Richard Sherman announces deal, says he’s getting $40 million guaranteed

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The Seahawks are holding a press conference at 2 p.m. ET and they will indeed be announcing an extension with cornerback Richard Sherman.

They won’t be the first to announce it, however. Sherman has already taken care of that.

On his blog, Sherman called himself “blessed to announce” that he had signed a contract that would keep him in Seattle for several more years. Sherman also went a step further and announced the terms of the deal. He says he’s getting a four-year extension with a total value of $57.4 million. Sherman adds that $40 million of that money is guaranteed, although he stops short of sharing whether or not those are full guarantees or guaranteed against injury only.

As Jay Glazer of FOX Sports initially reported, the deal makes Sherman the highest-paid cornerback in the league. With Earl Thomas leading the list at safety, the Seahawks secondary is now being paid at a level commensurate with the widely-held belief that it is the best secondary in the game.

114 responses to “Richard Sherman announces deal, says he’s getting $40 million guaranteed

  1. He’s one of the best, but that’s just too much for a corner IMO. The Seahawks are going to be strapped from their secondary and extending Russell next year. Better win it this year again, because it gets tougher.

  2. This is bad news for the 49ers contract talks with Crabtree. Crabs price just went up big time since Crabtree is so much better than the leagues top paid CB.

  3. People will scoff today, but while the salary cap increases over the next few years this will be in line with what top CBs will be getting heretoforward.

  4. That’s an absurd number of guaranteed money. $40 million?!?!? That’s QB money. Stupid. Talib was at $26 million for a CB high. $40 million of guaranteed money is foolish and could very well come back to haunt Seattle.

  5. All these OTHER SUBPAR DB’s getting paid high in free agency and Revis makin Revis money and his team didnt do nothing, but all you haters talk down on Sherm lol like he wasnt gonna get paid!

  6. Well, Seahawks won their SB with low priced players, now we’ll see what happens. They still need to pay Wilson…….I don’t think any DB is worth that kind of money.

  7. When the team you root for signs multiple players to long deals with big guarantees, good moves.
    When a team you root against does the same, captarded.

  8. The Seahawks are so stupid! Why would they want to keep a team together that just won the Superbowl?

    Oh, maybe because they fear that they may become a team like the Vikings. #neverwonasuperbowl

  9. You all comment like you understand the cap and contracts better than any team’s front office. They know exactly how much to sign to meet the team needs. Stop with idiot comments about how the team will be in cap trouble, can’t sign whomever, etc. Silly talk.

  10. Thank God! Now I don’t have to worry about the Cowboys overspending to get him……

  11. How can you say it’s too much for a corner? What is a SuperBowl worth? You have to pay tbe guys that got you there. My guess is, this is a check Mr. Allen is more than happy to write.

  12. KaeperPick will have an excellent receiver of his BAD passes for 4 more years! My 2 favorite teams are the Raiders first then anyone who completely dominate and own the whiners. Go Seahawks!

  13. So many guys on rookie contracts play their hearts out until they get their payday…then they become mediocre. I sure hope for Seattle’s sake he earns that $40 million guaranteed…

  14. Both Sherman and Thomas deserve it. It is much smarter for Seattle to sink money into their defense instead of the QB position like most other teams.

  15. This is a big year for Sherman, last year he continuously proclaimed himself the best CB in the league, they won the big game and now he got a big payday. I’m anxious to see if his passion and play mimic that this year, I like the guy and how he plays but wonder if he lets off the throttle now or not.

  16. All the jealous fans sounding off on here are hilarious.

    You wish your team found an all-world corner in the 5th round.

    Marshawn only has a year or two left of top-end production anyway. He walks, then Christine Michael and Robert Turbin take over. It’s called drafting for the future, peeps. But many of you wouldn’t know that because your teams are having to draft for the NOW, so they’re never able to stockpile. Look at all the guys SEA fills the other roles with – Malcolm Smith, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Byron Maxwell, Cliff Avril’s getting $5M, Michael Bennett gave a discount, Tony McDaniel is on what? $2M/year? You give the big dollars to your key guys, and stockpile future starters via the draft, giving them a couple of years to develop. You can’t keep everyone. So you plan accordingly. You MUST have an elite QB (Wilson). You MUST have a good DBackfield (Sherman/Thomas/Chancellor), and you MUST have a pass-rush (Bennett). You don’t HAVE to have elite LBs. Just guys who know their role. You don’t HAVE to have the world’s greatest running back. Just a guy who can run in your system. So invest in the MUST HAVE’s and let the rest come up through the draft and/or at moderate FA price tags.

    Have fun spending a top 10 pick on a QB that’s probably not even a top 30 player (Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles…take your pick). Because you HAVE TO.

