PFT’s final mock draft


The draft finally, thankfully, mercifully arrives tomorrow.  The final PFT mock draft finally, thankfully, mercifully arrives today.

Here it is.  The last PFT mock draft of the year.

Feel free to call it terrible or horrible or whatever you want to call it.  The picks are based on the latest information, of which there isn’t much at all, and educated guesses.

Like every other mock draft that ever was mocked.

But we won’t be guessing at trades that may be made, since like injuries we:  (1) know they will happen; and (2) have no idea when or where or how they will occur.

1. Texans: Khalil Mack, linebacker, Buffalo.

It’s gut check time for the Texans.  At this point, I think they’ll have the guts to take Mack over Clowney but not the guts to trade down to someone who wants Clowney in the hopes of getting Mack later.

2. Rams:  Greg Robinson, tackle, Auburn.

In a division with the 49ers and Seahawks (and Cardinals), it’s important to have competent blockers on each side of the line.

3. Jaguars:  Jadeveon Clowney, defensive end, South Carolina.

Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell bring to town a guy that, if his buttons are pressed properly, can become as good as if not better than J.J. Watt.

4. Browns:  Jake Matthews, tackle, Texas A&M.

Unless G.M. Ray Farmer’s gushing for Sammy Watkins was a next-level effort to conceal interest by showing interest that everyone will believe is false, the Browns will beef up a unit where even one weak link can doom a franchise to mediocrity.

5. Raiders: Sammy Watkins, receiver, Clemson.

G.M. Reggie McKenzie need rookies who can make an immediate impact.  Watkins can.  Whether he will in Oakland is a different issue.

6. Falcons: Zack Martin, tackle, Notre Dame.

Martin is believed to be rising on draft boards (which means he’s been higher all along than the media realized), and Lewan has too many red flags for a team that is very sensitive to bringing guys like that to town.

7. Buccaneers: Johnny Manziel, quarterback, Texas A&M.

Amid rumors they’ll trade up to No. 2 to get Manziel, no trade is needed.  Manziel slides into their laps at No. 7.

8. Vikings: Aaron Donald, defensive tackle, Pitt.

Burned by Christian Ponder three years ago and dealing with the departure of Jared Allen and Kevin Williams, Minnesota pounces on a player who could be another Warren Sapp, 17 years after the Vikings passed on the Hall of Famer.

9. Bills: Mike Evans, receiver, Texas A&M.

They’ll be tempted to take a tackle, but it will be too hard to pass on Evans in this spot.

10. Lions: Darqueze Dennard, cornerback, Michigan State.

With Aaron Donald and both elite wideouts gone, the Lions address another glaring need with a guy who played college football in Michigan.

11. Titans: Blake Bortles, quarterback, Central Florida.

The Titans have done a good job of keeping their cards close to the vest regarding the need for a quarterback. Good enough to snag Bortles, who may remind coach Ken Whisenhunt of Ben Roethlisberger, at No. 11.

12. Giants:  Taylor Lewan, tackle, Michigan.

Off-field questions aside, the Giants need to inject some talent — and maybe a little nasty — into their offensive line.

13. Rams: Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, safety, Alabama.

Best player at a position that is becoming more and more important, and valuable, at the NFL level.

14. Bears:  Jason Verrett, cornerback, TCU.

With plenty of holes on the defensive side of the ball, the Bears pass on linebacker C.J. Mosley and opt instead to bring in an undersized but overtalented corner who can provide strong run support.

15. Steelers: Odell Beckham, receiver, LSU.

Whether it’s Beckham or another receiver, the Steelers need to replace Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jerricho Cotchery.  They could be tempted by Eric Ebron in this spot.

16. Cowboys: Dee Ford, defensive end, Auburn.

Even with Anthony Spencer sticking around for a year, the Cowboys need pass rushers.

