivers COULD NOT get open last year. It was imperative to help out there, and Tate does. Also, they’re not giving up on Broyles. I wouldn’t hate to get Watkins, but if they stay at 10 I love Z Martin from Notre Dame. Then Van Noy at 45. Then grab a DE or S. This team is CLOSE. All the REAL clueless Lion fans are bagging on Stafford, when no one was open and on top of that they led the league in drops. At least 4 INT’S were the result of the receiver’s error. Painful reading some of these comments. They dumb everyone down just reading them. Oh, by the way, the Detroit defense gave up the least amount of points of any team in the division. They’re not there yet, but it won’t take a 1st Rd pick to improve them. That said, if they DO move up and Mac k’s there……….

  46. Someone please explain where all the supposed “holes” are? ? DO above average, OL above average, RB’s above average. They need an OLB, DE, WR, PK. All starting spots are filled except PK and OLB. Where are all these holes?

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