  17. Derrell revis can’t compare career stats to Sherman. And like I’ve said many times the Seahawks are fine financially . They’ll let some players walk and continue to draft and develop like they have been . And while thats a lot of money to that position the Seahawks have decided to go against the grain and instead of pay TE DE MULTIPLE LBS AND RB big money they chose to pay the core of their team . Doesn’t mean it’s good or bad especially with the cap growing .

    The Seahawks have to continue to draft and develop and they have been among the best since pete and John got together . And people who don’t follow the team .lynch will either be restructured next offseason or gone . The Seahawks have a stable of ready backs ( Michael ) that can come in and become elite rbs in our offensive scheme .

    It’s simple the hawks will pay secondary while other teams ( niners have or will have the same amount of $$ in their LB core but never mentioned as being screwed financially ) it’s literally a teams choice where they want to put money some value positions more than others .

  18. The fact you take away 1/2 the field with these guys, even when they play QBs like Manning/Brees, makes this deal appropriate.

    Id rather pay for elite QB kryptonite than an elite QB who is susceptible to that kryptonite.

  19. Now he’ll be the oft-injured player. He won’t practice but will play come game time. Get hurt about week 5-6 and be half the player that HE thinks HE was.

  20. I hope your team doesn’t have to cut a bunch of really good players to make the cap and then NOT make it to the playoffs….nice contract though, signed Joe Flacco

  21. Seahawks are a cycle team. They suck for years, collect a few high draft picks, and then with the help of free agency, stack their team, and become competitive. Then those rookies require payment, they overpay to try to stretch their window knowing full well the downfall is coming. For example – their superbowl winning quarterback is currently the lowest paid starter in the whole league. They have one more year. Enjoy it now Seahawks fans.

  22. Other players on the team are taking note of the last couple contracts. By this time next year, the Seahawks will be saying goodbye to some key guys because of some money problems that are looming.

    They must figure that they can lowball some other guys while restructuring a few more. Has to be something like that. They’ll have 50 million per year tied up in 3 guys when they extend Wilson. Risky deals in how I see it. Other teams have done the same types of things before and ended up with a few great players and a bunch of other below average guys.

    Not a formula for being a long term contender in the NFL. I guess that is why the fanchises that are always in the mix don’t do it like that. Hey, at least we won’t have to look at Pete Carrol gnawing on chewing gum after he gets fired in a couple years. Hahaa

  23. You win the show, you get the dough. Hawks need to keep drafting well to have so much money going to so few.

  24. Wow! 40 mill guaranteed for a guy who DOESN’T TACKLE anybody! Unreal. His agent completely owned Schneider in this deal. They’ve solidified their future failings by doing this and making the She-Hawks a four-man team. Their money is now going to go to four guys for the next five years. Harvin, Thomas, Sherman and Wilson if there’s anything left for the soon-to-be-divorced fake Christian!

  25. He seems like the type of well grounded professional athlete that wouldn’t focus on money and attention, at the expense of his craft.


  26. Goodell must be very happy that the $44M he got paid last year wasn’t beaten by the guaranteed amounts to Sherman and Earl Thomas.
    The NFL is the most buoyant part of the American economy.

  27. $40 million “guaranteed” is $16.5 million once the IRS is through with you. And no, a grower operation is not deductible as a business expense, not even for the Seahawks.

  28. You haters are hilarious. You think, arguably the TOP GM in the league, in the TOP front office in the league is going to do something completely stupid? Get out of here…

  29. This is the market for a top of the league CB – so if you don’t like it, then your take is that they should have let him walk.

    But as a Hawks fan who has seen this management team make smart personnel moves every year since their arrival – I’m going to trust their wisdom on the cap situation – -and be happy that we locked up guys who are not only arguably the best S and CB in football – but who are a huge part of what the attitude/identity of the team that just won the SB.

    Keeping the pieces in place for a couple more SB runs.

  30. Love how people either don’t read or can’t comprehend.

    Its a 4 year EXTENSION to his remaining 1 contract.

    57.4 over 5 years is…. 11.48 per year

    Teams currently paying 1 corner over 9 a year:


    Even with this deal Seahawks will have close to 40 million in cap space next year….. more than enough to sign Wilson (WHO IS STILL UNDER CONTRACT IN 2015)

  31. Sweet!

    Not letting him get into free agency next off season and locking him in for the next four is a very positive move by the Seahawks………If he had another solid (top) year this coming season he would get that money from some team, so by making this move, along with Earl Thomas, the Seahawks have set their main stay defense for years to come…….

    Russell Wilson will be negotiating after next season ends, but that doesn’t mean that his cap hit will be a problem until two years from now…At that point, the cap will be raised twice and with the new T.V. revenue, his cap hit will be less than that raise.

    True; Cap problems could be present if more “stars” arrive on the scene that need to be addressed……..I hope the Hawks have that problem as that will mean that they are being competitive and that is the name of this game……

    Go Hawks!

