Redskins re-signing Tanard Jackson

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One day after releasing safety Tanard Jackson, the Redskins are reportedly set to re-sign him.

According to Dianna Marie Russini of NBC News 4 in Washington, the Redskins are re-signing Jackson at a more club-friendly price.

The 28-year-old Jackson has not played in an NFL regular season game since 2011. He was suspended for the 2012 and 2013 seasons for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. News of his reinstatement to NFL activities surfaced on Monday.

Jackson’s reinstatement will be revisited before the beginning of regular season play, Howard Balzer of The Sports Xchange reported Wednesday.

Jackson started 56 games in five seasons for the Buccaneers (2007-2011), recording 239 tackles and intercepting 10 passes.

17 responses to “Redskins re-signing Tanard Jackson

  1. A club-friendly price for a guy who needs to prove he can be depended on. Discount-Daable Check!

  2. Im confusef, his contract was already for the minimum, he was set to make 744k, and it only counted around 1500 bucks toward the cap. Only thing that makes sense to me is that this was vet min back 2 years ago when he signed the contract. Due to suspension the contract was carried over. If thats what it was, then vet. Min has went up, and therefore they can actually give me more money (old min compared to this years vet min) and get a credit towards the cap. Semes petty, 1500 bucks cap hit, to a 50k credit, but I guess every penny counts.

  3. I didn’t understand them releasing the guy with the highest potential ceiling in the secondary at first. NOW I DO!! Prudent move by the skins, they will be a lot better than people think.

  4. Glad they resigned him. Hopefully no guarantee money. Don’t understand how they got lower than vet min. Strange

  5. i knew he’d be back, he’s younger than Clark and Merriweather, this is a good deal

  6. I hope they put in Tenard Jackson contract that this is his last chance, He really needs to smarten up.

  7. HTTR! I’m glad we brought him back in. With Ryan Clark’s leadership, he will stay away from the chronic. Sometimes guys need to have a CLEAR message sent before they respond.I got a great feeling about this move.

  8. good for him. I’m really hoping with all this competition that some of these youngsters step up. Rambo showed flashes in college, but hasn’t shown much since. I’m holding Morris and Haslett accountable for the play of our secondary this year. HTTR!!!

  9. I’m sure the new contract wasn’t all about the money. It probably has some extra clauses and provisions pertaining to future suspensions if/when they do occur.

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