17. Ravens: Ja’Wuan James, tackle, Tennessee.

Our buddy Armando Salguero thinks the Dolphins are eyeballing James at No. 19.  They may not get the chance to snag him.

18. Jets: Eric Ebron, tight end, North Carolina.

Marqise Lee and Brandin Cooks both want the Jets to take them.  The Jets could, if Ebron isn’t on the board.  If Ebron is still there, he’d provide a major boost to a suddenly potent offense.

19. Dolphins: Xavier Su’a-Filo, guard, UCLA.

With plenty of tackles gone, the Dolphins still address the offensive line.  They could maybe trade down and still get him.

20. Cardinals: Anthony Barr, linebacker, UCLA.

If they’re are going to keep up with the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams, the Cards need pass rushers.

21. Packers: Marqise Lee, receiver, USC.

While everyone is thinking about what the Packers will do on defense, how about giving Aaron Rodgers a new weapon?  Lee showed in 2012 that he can produce.  With Rodgers throwing the passes, Lee will.

22. Eagles: Calvin Pryor, safety, Louisville.

The Eagles have a clear need at safety, and Pryor remains on the board for the Eagles to pluck.

23. Chiefs: Brandin Cooks, receiver, Oregon State.

With Dexter McCluster gone and coach Andy Reid not interested in DeSean Jackson when he was available, Cooks fills that void.

24. Bengals:  Bradley Roby, cornerback, Ohio State.

The team in orange and black has never been scared off by a red flag or two.  Roby has the potential to be special, and the Bengals are willing to take the risk that he’ll possibly be a problem.

25. Chargers: Justin Gilbert, cornerback, Oklahoma State.

It’s a clear position of need, and the Chargers take the best cover man on the board.

26. Browns (from Colts): Derek Carr, quarterback, Fresno State.

It’s a huge win for the Browns to get someone to block for a quarterback — and a quarterback worth blocking for.

27. Saints: Kelvin Bejamin, receiver, Florida State.

The first-round run on wideouts continues, with Benjamin becoming the sixth off the board.  Seven, if Eric Ebron lines up in the slot more than tight to the tackle.

28. Panthers: Kyle Fuller, cornerback, Virginia Tech.

They can get competent receivers later, in rounds where top-shelf corners aren’t likely lurking.

29. Patriots: Timmy Jernigan, defensive tackle, Florida State.

The diluted urine sample from the Scouting Combine hurts Jernigan, helps the Patriots.  What would help the Pats even more is a chance to trade down with a team that wants to get quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, like the Vikings.

30. 49ers: Ryan Shazier, linebacker, Ohio State.

With NaVorro Bowman injured and Aldon Smith’s long-term status unclear, Shazier provides a versatile weapon who can do several different things for one of the best defenses in the NFL.

31. Broncos: Cyrus Kouandjio, tackle, Alabama.

All those additions on defense won’t help Peyton Manning score more than eight points if he faces the Seahawks again in the Super Bowl.

32. Seahawks: Kony Ealy, defensive end, Missouri.

With Chris Clemons and Red Bryant gone and Jared Allen picking the Bears, the Seahawks need to feed the unit that was critical to the team’s success in 2013.

74 responses to “PFT’s final mock draft

  1. Who is the ‘red flag’ guy the Bengals have drafted in round 1 in recent drafts? It’s not 2007 anymore guys. I do agree that they will go cornerback.

  2. The Seahawks will trade out of the first round. But they will draft a defensive end with their first pick in this draft.

  3. I hope the Pats pick a QB so he can have as much time as possible to learn alongside the best Coach/QB combination in the history of this great league.

  4. Finally the right mock draft for the Browns. If the happens for the Browns tomorrow it will be a good day. Hopefully they trade into the first round for 3 first round picks and get a great WR too.

  5. Thompson won’t take a WR for the Packers in such a deep WR draft. He’s proven throughout his tenure he can get WR’s in 2nd Rd and later. See J. Nelson, R. Cobb, G. Jennings, etc.

