Richard Sherman, Seahawks agree on four-year extension


The Seahawks will retain another of their defensive stars with a monster multi-year contract extension.

Per Jay Glazer of Fox, the Seahawks and cornerback Richard Sherman have agreed on a four-year extension. Financial terms are not yet known, but Glazer reports the deal will make Sherman the game’s highest-paid player at his position.

Sherman will now be under contract through 2018.

In three seasons with Seattle, the 26-year-old Sherman has established himself as one of the NFL’s best at his position, intercepting 20 passes in that span, including eight a season ago. He was entering the final year of his rookie contract.

News of Sherman’s extension comes nine days after the Seahawks agreed on a four-year, $40 million deal with standout free safety Earl Thomas.

UPDATE 1:48 p.m. ET: Via his official website, Sherman announced he had a reached a four-year, $57.4 million extension with Seattle, including $40 million guaranteed.

77 responses to “Richard Sherman, Seahawks agree on four-year extension

  1. Regardless of what you think about his trash talking, you have to admit that he’s simply one of the best CB’s in the league right now and deserves every penny.

  2. He deserves it, but you gotta wonder when the Hawks are going to reach cap hell.

  3. After signing the lucrative deal, Sherman made sure to remind everyone that Crabtree is mediocre…. at best, and that Pete Carroll is 10x the coach Jim Harbaugh is or ever will be. Carroll built this team while Harbaugh was given everything and still has yet to win anything.

  4. Watch as we draft another corner too. Maxwell gonna get a fat deal after this year. We just Thurmond and Simon had yet to play.

  5. I wonder what their cap looks like now. We all knew this deal would be coming. I guess we only have Russell Wilson left for next year unless they want to extend Maxwell. Nobody else is going to et an extension any time soon. Wonder how the linebackers are feeling right now?

  6. smart move. earlier you sign him the better. He won’t be the highest paid corner in 2-3 years with D.Revis and Patrick Peterson’s contracts coming up.

  7. Meh. It’s the Seattle scheme, the front 7, and Earl Thomas that really make that defense go. The CBs have shown themselves to be replaceable cogs in the system. Glad to hear Seattle decided to overpay one of them anyway instead of plugging-and-playing as they did much of last year with success.

  8. The play against my 49ers earned Sherman every penny here. Top player at his position. Good move for the Seahawks to get this done earlier rather than later. Looking forward to the Niners-Seahawks rivalry to continue.

  9. The belief that Sherman is selfish or the Seahawks are in general is hilarious. If you know anything about this team or pay any attention what so ever you would see how team oriented they are and how unselfish they are in their play.

    That’s not to mention what they do for the Community. Richard Sherman in his rookie contract, making peanuts, was still a top contributor from NFL players to charities.

    Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are top 3 in their positions if not #1, they deserve to be paid as such.

  10. Looks like Seattle is going to give all the money to half a dozen guys. That’ll make it hard to contend.

    Lots of guys will want to get paid, and there will not be money for it.

    I like how fans are excited about locking guys up in big money contracts. None of you understand how the cap works? That is the cap amount that can be paid in player salaries. Give too much to too few and your team will have 5 or 6 great players who have to hold up the whole team because the other 47 or 48 guys are league minimum types.

  11. Overhated!! Love the way he talks then goes out and back it up on the field. That being said…GO CHIEFS!!!

  12. “the 26-year-old Sherman has established himself as one of the NFL’s best at his position…”

    “One of the best.” What a joke. He’s the best by far, and nobody else is even close.

  13. I like Sherman too but the highest paid corner in football only covers one side of the field? Revis is licking his lips right now.

  14. Did he sign it on the side of the field that he never covers. Average corner at best #goNINERS #NOOnehasitbetter

  15. It’s all part of deciding who to pay (Chancellor, Thomas, Sherman, etc) and who to let someone else pay (Tate). Then filling in around the guys you decide to keep.

