Report: Seven cities have applied to host NFL Draft


Maybe the ultimate plan is to have one round of the NFL Draft in a different city, on a different day.

In addition to a report that said the league’s considering moving the draft later in the year, we now have an expanded roster of cities vying to host.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, seven cities have applied to host the draft.

The list includes New Orleans, Boston, Philadelphia, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles and Canton, Ohio.

While L.A. is certainly appealing to the league because of the the obvious television connections, Canton would be a neat sentimental pick.

Having the draft at the site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame would lend a bit of historical gravity to the proceedings, and create a boost for the league’s shrine.

58 responses to “Report: Seven cities have applied to host NFL Draft

  1. Canton, Ohio is where dreams are created and solidified, now the Canton will make those dreams turn into reality to try to achieve what every player dreams of, the Hall of Fame, the NFL Draft 2015 on the NFLN… That would sound amazing IMO.

  2. Something tells me that when the NFL Draft celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2016, the event will be held in Canton, Ohio.

  3. Canton, Ohio.
    Would love to see the high profile football writers and analysts staying at a Red Roof Inn.

  4. They could have it in Oakland, but the cost of thousands of kevlar vests would be prohibitive.

  5. EVER NFL city should take a turn hosting. Not just the ones in the south, or the ones that are in megacities. Cities that do not host an NFL event should not qualify (Orlando, LA).

  6. Why dont’t they give opportunites to cities that can’t host a Super Bowl, but are still classic NFL cities? Like Pitts, Chicago, Seattle, and yes even Cleveland, Buffalo and/or Detroit…. The weather’s not a concern in May.

  7. Seriously though. Does it really matter wherever the hell they hold it? As long as it has a stage and seating for several hundred they could hold it in just about any city.

    WHEN they hold it is more important than where.

  8. Seating for several HUNDRED? Philly puts 20,000 in an arena at 6am for a wing eating contest. The draft in Philly would be off the wall.

  9. Yes Orlando. It Has the facilities and hotels. There might even be a chance of a Super Bowl to be held here.
    Espn also has offices, production studios and stadiums in the area.

    Orlando just isn’t theme parks anymore son!! It’s not 1984 lol

  10. I agree that every city who has an NFL team should host it. It should rotate year to year. But the NFL won’t do it that way. Only the big markets will see the draft beacuse that means more money.

  11. I hope the taxpayers in these cities don’t have to pony up money for the greedy NFL. Nice crowd for day one. Half as many for day two. Crickets for day three.
    Plus the added stench of sports writers infecting your city. No win situation.

  12. Why not just put in the city that has the #1 pick? It is unfair for Giants/Jets fans to have it every year…But then again, Jacksonville/Houston/Oakland would get kind of old year after year.

  13. The draft should rotate among all NFL cities. Many stadiums/teams are subsidized or granted tax benefits at the cost of the taxpayers of those cities. They should get the benefits.

  14. Orlando. The #1 pick could look at the camera and say “I’m going to Disneyworld!” Cash in on 50 grand, right there.

  15. I said last week, just about any NFL city has the capability to host the draft. Even Buffalo has a theater thats 90% the size of radio city. Or 2 covered amphitheaters that are 4x the size to accommodate more fans

  16. They should hold it in Jerry World so he can embarrass himself in front of his misguided faithful.


    Build a stadium/hotel/casino in Las Vegas. Got to 18 games. Have a game each week at the site in Vegas and bring 50K fans to Vegas for 18 weeks. Hold the SUPERBOWL every year in VEGAS. Have the PRO-BOWL in VEGAS. Have the NFL DRAFT in VEGAS.

    If you build it they will come and you, the richest of the rich get more $$$$ and we can put an end to all of this.

    And don’t bring up that 1950’s crap about gambling. A 12 year old and an iPAD can bet on anything from baseball to Russia over Ukraine.


  18. How about having the draft on the stadium field of the team that has the first pick overall? That way the hometown fans can enjoy, the draftees can have a real football atmosphere feel, and I as a Raider fan will have a 50/50 chance of attending the draft on my homefield each year!

  19. Perhaps the draft should be in those cities that will never be considered for a SuperBowl. Imagine a draft in the Atrium at Lambeau Field or somewhere in Buffalo. If you can’t spread out the SuperBowls, perhaps this is a good consolation.

  20. canton would be cool. it needs to be somewhere that it would be a huge deal. a smaller town vibe. plus, that is where it would start, and since the HoF is where you want it to end, that makes a lot of sense

    but really, if you move it back, I may simply not pay attention next year. this is the first year I actually turned off NFL N and haven’t watched it in over a month due to the annoying never ending coverage.

  21. actually, I can take them moving the draft back, IF* and this is a HUGE *IF*, they manage to make a development league for the spring. allows for it to play out, then teams to make decisions off of performance of some of those guys available before going into the draft

    anything short of that new spring league, is a total failure to me.

  22. Why not Orlando? The Disney World Wide of sports complexes would be a perfect venue for the draft. Also Orlando is a great destination place that players and their family’s, along with the spectators and attendees, could make a week long vacation out of it by visiting the many attractions in Orlando.

    Also Orlando is located so close to other major vacations spots such as Daytona Beach, the Tampa Clearwater area, Cape Canaveral, and many other popular beaches all with in an hour or 2 away. Also the weather in central Florida in May is always great. Perfect weather for the many water parks located throughout Orlando, along with the many golf course located all over central Florida.

    Central Florida is second to Las Vegas in the amount of hotel rooms that are available.

    When the NBA did the All Star weekend in Orlando in 2012 it was a hit.

  23. Well it’s about time they rotate the city where the draft is held. How about rotating the Super Bowls too. I’m tired of seeing the same cities getting to host the Super Bowls. The drafts and Super Bowls need to be rotated.

  24. If not every city having an opportunity, maybe a neutral city/cities – Orlando, LA, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Biloxi, Portland, Oklahoma City, Birmingham, Boise, etc… It could build the NFL brand a bit, while NFL fans in these cities that do not get to visit a game often, if at all can be a part of it.

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