Report: NFL weighing conducting the draft “a week or two later” in 2015

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Well, here comes a report that may not sit well with some members of PFT Planet.

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who cited three unnamed league sources, the NFL is giving thought to holding the draft 1-2 weeks “later” next year. The idea, McGinn said, is receiving “serious consideration.”

In this potential scenario, the draft could begin on either the second or third full week of May, the latter of which could put the draft’s end date on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in 2015.

In a recent poll of PFT readers, more than 96 percent of respondents preferred the draft being conducted in late April, as had been customary in recent years.

The NFL has tinkered with the draft format in recent years, first spreading the event over three days, then moving it to May this year. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has also said the prospect of holding the draft somewhere other than New York is on the table.

115 responses to “Report: NFL weighing conducting the draft “a week or two later” in 2015

  1. Why not have it the day before the regular season starts? I haven’t seen a larger group of clueless boobs outside of Congress.

    Stupid Stupid Stupid

  2. “Report: NFL weighing holding the draft “a week or two later” in 2015”-that’s because Goodell is an idiot!!!

  3. Report: NFL fans want a voice in this decision but they won’t ask the fans because they do not care

  4. What exactly does ‘later’ mean? 1 – 2 weeks later than NORMAL, or 1 – 2 weeks later than THIS YEAR?

  5. the later the draft the less useful the draftees become when they miss early peactice so i say no first thursday in may would be perfect 1st – 7th at the latest !!

  6. This would really suck. Hardly any fan likes the late date this year, and now they’ll delay it further? I just don’t get it. Aside from fans not liking it, how about the rookies? They’ll will lose what amounts to a month if acclimation time compared to rookies in the 2013 season. Good luck to most of them trying to learn their respective systems.

  7. Keep making those important changes, Roger. You’re doing such a great job. By the time this buffoon gets done, baseball is going to be more popular than football again.

  8. Way to have your finger on the pulse Goodell. The draft being moved into April has been universally hated by fans, coaches and scouts and your plan is to push it back further? Great idea commish!

  9. Seriously late May? NUTS!

    They’d HAVE TO move back those June 1st cuts. You’re supposed to be able to get a sense of what you got before that date….to both make decisions on releasing guys, or if you need to pick guys up.

    Don’t ever put Roger in a nuclear missile silo, he’s the type of person who can’t keep themselves from pushing buttons. Whatever he can mess around with, he will.

    They’re getting all this feedback from both coaches and fans about how crappy this extra two weeks has been, and now they MAY want to do it again? That would be insane.

    Also why toy with us? If you’re going to change it, then change it. Don’t change it once, then change it again.

    These rookies already have two fewer weeks to prepare to make an NFL roster, learn the playbook, etc. Now they want to take another two weeks away from them? Insane.

  10. That schedule would make my head explode. There are like 12,000 mock drafts by now. Get to the actual draft. Now people are throwing up smoke-screens upon smoke-screens upon smoke-screens. What else is there to scout by this point?

  11. Well, I really like football but I’m all in on the MLB and the NBA playoffs right now. Also tune into Hockey playoffs from time to time. I’ve already noticed my interest in the draft decreasing with all this other sports stuff going on. Will I watch it? Sure, I’ll have the DVR set and go through most of it. Not throwing the parties I used to throw for it anymore. Can’t get enough people out on a Thursday who got big boy jobs to head to the next day.

  12. djstat says:
    May 7, 2014 11:54 AM
    Report: NFL fans want a voice in this decision but they won’t ask the fans because they do not care

    because fans can adapt and eventually get over it.

  13. There is no way the keep the draft in May. Too much backlash this year. I’m sick of hearring rumors and seeing mock draft number whatever. If they want to spread out the offseason more, keep the draft in April and add some other stupid event that we’ll still watch because it’s football in between the draft and preseason.

  14. It won’t sit sell with SOME PFT planet members?If initially moving it back 2 weeks upset 96% of us, then this will make it a full 99% with the remaining 1% in the “any way the wind blows” category. This is beyond ridiculous. What did Peyton say about Roger Goodell? “Roger is a no good you know what.” Only Goodell would take an idea that 96% of people hate and make it even worse. He is going out of his way to ruin my favorite sport, and yours too.

