Report: Manziel to Jaguars buzz heating up


On Tuesday, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the Browns will not take Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with the fourth pick in the draft.

If a report on Wednesday from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle is correct, they won’t even have to make a decision about passing on the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. McClain reports that “word’s spreading” around media in New York for the draft that the Jaguars will select Manziel with the third pick.

The Jaguars certainly have a need at quarterback, but the popular opinion about their draft plans has been that they were going to opt for a safer pick in the first round before addressing the position later in the process. As always, though, appearances can be deceiving and the Jaguars may well have zeroed in on Manziel as the man to lead their offense into the future.

Those deceiving appearances may also be designed to prompt a move by another team hoping to land Manziel into the second slot that the Rams have been dangling in order to help the Jaguars get the guy they really want with the third selection. We also can’t rule out a conflicting report coming down the pike later on Wednesday, but we’re confident that Manziel’s landing spot is going to continue to be one of the top stories of the 2014 draft.

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  1. And imagine, the Jaguars could have just traded up and drafted RG3! Guess that’s why the Redskins are the best team in the NFL! #HTTR #ManzielIsAScrub #Redskins2015SuperBowlChamps

  2. So, if we went by ‘buzz’, I’m pretty sure about 24 of 32 teams would be picking Manziel.

    Rams! No wait Browns! No, definitely not Browns! Raiders! Not Raiders! Jaguars! Not Jaguars! Texans! Not Texans!

    This is what happens when the draft gets pushed this far back. People are out of stuff to talk about, so a big-letter name like Manziel gets tacked to every team. This is getting silly.

  3. Gonna be a tough road for Johnny Football if he goes to the jags. They have almost nothing to work with on offense. If I was a Jags fan, I’d be hoping that they focus on building the defense, and add to the offense in pieces from free agency.

  4. C-mon! Johnny Football to Jax! Although Khalil Mack would work, or Sammy Watkins. Nah, scratch that- every 1st round wide receiver has been a (drug) bust!!!

  5. Considering Clowney and Mack are light years ahead of other pass rushers in this draft I’d say this is the biggest smokescreen of them all. The Jags want the remaining pass rusher and that may not happen if Manziel isnt picked #2.

  6. It would be great for Jax from a publicity standpoint. I’m just picturing J.J. Watt and Clowney chasing him twice a season. If he can take a page out of Russell Wilson’s book and get out of bounds/avoid hits he could be a star. If not, better draft a good backup.

  7. At this point I’m hoping every team tries to trade down out of the first round somehow so that Goodell has to stand up there for hours just hoping he gets to hug somebody eventually.

  8. So the smokescreen here basically:

    “We want Watkins, and we’re afraid the Rams will take Watkins; so let’s make everyone believe we want Manziel. That way, those who do want Manziel will up their offer to the Rams for the #2 pick, the Rams trade out of the pick, Manziel gets chosen at #2, and Watkins falls in our lap.”

    32 hours?

  9. I’d heat up the buzz to encourage a team to trade up. Here’s what the Jags need to do before considering drafting Manziel:

    1. Field calls for trade offers. The team has a ton of holes, subpar talent at several positions.

    2. Take Clowney in the event he’s still on the board at #3. That kind of ability doesn’t come around every single year.

    3. Take Watkins if Clowney is gone. What use is a highly drafted QB without anybody to throw to? Who knows if Blackmon will be back? A receiving corps consisting of Mike Brown and Ace Sanders won’t get the job done on offense, (no offense to them, they are complementary pieces).

  10. After losing Justin Blackmon for the year and crap for WR’s, you gotta believe they’re going to take Watkins, even though their starting QB sucks.

    Chicken and egg – take a QB with no WR’s? or take a WR with no QB?

  11. Jacksonville wants Mack or Watkins. I haven’t asked them I just know those two guys are great players and likely pro bowlers so Jax would be stupid to pass them up for Manziel.

  12. The Jags have weapons at receivers in Cecil Shorts III, Ace Sanders, and Marcedes Lewis, we just need that number 1 WO, sorry Justin Bluntman… I say Johnny Manziel is the right guy in the 904, and then take a guy like Jordan Matthews in the 2nd round. BOOM!

  13. Regardless of who takes him, he’s small, really slight, and he runs around a lot.

    This guy won’t last a lick.

  14. As a Titans fan, I’ve been watching the Jaguars closely since 1999, and I don’t believe they’ve ever drafted anyone with the “rock star” appeal of Johnny Manziel. If they go this route, it’ll be quite the spectacle. (Hey, the first year we had Vince Young in Nashville was quite fun. Then came reality.)

  15. In 3 years Manziel will be out of the league and the Jags will be in LA!

  16. It makes sense of any of the silly rumors we’ve heard. Manziel fits what Jedd Fisch does offensively pretty ideally. I have to say, of all the teams, they’ve kept their heads down the best and stayed in the background.

  17. The Texans will regret not taking Johnny Football. As for all this hype about Blake Bortles, see also Blaine Gabbert. He’s Gabbert.v.2. People fall in love with size and arm strength, but what about career production? Manziel wins in a no-contest.

  18. Poor Johnny is doomed if he goes to Jax. Absolutely no talent on offense who is he gonna throw to? who is protecting him? Who is he handing the ball too?

  19. It’s what I’ve been saying all along. Makes too much sense not to happen. I do have to say though if he doesn’t go in the top 5 it’s gonna be a loooonnnnngggg drop.

  20. Good smokescreen. This would put some doubt on Texans not to trade the #1 pick if they really wanted Manziel which probably is what Dave wants at this juncture.

    The ideal situation for the Jags would be someone to pick a QB prior to their pick, the position they don’t consider drafting in the first round.

  21. How are “appearances deceiving” in this case? Jaguars traded away their young “quarterback of the future” and signed free agent players at just about every other position on the field. I’d say that all the signs have pointed that way for several months now.

  22. “With the 3rd selection in the 2014 draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars take Blonny Bortziel.”

  23. First and foremost, I am a Jags fan. With that said, this year’s draft is crazy. In year’s past, I’ve known who I wanted in the first round. This year, I don’t know. Watkins, Mack, Clowney (doubt if he will be there). Johnny Jaguar does have a nice sound to it and let’s be honest, we haven’t had anything to be excited about for a long, long time.

    However, this franchise is pointing up. I think the trio of Khan, Caldwell and Bradley will be considered elite in the next few years. 7-9 this year, playoffs next year and afterwards, the sky is the limit.

  24. MARK IT DOWN: The Jags will be the most improved team in the AFC. Gus Bradley has put together a very strong defense with an offense trailing behind.

    They’ve invested in Gerhart and hope to play Seattle style football. In my opinion, that does not include Manziel, unless the owner forces the move. I have to believe they will ride with Henne, drafting to solidify a more conservative type offense – one that can score with sustained drives and fewer possessions and a defense can hit Luck in mouth by playing physical.

    I don’t believe Bradley wants a circus in Jacksonville and I think Khan is smart enough to follow his HC and GM.

  25. SMOKE SCREEN. Nobody knows anything, until the actual pick is in progress.

    Teams throw out all kinds of things right before draft day. C’mon people. Don’t take the bait.

  26. Romo and the #16 pick for the Texans #1 pick… Cowboys select Johnny “Football” with the 1st pick of the Draft! Done deal!

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