  32. This is wonderful news! Finally the Seahawks have to pay their players, leveling the playing field! Now give Russell Wilson his $100+ million!

  33. Although not a Seahawk fan, I’m happy for this guy to get his money. At least he played his heart out on SB Sunday, and didn’t choke. Congrats, and I think there’s a very good chance he’ll be on the field for another SB in the very near future.

  34. They are paying to win again now. Seahawks have been very smart with the cap so I am sure that they will now how to manage it later.

  35. And people complain that all Kap does is ride the 9ers Defense to victories. Really?

    Name on Defensive 49er that is paid the most for their skill position?

    ….Can’t? What a shocker.

    So Kap has to do more than Wilson to win games, you dont say….


  36. People that parrot the “overrated” or “system corner” stuff don’t have a clue. RS has the the MOST picks with the FEWEST targets over the past 2 seasons. Explain how either of those labels apply.
    Now if you want to say he benefits from the awesome Safety tandem of Earl & Kam, of course he does – just like all corners would. Sorry?

  37. I couldn’t think of a better team for this to happen to. He will get exposed this year. He’s a chump with a big mouth. Their pass rush will be weak this year and he will not be able to sit on underneath routes like last year.

    He looks like a muppet when he talks too.

  38. I don’t care what anyone says. Richard Sherman cannot will you to the Super Bowl like Rodgers, Brees, and Manning can. Yes, Seattle caught lightning in a bottle last year with the perfect storm of talent young guys on rookie contracts. Good for them. But four years from now when Richard Sherman is on the books for about $14-15M+ and he’s 30 years old, this won’t be looked at as a good deal.

    I’d rather have a QB that makes you an annual contender than to overpay for a player that, even if the best in his league at the position, can’t guarantee you a playoff spot.

  39. Not only is he the most over rated corner in the game now he is the most overpaid. Earl Thomas is the heart and soul of LOB Sherman is just the mouth

  40. My favorite comments are the people that say he will now not work hard because he got paid. Us actual fans are laughing very hard at you. You have NO IDEA what kind of guy he is…

  41. Good for Sherman, bad for the Seahawks. Gonna be some tough decisions to be made in the next few years. I’d not crown the GM as the “top” in the league until we see how the next few years pan out, lots of young talent to pay or replace.

  42. Oh how I love to listen to the haters. You all hope and pray that the roof will come crashing down. It’s transparent, pathetic, and hilarious.

    To the guy saying Sherman will get injured and won’t play – guess what? He got injured in the Superbowl, kept playing, kept shutting down his side of the field. This kid is all heart, all passion. That’s why you hate him. Because you know, just like every fan and every voting member of the Hall of Fame knows…

    Richard Sherman is the BEST CB in the game.
    Richard Sherman is the BEST CB in the history of the game.


  43. Richard Sherman helped get his team a Superbowl Ring

    What’s the value of being a champion especially to a franchise that’s never won it before.

    Sherman earned EVERY PENNY.

  44. Even the Greatest of All Time, Peyton Manning did not want to throw to Sherman’s side of the field. Smart guy that Peyton. Sherman is worth every penny. There isn’t a team in the league that isn’t looking for a corner just like him in this years draft.

  45. This is without a doubt, THE dumbest franchise in captivity! Why in the world would you give 40m in guaranteed money to someone who can’t tackle and can only play one side of the field? I’m sorry but this is foolishness! If he were a true shutdown corner and could actually follow a teams best receiver anywhere on the field, the I say yes, pay the man. He can’t do it! He a mouth with dreadlocks and eyeballs…NOTHING MORE! The Seahawks are returds!

  46. I see what happened in Rocky 3 happening to the seahawks. it happens in a lot of sports. when your young and hungry you overachieve. Once you get there you lose the “eye of the tiger”. also having to pay people and therefore losing depth doesn’t help either. there are too many good football players in the world and the teams that stay hungry and keep depth win. it also makes it tough to maintain constant when it comes to being great.

  47. Bring out the drum…(boom boom boom) the Champ is here…(boom boom boom) the Champ is here… Congrats Sherman… you earned that…Respect…Indeed…

  48. Legion of Boom? Soon to turn in Legion of yellow flags. The refs turned a blind eye to all the grabbing and holding you did last season; this season expect it to be called as pass interference or holding.

    Sherman got away with it too.

  49. Say what you want, but Thomas and Sherman get results. Whether one is bettter than the other, or they are a product of other players, or they are the best at their positions is irrelevant…all that matters is that they play lights out.

  50. In two years this will look like a bargain. You have to keep your core together if you want sustained success. Hoping he stays healthy. To be the best you have to beat the best. Packers fan here.

  51. Greed will be the main component of the self destruction of the Seahawks. Just highly over paid for a system cb who would not have success anywhere else, will over pay for a game manager at qb, the only guy on that team who is worth a big contrast is earl Thomas who dick Sherman benefits from more than any cb does in the league from their safety.