  16. Too much money to guarantee to him. And here’s why:

    As soon as NFL officials make it a focal point to call Pass Interference and Defensive holding (and they will THIS year after that ridiculous 43-8 blowout, expect football season this year full of high scoring games), as soon as this happens, Sherman isn’t even a top 10 player at his position.

    The advancement of HDTV is giving the NFL but NO choice but to focus on calling PI and Defensive holding, because the fans can blatantly see it now on replay.

    (Same goes for helmet to helmet hits/roughing the passer. HDTV was becoming so good, that the NFL had no choice but to act on it, probably because some type of lawsuit was eventually going to emerge. Same with flopping in the NBA- HDTV allowed flopping to become so obvious, that the NBA has no choice but to act. )

    What I’m getting at here is, I would never guarantee 40$ million to a player like Sherman- whom is reputable for using his hands on WRs EVERY play. Because as soon as officials make it a focal point, he’s done for.

    Although, Seattle can just do what they did last year. And Defensive hold/Pass interfere every play, knowing darn well that the officials WILL NOT call it every play. Even if the officials see it, the wont call it every play because it would take from the flow of the game.

  17. As a bears fan 2 bad he didn’t hit the mArket next yr cuz That boy good. I live by sf. I luv arguing with those sorry 9ers sayn he’s garbage. Crabtree a joke. Mediocre at best

  18. They are definitely the SB Champs but I am just not convinced they are becoming the Dynasty that the fan base thinks they are. And BTW you are not the 12th Man, that distinction belongs to the the real 12th Man at Texas A&M. Their tradition of the 12th Man dates back to 1922.

  19. The Seahawks allocated money to four positions WR(Harvin ) CB(Sherman) S( Thomas III) and eventually QB( Russell).

    The reason is works is because these are mostly home grown guys , they are all top tier players including Russell . And every to allocates money to at least ; guys with big contracts . The Seahawks chose and unconventional route by paying positions other teams don’t . However it’s the same as paying a top LB,Qb, and De, and OT . Please stop taking about cap numbers . The cap is growing every year . They also have May cap friendly deals already .
    And yes Seahawks will undoubtably lose some contributors but they have been the best team at drafting and developing players for years now . The pressure is really put to their philosophy which obviously works . That is to draft for best player available with upside and that applies to all rounds . It’s common knowledge that the Seahawks are like the google of football , fun , fast paced , competitive and gives everyone a real shot even cast a ways .

    Yes it’s unconventional paying different positions but those positions are the ones who made this team what they are now and in the future . Yes Pete and John need to continue to draft well . But they’ve proven more than capable of letting guys go and replacing them from within and trough the draft .

    Simple Pete and John are playing chess y’all playing checkers .. You can’t question anything they’ve done because they’ve proven they know more then you and almost all pundits who questioned them . Good time to be a Seahawks fan !

  20. ‘Via his official website, Sherman announced he had a reached a four-year, $57.4 million extension with Seattle, including $40 million guaranteed.’

    $40 Million Guaranteed??? That’s an absurd number for any player. They better pray he stays healthy.

    Assuming they stay relatively healthy the Seahwawks have an excellent chance of repeating in 2014 but after this season when they’ll have to shell out money for Wilson & Okung on top of what they’ve already done w/ Harvin, Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, & Bennett they’re going to be in salary cap hell.

  21. Well this sets a level for the Haden/Browns contract. Sherman is better than Haden so should be able to get him for like 30 mill guaranteed. Hope that gets done soon.

    Congrats to Seattle for locking up 2 young star players. Gonna make it tough to get Wilson locked up for the future though.

  22. Sounds like the Hawks got their man locked up. Now, for their sake, let’s hope the league doesn’t start calling defensive holding or PI on him which he literally does on every single play. Apparently the title “big, physical corner” allows you to get away with cheating and breaking the rules on every play. Their philosophy is sound though, cheat every day on everything they do; the refs will absolutely not call all of them and they will get away with the vast majority of the things they cheat on. Can’t stand anyone on that team except for Russell Wilson.

