Report: Broncos have discussed “moving up” in draft


The team slated to select next-to-last in every round of the 2014 NFL Draft is reportedly considering what it would take to move up the board.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Broncos are “talking about” trading up.

The Broncos have the No. 31 overall pick. They also have all of their picks in Rounds Two through Seven (Nos. 63, 95, 131, 171, 207, 246).

The prospect of a Denver leap up the board is an interesting one on multiple levels, as we noted Tuesday. For starters, there is the matter of whom the Broncos could be targeting. And then there is the issue of what the Broncos would have to surrender to move into an earlier spot. Given the Broncos’ low draft slot in every round, it’s conceivable 2015 draft picks could come into play in the event Denver really wanted to make a bold move forward.

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  1. Cornerback makes the most sense. Or possibly middle linebacker, if they think Mosley or Shazier is a legit prospect at the position. I doubt they can get in range for Justin Gilbert without morgaging high future picks, but maybe Dennard or Kyle Fuller falls into their range, and they decide to move ahead of somebody.

  2. Denver is loaded and if Peyton is half as good as he was in 2013 they have a solid chance of making it back to the Superbowl, but the “all in for next season” strategy has rarely — if ever — been a successful one historically.

  3. I hope by this point there are 32 teams that have discussed moving up, moving back, or who they would draft if they actually did neither.

  4. Mosley, Gilbert or Fuller, and it would be worth it for any of the three. At #31, they’ll likely end up with Joel Bitonio or Kyle Van Noy. Good prospects at positions of need, but not near the immediate impact that the others represent.

  5. If I’m the Bears I’m fielding offers for pick #14 and I might take Denvers first and second rounder for it. And maybe another draft pick next year.

  6. Everyone is talking about moving up in the Draft, except…the NFL Draft! This wait is excruciating.

  7. As a Chiefs fan, this is more good news. Keep mortgaging the future Elway. Broncos might beat Chiefs this year, but Chiefs are building their foundation on rock not sand. Chiefs will own Broncos 2015-2020

  8. It’s gonna be a lot tougher sledding for the Broncos next year playing the NFC West. All four teams in that division have a good defense- not just SF and Seattle.

    They need to upgrade now to have a chance of going deep into the playoffs again. Manning ain’t getting any younger.

    I’m guessing he hangs it up after this year.

    Better have that QBOTF lined up…

  9. I’d imagine every team has discussed these things. That said, I like Denver’s chances of finding an impact guy like Shazier, Mosely or Verrett in the teens rather than whomever falls to 31.

  10. If a reasonable situation presents itself, move up. If not, let somebody scramble for the 5th year on a Qb and move the heck back. Do not sell the house for another guy who played at a powerhouse college and is out of the league in a couple of years. I would rather have LBs like Danny T at a bargain!

  11. Hey, if the Broncos want to trade a 1,2, and a 3 to the Burgh for the 15.. I’d do it.

    Unless it is Dennard or Gilbert at 15 for the Steelers, I wouldn’t care.

    The talk of a WR like Beckham for the Steelers makes me cringe.

    The Steelers round 1 or 2 WR’s have been prima donnas or busts. I liked Plax and Santonio at the time, but history shows they really haven’t been FRANCHISE players. Limas Sweed, on the other hand, and I was really fired up for him when they drafted him. Shows how much I know.

    Hines Ward, Antwaan Randle-El, Antonio Brown…not 1st Rd picks and had been more productive for more years than the former receivers I mentioned.

    Defense wins championships. Guys who touch the ball 8 times a game do not. Well, maybe Santonio’s clutch grab in the Super Bowl helped; it didn’t get the Steelers there, though.

    I would take that deal any day. I do want a 3rd instead of a 4th though with this slotting. Maybe swap the 4 for a 5 to even it out. It’s a way to add depth and get younger in a lot of positions.

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