    Seattle will quickly find out what talent they don’t have when the big contacts come in and they can’t afford depth anywhere else, Wilson has not led his team to any wins since being there and is not going to be able to once all of his buddy’s leave for more money.

  52. So for the next five years, when you’re playing the Seahawks, make a big red box 20 yards and deeper. That’s the “Earl Box”. Have fun throwing into it.

    Now make another box along the right side of the field. That’s the “Sherm Box”. Have fun throwing into it.

    The remaining box on the defensive side of the field? That’s the “Boom Box”. Have fun throwing into it….if your WRs are man enough to step into it, that is.

  53. He doesn’t even play on an island. EVER. He needs great safety help and gets it from the best safety in the game. He was over paid and I hope Thomas misses a couple games this year to show all you people hat a fraud he is.

  54. The Seahawks have the same amount of cap dollars as the other 31 teams. The problem for them is you can’t pay all of your players top dollar for their position and still expect to be successful. You will eventually run out of cap space. Does anybody really think Wilson and Lynch will give the Seahawks a hometown discount? If they are lucky and they injury bug doesn’t bite them they have one more year before reality sets in.

  55. So the seahawks win one SB and now they have the best front office, coaches, players, etc? Wow they must make kool aid by the gallon in Seattle. Fact is.. The Seahawks were a horrible no name team that stunk enough for so many years that they collected good draft picks and are now finally doing something….. Sounds amazing…

  56. Fellow Seahawk fans, notice how fans of other team are so invested on whole our team pays or doesn’t pay? Its really funny because they are probably more passionate about our team than they are their own.

    LOB is going to be doing another 5 years at least. John Schneider and Pete Carroll will continue to draft well and sign UDFA to compete for spots. You can hate Richard Sherman all you want but the guy is the best CB in football hands down unless there is another guy targeted the least in NFL with 8 Ints 2 years in a row. Go Hawks!

  57. AWESOME!!! As a Nienr fan I absolutely love this! Keep over paying players Seattle!!! Especially your bad apples like Sherman. What could possibly go wrong lol. Keep jacking up that cap number chumps!!

  58. This is how a championship team starts to take steps backwards. They became a dominant team with young, hungry players. Now many of those players have a ring and a huge bank account. It’s far easier to get to the top of the mountain then it is to stay at the top.

  59. As much as I dislike the Seahawks and their fans, many of whom just recently started rooting for the team, this is a solid move. I think most fans with half a brain would be over the moon if their team signed a guy as talented as Richard. Have some impartiality, guys. Seriously, some of you come off like a jealous teenage girls.

  60. The old saying for Sherman goes something like this: “If I had a dollar for every time I opened my mouth”. And relating to this, the Seahawks very much underpaid him.

    With the new contract in place, it is now time to SHUT your mouth and EARN your new contract, Sherman. You may be able to do one of those things, but we all know you won’t be able to do both.

    Take advice from the great Jack Ham: “Greatness needs no self promotion”.

    Let’s see how the Seahawks defend their (one and only) SB trophy. As we all know, the odds are against them, and chances are the Seahawks will make the playoffs but will be one and done.

  61. Hey hawk season ticket holders. You think your seats just got more expensive. It’s all the idiots who say pay the man. Bet most if them do not have season tickets.

  62. Sherman says a lot of things. I tend to ignore most of it as just his attempt to sound important.

    And, a press conference? For a Cornerback signing an extension? Pure silliness.

  63. Lol so many seahawk haters, go cheer for your own team boys and leave the hate for the regular season. Cant wait til the next set of excuses, obviously the hawks are gonna build around sherman, thomas, chancellor, wilson and build off rookie contracts

  64. well, you guys locked down your secondary and that’s good news. Seattle is built well, and good to see that they are rewarding the main contributors that got them over the hump.

    You have this 49ers fan’s respect, and i don’t doubt that this signing has ensured you will provide a big challenge for my niners for many years to come. I hope we can keep Crab so that these two can go back and forth – it’s good for the rivalry, and good for the game.

    To be the best, you have to beat the best, and even though both squads are evenly matched; you beat those horses to death and deserve to be champs.

    New year, new challenge; I look forward to our next brawl come thanksgiving.

    Well done lads,

    Niner fan.

  65. To all those who said it will be hard to sign Russell Wilson. No its not hard, after next season its a new cap there will be more room again to resign just like this year. Cap room was moved form 115 millions to 130 millions. Besides next season Wilson will be the only main guy to sign not like this year where there are 3.
    GO HAWKS!!!

  66. Seahawks fans,yeah the 12th man, are behind this move 100%. You want to keep the best? Then you got to pay him like the best.
    A shutdown corner like Sherman is like gold, hard to find and hard to keep. I’m good with this contract.

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