  15. apeters79 says:
    May 7, 2014 11:55 AM

    It boggles my mind how out of touch Goodell can be sometimes.
    It really boggles my mind that so many people think Goodell makes these types of major decisions, and not the billionaires that actually own the teams.

  16. When McGinn says they’re giving it “serious consideration”, I hope he means they’re giving “serious consideration” to firing the moron who came up with that idea.

  17. It was already terrible waiting this long for the draft and now they want to move it back even further? Stupid idea. Some people like to have a little time off in the offseaon, but this won’t allow that to happen. Not to mention it will stunt rookie development and growth and possibly lead to more rookie injuries. Way to think about your employees NFL.

  18. The best reason has always been an NFL Draft party on Draft-Day.

    Now . . that’s a near-dead-issue with the 3 day rule.

    Now . . I don’t care AT ALL about the NFL Draft, except for who my team selects., which I can find here at PFT.

    Any reason this even became popular, was the fans going to NY, and the all-day parties.

    all that died . . . the No Fun League is here to stay.

    I hope . . this Draft equates to the VERY WORST TV ratings in NFL history!

  19. In listening to Rich Eisen’s interview w/ Goodell last night I got the sense that he wants to spread the draft out over four days & move the draft to either Chicago or L.A. but moving the draft further back??? How is that better for anyone???

  20. it’s very simple; if you don’t like Goodell and the moves he makes, QUIT WATCHING and spending money on all things NFL. Until then, you (and me) are merely suckers to anything the NFL does.

  21. Can go ahead and tell you that so many colleges and high schools in NYC has about a billion graduations at Radio City next week and the week after – so if they’re moving it later – it won’t be in NYC.

  22. The simple answer for moving the draft back is to reduce time for draftees to negotiate with teams.

    Even though picks are now slotted and capped, agents are trying to negotiate other things like what happens when the player is cut or traded.

    By reducing the amount of time available for negotiation, the league thinks that they can cut down these “side issues.” They think the short schedule will motivate signings and getting the players to camp.

  23. You go ahead and do that, Roger. Add in extra playoff spots, 18 game schedule, a London team and ditch extra points. Once you do all these things, watch this lifelong NFL fan get back into College Football and the NBA. What a joke the NFL is becoming.

  24. I personally dont follow the draft, but not oblivious to the fact that it has been pushed back. Its like the NFL/ Goddell comes up with ways on how can we further screw up our product and further alienate our fans. It boggles the mind really.

  25. It seems like Goodell is consciously trying to see if he can get me to stop paying attention to the NFL.
    He’s gonna kill the golden goose.

  26. Nothing Greedy Goodell does surprises me anymore. He’s the one thing that I despise, not hate about the NFL. Hate is a strong word and no Commissioner of any major sport gets thoroughly drowned out by boos at the draft than him. I miss the days of the original 2 day marathon draft instead of dragging it out, making it 3 days, now in May. He is out of touch like a previous poster said and will never change. Would take Adam Silver any day of the week and he’s 3 months on the job.

  27. Goodell is a prime example of why America is at where it is today–GREED.

  28. The rookies have approximately 4 months to learn their new teams system as it is. Moving draft later and later is a lousy idea.
    Having the draft somewhere else is an EXCELLENT idea. New York is stale and they have no class.

  29. First roger changes nfl draft to 10 min in first rd now he wants to make draft longer to 4days
    Then they changed it 2 weeks later now they wanna make it even later

    I dont wanna hear espn n nfl network say the same thing for 3 weeks in a row especially not 5 weeks in row next yr

    They say the same thing all the time

    Why not make the draft during pro bowl week where the pro bowl player’s are playing the game

  30. Suddenly, I’m tortured with visions of an apparently shrunken Mavericks t-shirt…

  31. The late date this year has already been vomit-inducing for me and every fan I know. Please give Goodell a straight-jacket & put him in a padded room! He’s a danger to himself & everyone around him. STOP THE MADNESS! A 3-day draft event in late April is the perfect way to unwind after tax time. Quit screwing with it, just quit it!