  6. I have a hard time seeing C. J. Mosely falling out of the first round…

  7. A LB in the 1’st round for the 49ers? That doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense. Willis and Bowman will be there for 3-4+ more years, Aldon and Brooks for at least 2+, and Lemonier/Skuta played great at OLB when Aldon was out.

  8. The PFW rankings of CB are different. Gilbert is ranked #1 in most other rankings.

    They should be:
    Justin Gilbert
    Darqueze Dennard
    Kyle Fuller
    Jason Verrett
    Bradley Roby

    Most mocks have SD getting Verrett or Roby.

    HOU would likely trade the pick for someone who wants Clowney vs taking Mack.

    CLE really needs a QB, CB, S vs OL.

    Many other picks ok

  9. I’m not understanding all this Aaron Donald to the Vikings talk recently. The Vikings drafted Shariff Floyd in the first round last year and signed Linval Joseph to a free agent contract this year. Shariff played behind Williams and Guion last year, so with them gone, and him being a first round pick, i’d assume he automatically become a starter. And then to compare him to Warren Sapp? Have you seen Linval Joseph? THE GUY IS A HOUSE. Vikings go Linebacker at #8. Chalk it up.

  10. Lions are not in desperate need of a CB. They have young CB’s that need to develop. Darqueze Dennard is not worth a #10 pick. Lions will likely trade up and get Watkins.

  11. Looks like Mayock went for the Aaron Donald to Vikings rumor – which is a total smokescreen from Tampa to get a trade partner.

    Vikings drafted Sharrif Floyd last year #23.

    Between this, and his 180 on Bridgewater- Mayock is losing it. Bet he wishes the draft was a couple weeks ago too.

  12. Mike, if ILB CJ Moseley is still on the Board when the Broncos select at 31st (as is the case in your mock)…..Elway may pull a hamstring running up to turn in a card w/ Mosley’s name on it….Just sayin!!

  13. I’m so happy that Washington doesn’t have a first round pick so you didn’t have to use the R-word!!!!

  14. I’ll be one happy Raider fan if we can nab Watkins, but it seems like a longshot. I will say I dont see any trades happening from 1-5. Teams are gunshy after seeing the Skins mortgage away their future on Mr. Subway Sandwiches Spokesman.

  15. I just don’t see the Bengals drafting a guy with red flags. Maybe I’m wrong but Lewis & Brown are in sync on that issue for the last few year. That said, thank God Mock Season is almost over!

  16. Not bad, but where is C.J. Mosley? Love the pick of Aaron Donaldson at 8. Vikings could easily run a 3-4 with Donaldson at DE, Robison/Floyd at the other DE spot, Joseph at NT and move Griffen to one of the OLB slots where he clearly has the athletic ability to be a standup rusher (4.5 speed) along with Greenway. This kinda fixes the LB position as well. Could then get a solid CB in the 2nd and maybe trade back up into the 2nd with their 2 third round picks to the QB.

  17. As bad as Carolina’s secondary is, there is NO chance they can come out of the first round with anything but a WR.

  18. I think Miami would take CJ Mosely and grab Su’ a-Filo in the second (trading up if need be). If Mosely is there at #19 he’s the pick…

  19. LOL @ Packers taking a WR in the first round.

    Wide outs are a dime-a-dozen unless it’s Calvin Johnson. Ted would rather light his hair on fire and jump off a bridge than draft a WR in the first.

  20. No way 2 teams pass on clowney…back to the drawing board boys.

  21. Crazy mock. No way Jerry Ricecake falls out of the 1st Round! He on the 49ers radar at #30.

  22. This mock draft sucks for one theres no way the packers draft a wr in the 1st round its either o-line or defense and cj mosley not getting picked in the 1st round is crazy

  23. you have the CB’s in the wrong order, especially having Roby higher than the other 2.

    And I don’t see the Steelers taking a WR over any 1 of the top 3 CBs.