  23. Oh yeah…And Cliff Avril is going into the 2nd yr of his two year deal so it’s inevitable that the Seahawks are going to lose some great players to FA. The question is whether Carroll & Schneider can continue to find diamonds in the later rounds of the draft & sign undrafted FA’s like Doug Baldwin & Jermaine Kearse. If they can then the rest of the NFL will continue to chase them.

  24. Bigsouce yeah Harbaugh inherited a lot of talent. Where exactly were they? Bowman was the #4 ILB, Vernon Davis had one actual good season on his resume. McDonald was a backup, Brooks was a scrub, Goldson was a scrub and once again is one only now he is a top tier paid scrub elsewhere. Crabtree had shown nothing. Alex Smith well enough said. I think we get the point. The only talent that wasn’t buried on the depth chart or underperforming was Staley, Willis, Gore and maybe Vernon Davis.

  25. Already the best in the league, imagine how good this secondary will be with a couple more years together. LOB! GOAT!

  26. I am a huge fan of Richard Sherman and have been for the past few years, one of my favorite Seahawks, but that’s just wayyyy too much money for a player who is not lining up under center.

  27. Patriots fan here. Great player you don’t have to like him, but I would worry about playing him.
    You know your good when they hate you!
    Bill Russell on being booed 🙂

  28. John and Pete will now need to fill the cupboard back up with 2nd – 7th rounders playing for peanuts.

    If RB Christine Michael gets going, CB Simon, DT Hill and continue to unearth some pass rushers, re-sign Avril then this train will keep moving.

    Harvin is the only guy vastly overpaid. Get through his guarantee money and send him packing.

    Pay the difference makers on D, the QB and draft well.

    Without Sherman, no chance the Hawks get to the SB.

    The pick 6 in Houston and the get that Kaep trash out of here tip to Malcolm were not just game changers but Lombardi changers.

    Nobody here has a clue as to how high the cap is headed and what John and Pete have up their sleeve.

    They did find Avril and Bennett on the cheap and both were instrumental in the playoffs and SB.

    It’s just hate and jealousy of the Hawks and their meteoric rise from a 2010 door mat to SB champs in short order with another 1 or 2 on the horizon.

  29. Wow, look at all the haters! I especially love the brilliance of the comments about how Sherman and the Seahawks hold on every play and that’s why they’re so good. Do you people even watch football? Or you just heard it said once, so you just repeat what was said because you hate the Seahawks too and will look for any reason to discredit them. Get a life.

  30. This is how John and Pete view Sherman’s contract.

    They view it as ripping up the current deal and giving Sherman a 5 yr contract for $58.8 million.

    That is under $12mm/yr which is high but fmv for a shut down cb that saved the Hawks season.

    5/7/2014: Signed a five-year, $58.789 million contract. The deal contains $40 million guaranteed.

    2014: $1.389 million, 2015-2018: Under Contract, 2019: Free Agent

  31. I heard the Adderall was thrown in for free by Seattle.

    Seriously though, it’s nice to see Seattle have to lock up all these first contract guys onto their second contract.

    So much for a Dynasty in the Pac NW.

  32. he got his money,hes going to slow down and prob get hurt..most do after they see the money.
    will not repeat with these guys getting paid….

  33. Who in the NFC is really all that great to challenge the Hawks?

    SF has Kaep at QB = Not happening.
    GB lacks D = Not happening.
    Philly lacks D & no DJack = Not happening.
    Carolina lacks Offense = Not happening.
    N.O. cut too much D & can’t win in Seattle = Not happening.

    Those are the front runners.

    Zona is a W.C. and the Rams with all their picks could do some damage. I fear those 2 as much as any of the aforementioned.

    So why not Seattle again in 2014? Their core is back, is young and improving. they’re now road battle tested and playoffs for that matter.

    The Hawks are going back to back… Haters will have to hate even more!

  34. LOL, the beginning of the end of the hawks. Dude is the most overrated CB in the game. They will be cutting him djax style in two years.

  35. Revis is better.


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