  32. We are tired of goo dell messing with everything and always changing stuff up this would mean that the rookies coming in would have even less time to learn the playbook and workout with the teams that selected them im gonna stop watching the draft if this happens im sick of it

  33. When the TV ratings come out for this draft, Goodell will change his tune. Ratings will be zero in Boston (Bruins) and Miami (Heat) and NY will even be affected because if the Nets.

    NFL will still rule the roost – but why put dents in ratings? 1st week of April makes most sense.

  34. WHY? Stop screwing with things already!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s bad enough it got switched to 3 days and then moved to May this year.

  35. If the NFL is so strong and powerful, then stop tip-toe-ing around trying to find the optimal window to compete for primetime tv viewers against the NBA playoffs. Obviously, the later they hold the draft, the more markets are bounced from the NBA playoffs. But c’mon, go head to head in mid-late April….grow some balls.

    Also, that BS excuse “radio city music hall was booked in April…” is the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever heard. The NFL, a gazillion dollar company, is having probs booking events in a venue they’ve had a relationship with for 20 years??? Ok…sure Goddell, that’s believable. Muppets on Ice was in town…sorry NFL, gotta wait until May.

  36. Move the draft to the last Saturday in April like it was for years before the nfl moved it to prime time.

    Also move the draft to the city that won the Super Bowl the previous year as a reward to that teams fans.

  37. Teams already complaining, about current late format, about not being able to get new players up to speed. Who is this really about Roger?

  38. Smokescreen. The NFL wants to leave it in early May, but by pretending to look into moving it even later in the year, the NFL hopes that the Teams/fans will accept a compromise and accept moving it permanently to early May.

  39. Goodell seems to just do what he wants regardless of fans or some owners whether it’s moving the Draft date,location, teams to Europe, games to Europe, etc. At some point he is going to”jump the shark”and create problems even if it is the NFL. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it man! Put the Draft back in April,starting on Sat noon, leave the teams and games in the USA and stop so hard at trying to make your mark and being a dictator. Your a custodian of the game. Leave it alone. And quit being greedy.

  40. Utterly amazing. There is no more out of touch group than Goodell and his advisors. Only Goodell would take an idea that 96% of people hate and make it even worse. He is going out of his way to ruin my favorite sport, and yours too.

  41. I know, watching is compelling, we have to tune it out. It will be reported on other channels. In the 70`s your first inkling of the draft was in Saturday evening papers. We`re being played like so many trained monkeys. They change the date, to nearly everyone`s chagrin. Their response, move it farther and spread it over 4 days. Enough is enough. Change the name to the NGFL. the G is for greed.

  42. Dear Rog,
    You have already watered down the game we love enough and it is time you step down. Change the game back to the way it was b4 you came in and ruined it, move the draft back to April and move as far away as you can never to do any more damage to the NFL!
    Every Fan

  43. Sure , why not. Goddell has dropped my interest in the draft about 90% with his tinkering. Might as well lose all interest whatsoever.

  44. I’m putting this out there just to be sarcastic, but knowing the NFL they may consider it.

    But they can really stretch this thing out and milk it for more than its worth by holding the draft over several weeks — one round per prime time Thursday over the course of seven weeks.

  45. Mark Cuban knows what the heck he is talking about, apparently.

    Why wouldn’t the NFL want a later draft??? More time for mock drafts and to make it into a bigger deal, so the NFL can make more money.

    It’s sickening how much the game is being watered down. My stomach is still churning from that “roughing the passer” call on Ahmad Brooks v. Drew Brees….

    Just a pathetic league that is only concerned about protecting itself from lawsuits, & money.

    Fun fact: NFL only donates 10% of all the ‘pink’ breast cancer merchandise profits to cancer research. look it up. Stay classy Roger Goodell

  46. “God”dell doesn’t care when the draft is. He knows that everyone will still watch it!! All he cares about is making money!