  24. Tim Jennings, Chicago’s other CB is 5’8″, they is no way they are going with a 5’9″ CB to play with him. shoot Calvin Johnson would make MVP in just two games if that was the case.

  25. Mack is so over-rated…think about it…the draft was way too delayed…and the last month has been utter waste of time.

  26. really like how little respect you give the cards putting everybody in their div ahead of them. talking about them like they are after thought. remember they beat sea AT HOME. typical eastern bias.

  27. Not understanding Pryor to the Eagles at 22. He does not fit there scheme. I think the correct pick is Fuller, Nix, Shazier or whats left at WR.

  28. LOL a 1st rd pick on a linebacker who would never be more than a 4 game starter…. Yeahhhhh okay. BTW Bowman and Smith play 2 different positions. Just throwin that out there.

  29. Eagles won’t take Pryor. He’s a strong safety and the team is looking for versatile safeties who can play both. More likely you see CB Kyle Fuller or a WR like Cooks or Benjamin here if Barr, Beckham and Lee are gone

  30. Robinson @ 2 = Small chance. Fisher has never taken OL even remotely that high…much less for a project pass blocker.
    HaHa @ 13 = No chance in hell.

  31. If Justin Gilbert lasts 25 picks, I’ll start watching soccer.

  32. Tashaun Gibson who plays free Safety for the Cleveland Browns had 5 int’s last year which is tied for fifth place in the NFL. We picked up Donte Whitner to play SS. Who’s this Bolt Clown saying we need a Safety? QB, WR, C, ILB, ,and RB will most likely be our first 5 picks in no order. Ray Farmer knows this.

  33. The Dolphins pass on CJ Moseley for a guard???
    C’mon man!
    They need a OT, LB or even a DB or RB before they pick a guard!
    If they’re going OL, I see Bitonio being the one…
    He can play RT, OG or even Center if Pouncey gets hurt (or suspended). Last years backup C was Incognito.

  34. Browns go WR at #4 not OT. Wide receivers score touchdowns. Unless, of, course you go tackle eligible 12 times per game.

  35. I love how everybody always say “no way my team does this” or “my team is going to…”. None of us know what’s going to happen, we can only guess. sometimes we’re right, mostly we’re wrong. That’s why we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for out team’s pick to be called.

    The only thing we know for sure, is the guy/gal that posts Sharrif Floyd is a bust, a couple times a day, knows less than everybody else here about football. Because, everybody else with a brain, knows just a rookie year with limited playing time is far too short to be calling somebody a bust.

  36. While I would love if the Vikings could land Bridgewater by trading up to #29 with the Patriots, no way is he still available at that point.

    Much more likely the Vikings take him with their first pick, although they may trade back a few spots before doing so.

  37. Kinda funny and appropriate that there is no explanation for the Jets’ pick… I think any team would be stupid to trade up in this draft. Plenty of talent to go around

  38. You need to flip the Packers and Panthers’ picks …

    Carolina desperately needs a #1/2 WR w/ Lee.

    And the Packers would be far better served with BPA defense with CB Fuller (as Tramon Williams’ replacement in 2015 and beyond).

    Then they can go BPA offense in round two.

    Otherwise pretty good …

  39. I have no clue why the Browns would draft Matthews at 4. While I get the offensive line is important, do they need to take someone that high when this draft is loaded in that position, and you can get someone who will work out just as well in the third round, especially when you have more compelling needs at just about every other position? If the projection is wrong, and I have every expectation it is, give Farmer credit for putting out some pretty awesome smoke screens.

  40. Steelers taking a WR in the 1st round is false. They hardly ever go after a WR in the 1st, especially when this draft is DEEP with receivers.

    They will take a CB, I guarantee it!!

    Verrett if the other two are off the board.

    They’ll probably pass on Gilbert, since he’s not a fan of contact, but his return skills may entice them.

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