Report: No Hard Knocks for Giants


Because they have missed the playoffs for the last two years and didn’t change their coach this offseason, they fit the requirements of a team that can be forced to do Hard Knocks by the NFL.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, they’ve avoided being forced into taking part in a show that it is impossible to imagine coach Tom Coughlin wanting to do. Hubbuch reports that enough other teams have volunteered to have cameras at their training camp that the Giants will not be obligated to take a starring role on HBO this summer.

The NFL denied a report last month that the field of teams under consideration had been narrowed to the Giants, Steelers and Bears. The report did not include the identities of any teams who have volunteered to be on the show and the team is expected to be announced in June.

The Giants recently agreed to allow NFL Network cameras into their draft room, something they’ve refused to do in the past and something that some saw as a possible tradeoff for avoiding the Hard Knocks slot. If others have volunteered for the gig, that may not be the case although it will have to suffice as our only behind-the-scenes glimpse into the way the Giants do business regardless of the reason.

24 responses to “Report: No Hard Knocks for Giants

  1. The Steelers should be forced to do it since they got out of any real punishment for Mike Tomlin throwing a game.

  2. I watch it purely to hear the voice-over, makes talking about something as petty as who’s third on depth chart interesting!

  3. John Mara did say the Giants would be on Hard Knocks when he’s buried next to his father, so if push comes to shove, he’d force Coughlin to retire so he can hire a new coach and be exempt.

  4. Bill Belichick would fire himself to keep the Patriots off of Hard Knocks,

    no because of the rules of teams that have not made the playoffs for two consecutive seasons the only possible way for the Patriots to not make the playoffs for two consecutive seasons would involve Bill Belichick no longer being the HC of the NEP. Because Bill Belichick can take your players and still make the playoffs as he is the best HC in the NFL bar none!

  5. “Because they have missed the playoffs for the last two years and didn’t change their coach this offseason, they fit the requirements of a team that can be forced to do Hard Knocks by the NFL.”

    Possibly the greatest sentence I’ve read here.

  6. Raiders should and will do Hard Knocks. A mix of new vets and rookies, a coach a gun to his head, a GM that looks like Shrek and an owner that lives/looks like Lloyd Christmas. It was made for TV and might even give this once great franchise some well needed exposure.

  7. The Jets are everyone’s perennial favorite for Hard Knocks

    Honestly it’s the one thing we can all admit they are good at

    The comic relief of Wrecks alone is enough to have me tuning in each week

  8. BB of NE is not the best coach.
    He has rode Brady to his excellence. That’s it.
    If BB was smart, he would retire when Brady retires, otherwise go back to his Browns days – when he was a nobody.

    All time great QB can make any coach look like the best.


  9. Boring as dirt? I think they are year-to-year one of the most exciting teams. Look at all the past stories and characters: LT, Phil Simms, THE Bill Parcells, Ray Handley and Dave Brown (yep, said it), the 2004 draft with Eli, beating the cheater Patriots trying to go 19-0…

    I could go on and on. Draft room will be nuts!

  10. Giants on hard knocks fe they are the classiest organization in sports just google eric inselberger fake memoribilia

  11. Tom Coughlin doesn’t want to do it. Tough. Doesn’t he understand that Commissioner Goodell insists that teams should cooperate or face consequences?
    Fine the Giants $10M for impertinence and take away a 4th round draft pick and see if they are still unwilling to participate.
    The team needs to learn to respect the Commissioner’s orders. Coughlin is a dual Super Bowl winning coach but another bad year and he could be out. This could be great for Hard Knocks ratings…

  12. Will be the steelers.

    Rooney’s can’t help themselves. They need their ego stroked. Since they can’t replace Coach Rooney rule.

    Plus the steelers are close to being irrelevant so this will force some life into them

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