    Who this hurts the most is the draftees!!! With 1-2 more weeks, it gives executives and scouts more time to analyze draftees and nitpick their every move. It also hurts them because it pushes the timetable for when they are able to sign a contract and join their new team. It pushes back when they are able to start working out and learning the playbooks and that hurts their development the most!!!

    Goddell is not just screwing the fans, but also the draftees!!!!!

  47. No (expletive deleted) way. Move it back to April. Idea, eveyone tweet at GODdell and Aiello letting them know what they think. Also hit this yrs draft sponsers, money talks people.

  48. I don’t buy this for a minute. Teams are already ticked off with the draft this late. In the past, players would have had their playbooks for two weeks by now. That’s valuable time rookies are missing out on. Now to push it back another week or two into late May would cause the coaches to skull F Goodell’s dead body if he approved that.

  49. 100% of the fans could prefer an April draft and Goodell wouldn’t care. He’s a poodle and the NFL owners are his only master. If he can stretch an extra day of programming and a few more dollars out of the draft he will, players and fans be damned.

  50. I won’t watch the draft or any leadup to it if they push it back, this is ridiculous. What good does it do the NFL to have the talking heads babbling about nothing for months on end and speculating about nothing. What a Joke!! Thank god the NBA and MLB are going strong by early April!!

  51. nomoreseasontix says:May 7, 2014 12:10 PM

    It seems like Goodell is consciously trying to see if he can get me to stop paying attention to the NFL.
    He’s gonna kill the golden goose.

    Stick a fork in it, its as good as dead now, thank you very much Mr Goodell. Bring back Paul Tagliabue!!!

  52. We are all football fanatics here but I have been so over the 12 billion mock draft shows that have been on I don’t watch them anymore. Move it back to where it was, it wasn’t broke.

  53. With any luck, by 2017 the draft will be a PPV event spread over 7 days, and announced by Fran Drescher, while Goodell stands in the background giving fans the bird

  54. Report: The league will hold free agency in may, the draft will move to july to coincide with pretty fireworks and training camp will be in late october to give teams a final push into the december regular season

  55. How about having the draft picks randomly selected by a secret lottery and then dropped in at half time by parachute of the first regular season game?

  56. Ah yes, late May, warm weather, perfect for an after dinner stroll from the steakhouse to the Music Hall, for the evening television appearance. Much better than in cold, rainy, April. Right Roger?

    Realistically, the whole draft could be done via computer, in a couple of hours, in April, or even March for that matter. But the beer and snacks advertisers wouldn’t like losing the young male crowd, so close to summer.

  57. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, make it terrible”.

  58. Roger, Roger, back away from the drugs – unless you have enough for all of us.
    Dude, the NFL Draft should be scheduled for 30 days after the combine and start on a Friday. If you want to keep it a 3 day “event” that’d be cool but start on a Thursday night that’s bad – some people have to work the next day and get up way early for that obligation.

    Teams should know all they need about a prospect before the combine and should use that “event” for tuning opinions/expectations.
    Dude, give the fans a break.

  59. I’m the customer Uncle Roger. I’ve already sold my season tickets, and I promise to take a taxi to the bar, and cancel the Ticket and Red Zone if his comes to fruition… Maybe Cuban was right, no London team, no LA Team, no extended season, no playoff expansion, and no delay in the draft. Pompous idiot.

  60. Ridiculous. Waiting for the draft this year as opposed to watching at its original date has been insufferable. The NFL needs to leave things ALONE. All this is another attempt to dominate the calendar. Nothing more. This coming from a Goodell supporter FYI

  61. Yet another example of how tone deaf the morons are at 345 Park Ave.

  62. If the fans want to be heard, just don’t watch the draft this year and give it poor ratings.

    Err…at least if you’re one of the 37 “Nielsen Homes” in the country.

  63. I like how the nfl likes to try and improve the game and the league. Not being content is okay by me. However in the case of moving the draft back further just is not the best decision for the teams and players. I hope when they weigh the short term profitability of better television ratings versus these new draftees being able to perform at the beginning of the season and the holes that will leave in teams depth charts.

  64. How many times can Roger Goodell jump the shark and not get bit on the ass?

  65. Ironically, the NFL isn’t even paying these kids yet and they are exploiting the living hell out of marketing their names via draft related media! It’s going too far!

  66. Now there is so much speculation and mock drafting is has become virtually meaningless. I have heard every team in the top 12 is interested in moving up and that the top 4 or 5 teams are interested in just about every top prospect. It has become a tool in which teams and agents leak information to try to influence people and the losers are the fans who have to decipher this jumbled mess. God, we are so easy to manipulate . I enjoyed the days when big business and government would at least be subtle in their manipulations instead of flaunting the fact that the mass public is powerless against their machinations and brazenly treat us like stupid sheep.

  67. I don’t really care that much about when the draft is, but I do think the earlier the better for NFL teams. They have more time to sign and for players to potentially participate in OATs.

    That being said, I simply DO NOT GET all the infantile anti-Goodell rantings. It’s like a bunch of pre-schoolers who automatically hate the principal.

    What I REALLY don’t get is all the clueless “Stop wrecking” the NFL comments. Let’s see… the NFL is MORE successful financially than ever, is by FAR the most popular sport, and is thriving in TV contracts, merchandising, and pretty much any objective measure of success.

    Yeah, Roger sure has wrecked things… you whackadoodles….

  68. Too bad enough footballs fans don’t have the balls to not watch so they get bad ratings. Roger Goodell is gonna ruin the NFL.

  69. I hate the idea also, but for those of you who think Mark Cuban is correct because of this is as clueless as that idiot.

  70. Its all part of the master plan..NFL takes over memorial…then pushes Superbowl back a couple of weeks to finally allow for Superbowl Monday to be a holiday too…aka presidents day….add a couple of extra games and at least one extra bye and the nfl continues to print money

  71. This year has been the most boring off season I’ve ever known leading up to the draft. I’m tired of hearing the analyst talk about the same top 20 and team needs. It’s basically the same things being repeated day after day. It’s been drawn out so long that the excitement is gone. Now I just want it over with so we can move on to the next chapter of the off season. Time leading to the draft used to be so exciting with all the debates on what a team should or shouldn’t do. Now people are just sick of arguing the same ole points with each other.

  72. I might also add that because of the late draft that I can hardly turn on the NFL channel at all. I can miss three weeks of the channel and bardly miss anything new.

  73. I’ll stop watching and the draft is my favorite event. I have better things to do when it’s nice out. It’s a terrible idea

  74. Why not do it in London too?

    I mean for Cliff’sake if you are going to mess everything else up, why not mess this up too?

    Frickin’ Goodell, and I used to think he was good.

    Just leave our damn sport alone!

    18 Games, Thursday nite Football, Good defense being 15 yards.

    Enough is enough already.

  75. It’s camping season for me now. I guess I will find out Sunday night or Monday who we drafted this weekend. I will watch Thursday though. Maybe Goodell can go to all the schools and explain to the kids why their parents or grandparents don’t want to take them on vacation when they get out of school in May. Maybe he can convince the kids watching the draft is more important than their vacation.

  76. The draft is already being dragged out way too long. If I see another TV report about who will be drafted in the top 5, or another story about who will draft Johnny Football … ugh! Please! Make it stop!

    If Goodell’s goal is to unite the country, he’s succeeding. We’re all learning to hate him.

  77. I get the impression if fans said they were happy with 4 quarter/60 minute games, Goddell would immediately announce that the league was tinkering with games being played over a 3 or 4 day period like cricket. What a complete buffoon.

  78. I’ve just about had it with Goodell… Somebody better reign this clown in before he destroys the NFL forever.

  79. The only date the commissioner should change is his retirement date. It should be now. If the NFL needs help replacing him, I suggest putting a suit on a chimp. At least the chimp wouldn’t screw anything else up.

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